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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Black Magic

I bought this nail polish last week thinking that I wouldn't like it at all and that it would just live in the back of the drawer with all my other unused polishes. How wrong I was, I love this stuff! And I'm not a fan of nail art at all. I think it's because it gives kind of an abstract leopard print pattern, and I am definitely a fan of leopard print.

What Barry M Say:
Instant Nail Effects is a simple to use nail paint that creates this amazing effect on your nails in one simple stroke. Or play around with it to create different effects.

How to use it
The nail polish comes with a little instruction booklet and gives these guidelines:
1. Paint your nails with your chosen colour and let them dry.
2. Apply a SINGLE COAT of Instant Nail Effects, don't overlap.


  • It gives a completely random pattern every time you use it
  • It dries quickly
  • For all you matte nail polish lovers, it also dries matte
  • It looks good over a wide range of colours
  • The price (It only costs £3.95)
  • You don't need to apply it perfectly, actually I'm pretty sure a more messy application gives a better effect!
  • They only have it in one shade at the moment (Black)
  • Personally, I'm not a fan of matte nail polish so have to use a topcoat
  • If the brush was wider it would be easier to not overlap when painting your nails
  • The nail polish has a bit of a gloopy consistency and takes a little getting used to when applying
I applied it over my rainbow nails last weekend when I got it and I loved the effect it gave over all the different 
colours, the children at school kept complimenting it too! 

Excuse my terrible paint job, I took the picture pre-clean up

And, I've just applied it over Barry M Mushroom nail polish as I thought that this would make it look like my nails were actually leopard print! I think it gives a pretty good likeness to my favourite animal print:


After (with topcoat)

You can buy Barry M Instant Nail Effects from Boots, Superdrug or the Barry M website 


  1. I bought these months back and saw a girl used it with gold color....its easy fun :)

  2. They've brought out different colours now, I have the black and the pale pink, love them both :D

  3. I like it over the brown, it's subtle but nice :)


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