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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Happy Halloween!

Check out my pumpkins, couldn't resist making a Harry Potter themed one on the day he received his scar (geek, much?)

Hope you've all had a good weekend? Did anyone do anything particularly fun? Let me know :)



So, I have already had my Halloween night out this year, thought I'd show you the outfit and makeup that I wore.

I was a leopard!


Originally I was going to do an Edie Sedgwick inspired eye with this look, something along the lines of this:

No idea why I chose to take these pics using Hipstamatic on my iPhone, but you get the idea...

But I forgot to take my eyeshadow brushes with me to the hotel (which was silly!), so I just did a smoky blackish purple eye, using MUA shadows in shades 13, 20 & 3 (I think), with lots of Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero and on my lashes about 3 coats of L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black.

On my lips I patted on a few layers of 17 Lasting Finish Lipstick in New Black, so it wasn't too dark, and then topped it off with Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Currant. 

I then drew on my nose and whiskers with the UD liner and there we have it, leopardy Halloween makeup!

My outfit consisted of a leopard print top with peter pan collar from Next tucked into a black skirt from Dorothy Perkins with black tights and a black cardigan. But, I forgot to take a picture of it! 

What are you planning to dress up as this Halloween? 


The best thing that I have ever spent 79p on...

Nail polish remover pads are no more, does anyone else find that the product on them always seems to find it's way onto your lips and then you have that horrible taste in your mouth for hours? Or is it just me that that happens to? 

I also hate the nail polish remover in a bottle that you have to put on cotton wool, I always seem to get cotton wool stuck to my nails in the process.

This little beauty has been a lifesaver of late, being the nail polish whore that I am nail polish remover needs to be my ally not my enemy. It has been a long and at times horrible tasting journey to find the best nail polish remover I have ever used, and what's best is that it only costs 79p from Home Bargains!

It is a little pot filled with acetone free nail polish remover and a sponge with a slit in it. You put your finger in the slit and wiggle it about for a few seconds and voila, nail polish free nails! It is scented but the fragrance doesn't travel anywhere other than your fingers! It takes about 2 minutes to do all your fingernails too, which is another plus point! 

What's more, it even makes removing glitter nail polish easy! You have to leave your finger in the pot a little longer and wiggle it a bit more firmly but it still removes the dreaded sparkles with ease, definitely a bonus as I love glittery nails!

Look at the state of my nail! It's a good job they're never naked for more than a few hours

Review: Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal

I have wanted this product for a while, ever since I saw Sam from Pixiwoo use it in one of her tutorials. It is essentially a tinted moisturiser but it also includes a concealer.

What Pixi say:
This multipurpose beautifier does triple duty, acting as your moisturizer, sunscreen, and luminizer to provide sheer coverage that makes skin appear flawless & lit from within

Keep your skin flawless,
Can be layered for extra coverage

The shades are highlighted with pearlized minerals for a youthful glow Take off the clear lid to reveal the full coverage concealer, a crème-to-powder formula that masks imperfections with a skin-loving combination of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin C

Illuminating tinted moisturizer contains a variety of constituents and building blocks with revitalizing, regenerating and immune-boosting qualities that are highly valued in skin care

Revitalizes tired lifeless skin
Protects and fights premature aging of skin
Titanium & Zinc Dioxide (SPF 20): Natural minerals with SPF factor

Illuminating concealer protects skin cells from ultraviolet light, pollution and other elements that produce cell-damaging free radicals
Vitamin A a Powerful anti-aging ingredient
Aloe Vera soothing and healing ancient skin care ingredient
Vitamin C Anti-aging free-radical fighter

How to use it:
  • The tinted moisturiser: apply a coin size amount of the product to the centre of the face and blend outwards with fingers, alternatively you could use a brush to apply the product to the skin.
  • The concealer: dot it on the areas required and blend out with a clean finger (using a tapping motion) or a concealer brush.

What I think:

This is definitely the best tinted moisturiser that I have ever used, it gives a fairly good coverage, not enough to cover blemishes but that's where the concealer comes into play. It leaves the skin feeling really smooth and hydrated all day, which is good considering it's now winter! The moisturiser does have a tiny bit of shimmer in to give the glowy effect, but this does not make you look like a glitterball, it just gives a dewy finish on the skin.

  • It is a 3 in 1 product - tinted moisturiser - concealer - sunscreen (it has an spf of 20)
  • It makes your skin feel nice and soft
  • It gives good coverage for a tinted moisturiser, and the product is buildable too
  • It's quick to apply 
  • I feel like it's actually doing my skin some good, and it's nice to have a rest from heavy foundations
  • The price - RRP around £20
  • The concealer needs to be warmed up a bit before applying it or it can be a bit cakey
  • There are only 3 shades available - Light Glow/Bare Glow/Nude Glow

Here are some pictures:

I would definitely recommend this product, it is a good year round tinted moisturiser. It is available to purchase from Boots (for £1.50 less than I paid from ASOS!)


Wish List

With my birthday (26th November) and Christmas coming up, I've had my eyes peeled for things that I might buy with any pennies I might receive. It's also pay day on friday, but who needs an excuse for window shopping anyway?

Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs - £175 - Available here
Urban Decay Naked Palette - £27 - Available here
Mazy T-bar Pearl Pumps - £28 - Topshop - Available here
Lipstick in Vamp - Topshop - £8 - Available here
'Bright Eyes' Rabbit Ring - £25 - Me & Zena - Available here

Navy Duffle Coat - £65 - Dorothy Perkins - Available here

Russell Brand My Booky Wook 2 - RRP £20 - Available here for £9
Flowerbomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf - £65 - Available here

Is anyone else counting down the days 'til payday so that they can treat themselves?

A Tiny Haul

I went to TK Maxx today in search of Nails Inc, alas there were no pretty nail polishes to be found. I did find some Stila products though, which made the situation a whole lot better!

I got the Sheer Colour tinted moisturiser in the shade Fair, which feels lovely on my hand where I just swatched it, gonna give it a proper test drive tomorrow I think.

I also picked up a Shine Lip Color in the colour Charlotte, which is a lovely sheer orangey red tone. I think it will really brighten up some autumn/winter looks. 

Also, I love the packaging of these Stila products, the cardboard boxes are simple but really cute and the lipstick is adorable with the floral design on the bullet. 

Have  you picked up any bargains in T.K. Maxx lately?


The Runaways

So, I just watched the film with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning and was so inspired by the make up worn by both actresses, but mostly Fanning's character Cherie Currie.

This very dark smoky eye captivates me, I'd love to be able to recreate it and not look like i've just been caught in a rain shower and smeared my mascara round my face. It is a bit drug addict chic, but that's not a problem in my books. Fanning totally pulls the look off. Dark eyes, nude lips; an old formula but a good one.
In this image I love Stewart's more refined smoky eye with a hint of purple, much more wearable. But, Fanning's make up is much cooler in my opinion; power contouring with blush, red lip, silvery-blue winged out smoky eye, lots of eye liner. You can clearly see the influence of glam rock here, a sexier version of her recreation of Bowie at the opening of the film (Which I loved, huge Bowie fan!)

Have you seen The Runaways? Did you find it inspirational at all? I also loved the costumes used in the films :)


Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Black Magic

I bought this nail polish last week thinking that I wouldn't like it at all and that it would just live in the back of the drawer with all my other unused polishes. How wrong I was, I love this stuff! And I'm not a fan of nail art at all. I think it's because it gives kind of an abstract leopard print pattern, and I am definitely a fan of leopard print.

What Barry M Say:
Instant Nail Effects is a simple to use nail paint that creates this amazing effect on your nails in one simple stroke. Or play around with it to create different effects.

How to use it
The nail polish comes with a little instruction booklet and gives these guidelines:
1. Paint your nails with your chosen colour and let them dry.
2. Apply a SINGLE COAT of Instant Nail Effects, don't overlap.


  • It gives a completely random pattern every time you use it
  • It dries quickly
  • For all you matte nail polish lovers, it also dries matte
  • It looks good over a wide range of colours
  • The price (It only costs £3.95)
  • You don't need to apply it perfectly, actually I'm pretty sure a more messy application gives a better effect!
  • They only have it in one shade at the moment (Black)
  • Personally, I'm not a fan of matte nail polish so have to use a topcoat
  • If the brush was wider it would be easier to not overlap when painting your nails
  • The nail polish has a bit of a gloopy consistency and takes a little getting used to when applying
I applied it over my rainbow nails last weekend when I got it and I loved the effect it gave over all the different 
colours, the children at school kept complimenting it too! 

Excuse my terrible paint job, I took the picture pre-clean up

And, I've just applied it over Barry M Mushroom nail polish as I thought that this would make it look like my nails were actually leopard print! I think it gives a pretty good likeness to my favourite animal print:


After (with topcoat)

You can buy Barry M Instant Nail Effects from Boots, Superdrug or the Barry M website