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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Weekend Wishlist

I'm going to start doing a 'Weekend Wishlist' every Sunday I think, of the things that have caught my eye during the week :)

Trilby - £25 - Topshop
I love hats, and I've wanted a winter trilby for a while, this one is lovely with the little feather detail

Vintage Key Necklace - £14 - Galibardy
I've been catching up with Gossip Girl this week and seeing them wearing their key necklaces has made me want one too, obviously I can't afford a Tiffany one though. I adore the bird detail on this, and I prefer gold.

Limited Edition Nail Polish - £7.20 - Paul & Joe 
I'm loving the limited edition floral bottle of this nail varnish, and I've been after a shimmery gold for ages - this one looks perfect.

Bird Print Blouse - £12.99 - H&M
I've been lusting after this little blouse for ages, I love the print and think it would look lovely worn under chunky winter cardigans. 
Get it here (Go to blouses and it's on the third page)
Weightless Lip Creme in Masochist - £21 - Beauté Cosmetics
I've read excellent reviews on Makeup Alley about this lip product and I've wanted it for ages. Red is definitely my favourite shade to wear on my lips, especially in winter,

So that's what I've been after this week, what's on your weekend wishlist?


  1. You should definitely get the weightless lip creme! I have it in wanted and girlina. The formula is gorgeous and they look amazing.

  2. @Caroline I don't need much persuading, I think i'll buy it when I get paid :) Girlina is such a pretty shade too

  3. I Love the packaging on that nail polish, so pretty. thumbs up for that one.

  4. @Cynth If something comes in nice packaging I'll want it, such a consumerist, but the nail polish is a pretty colour too :)xx

  5. Hallo Amy,
    i like the paul&joe polish. What a prety shade.
    Thanks anyway:

  6. Love the blouse very Miu Miu! The Pixiwoo girls use the Beaute lip products and always recommend them! Hope you get your wishlist :) x x

  7. @gingerSnaps It's such a nice shade, I think it would be perfect for Christmas!

    @Gloria They also have the blouse in black which is lovely too. & yep that's where I heard about the Beaute stuff :) Remember to check out this weeks wishlist which I will be posting tomorrow.



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