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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


2010 in Pictures.

Just saw a post like this on Jennie's blog and thought I'd do the same :)

I started the year off with a boyfriend whom we made this Baked Alaska for, he was unappreciative. (Even though we made it look like a ski slope (he liked skiing) and decorated it with his favourite comic book characters)
Me and Vicki took a trip to London in January and stayed at The Hoxton would definitely recommend it! It was lovely! Check out their £1 room sales too!
Me and Raj in the library (with coffee), as this was our final year at uni we spent many hours in the library doing our dissertations.
Sambuca. In March it was my brothers 18th, we drank too much Sambuca and I ended up falling down the stairs and being put in bed at 10:30pm lol. Bless him, he sat by me until I fell asleep so I didn't choke on my own vomit.
Me and Vicki decided we were scientists in April, check out the goggles.
The 3rd year Social Sciences ball was in May (me, Vicki, Jodie and Raj)
Results at midnight in June, I got a first for my dissertation! So proud.

Dad and me at my graduation in July
Slushies in Avenham Park where we spent most of June and July because the weather was so good!

Me and Vicki at Warehouse in September, on one of our reunions as we no longer live together :(
Me being a cat and Vicki being a witch in October, on this night I managed to fall over and twist a ligament in my knee. Excellent.

And that just about sums up my year. The first half was better as I much preferred living in Preston with Vicki and not having any responsibilities, but guess we all have to grow up at some point! Hope 2011 sees us being reunited :) 




I Open at the Close

Look what arrived on my doorstep this morning! I ordered it a few weeks ago from this etsy seller, and I love it. I love quirky necklaces and this is perfect for me as I am also a huge Harry Potter fan, think it will be adorning my neck every day from now on, I have it on now with my pj's lol.

Golden Snitch Necklace - Space Pearls $15 (with free shipping!) worked out to be £9.88 

I love it so much! It even opens to be a little tiny locket, but I forgot to photograph this, silly. It also came packaged in that lovely purple bag with little beads and shredded cellophane, so would make an ideal gift. 

I can't find the item on the site at the moment but as they are handmade I'm sure there are more being made as we speak, keep checking back if you are as much of a Harry Potter geek as I am! There are also more Harry Potter themed items as well as Twilight and Alice in Wonderland! 

Check out Space Pearls here!


T.K. Maxx Bargains

I popped into T.K. Maxx at the weekend to browse the cosmetics section as I often do if I'm passing, you never know what gems might be lurking amongst the rubbish. Normally I have no luck whatsoever, but this time I picked up two items that were truly bargainous.

EcoTools 6 Piece Brush Set - £7.99
I have heard great things about EcoTools and I always look at the mini brush set that they have in Tesco for about £9, imagine how pleased I was to see this full size 6 piece brush set for only £7.99! They are so soft, you get a blush brush, eye shading brush, eyeliner brush, lash/brow groomer, concealer brush and then the brush roll which will be perfect for travelling. Can't wait to use them!

Urban Decay - Best of Urban - Baked - £12.99
So pleased that I found this, half-baked is one of my favourite eye shadows from UD and this includes a full-size one. The set also includes a Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Baked, a mini Primer Potion, and a 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Bourbon. Lovely shades for this time of year, especially the glitter liner!

What bargains have you found in T.K. Maxx recently?
Anything I need to keep my eyes peeled for?



Weekend Wishlist

Image from here
Bubblegum Lip Scrub - Lush - £4.50
With all this cold weather my lips have become very flaky and dry, ew. I need a lip scrub to get them looking nice enough to be able to wear lipstick again, I miss it!

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter - Lush - £2.50
Another Lush item, my cuticles are terrible at the mo and I really need something to sort them out! I've heard great things about the cream so really want to give it a go! And it's not too pricey either :)

Powderflage - Benefit - £15.60
I've been wanting to try this under-eye powder for ages and this week I heard that it is being discontinued! It's in the sale section of the Benefit website at the moment and I can't make my mind up about ordering it or not.

Kerb Shoes - Topshop - £55
You would not believe how long I have been after a pair of shoes like this! Adult sized little girl shoes, adorable! Not everyone's cup of tea but I love them! Will definitely be buying these when I get paid on Friday.

Looking For Alaska - John Green
I've wanted to read this book for a while now, been watching lots of reviews of it on YouTube this week and I think I definitely need it. Might add it to my Christmas list.

Robot Necklace - Temporary Secretary - £10
Isn't this little guy the cutest? I'd love to have him be a part of my collection, I think he'd make good friends with my squirrels :)

What are you after this weekend?


Models Own Nail Polish

I think a love affair has begun with Models Own Nail Polish, I only owned one for ages (Grace Green) and then I purchased three more at the weekend and I love them. The formula is good, only 1-2 coats are required for full opacity and they are quick drying.

Grace Green (Barry M - Pink Iridescent on the ring finger)
Juicy Jules naked on the ring finger (I hate how yellow my nails are) and over Grace Green on the index finger
Juicy Jules (Check out that holographic glitter! I love it!)
Emerald City 
Two coats of Emerald City over Grace Green (Looks much better layered over another colour)
In The Navy (Could have done with 2 coats really)

Juicy Jules layered over In The Navy, I think it looks like a starry night sky lol, can't stop looking at them!

Hope this post was helpful :)


What's in My Bag?

This is the bag that I use for work, it is a faux leather satchel in a sort of tan colour (not as orange as it looks in the pics) and I found it in my attic the other day! I'd been after a satchel like this for years and there was one in my house the whole time, typical. Anyways here's the junk that I cart about with me from day to day:

Top - Bottom:
Academic Diary
iPod Touch
Random Notes
Mini Chupa Chups
Go Ahead Biscuit Thing
Emery Boards
Hello Kitty Hair Clip 
Miniature Anna Sui Secret Wish Perfume
Tic Tacs
Vintage Compact
Staff Name Card Necklace Thing
Eyeko Liptastik
Legacy Hotels Receipt?
The Body Shop Cheek & Lip Stain
Lemsip Capsules
Pencil Case & House Points Stamp
Spiderman Lunch Box
Christmas Cards from some Children in My Form
My Purse
Pen, Polos, Vaseline Rosy Lips
Christmas Pen
Rimmel Lipstick in Indulgence (I think)
Gavesgon, Paracetamol, Sure & Hair Ties
Ruby & Millie Mirror in Case

Empty Bag (except for some rubbish)

Thanks for reading :)


Haul - Clothes Show Live

Yesterday I went to The Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham, I spent lots of pennies on lots of makeup. This is what I got:

Top to bottom: 
Rimmel London
Professional Finish Nail Polish - Ruby Me
Stay Glossy Lip Gloss - Eternal Flirt
Glam' Eyes Liquid Eyeliner - Black
Glam' Eyes Mascara - Black
Colour Rush Eye Shadows - Backstage & Azure

Barry M
Lip Paint - 145 - Punky Pink

Mini Eyeliners - Black and Green Reflections & Black and Silver Reflections (This is glittery!)
Mini Gloss Effet 3D Les Nudes - Brun Poetic
Mini Eyeshadow Powders - 13, 10, 3 
1 Second Nail Polish - 14

Bedhead Star Volume Set - Superstar Shampoo and Conditioner & Superstar Blowdry Lotion (Love this range, everything smells like sweets!)

Vanillary Solid Perfume
Snow Globe Soap

Bad Gal Set inc:
Benetint Sample
Dr. Feelgood
Bad Gal Lash
Bad Gal Liner
Makeup bag
Mirror in Pink Leather Case

Model's Own
Powder Eyeshadow - Black & Green Sparkle
Nail Polishes - Emerald City, Juicy Jules, In the Navy
Eyeliner - Graphite Grey
Volumising Big Brush Mascara - Black
Lipgloss - Blackberry
4-way Nail Shaper/Buffer...

and that is all! If you want a closer look at any of these products just let me know in the comments below and I'll do a review of them. I'm so excited to use all of this new stuff! Now which mascara to use in the morning...


Weekend Wishlist

This week I have a proper weekend wishlist for you guys as I got paid on Tuesday so I've been looking at pretty things to buy : )
Silk Mix Shirt - £70 - Fred Perry by Amy Winehouse
I've been in love with this line since I first saw it advertised in the Covent Garden store, I was reminded of it when Joanne mentioned it in a post a few weeks ago. Loving this top, all the features of a classic Fred Perry polo, but a little more ladylike; perfect.

Jigsaw Gem Eye Palette - £12 - POP
The colours in this palette are the perfect mix for day and night, the palette also includes 4 eyeliner shades which is a nice touch. Does anyone know what the pigmentation is on POP shadows?
Polka Dot Collar Dress - £45 - O&O @ Urban Outfitters
Isn't this the cutest dress you've ever seen? Polka dots, purple and a peter pan collar!
Red Pumps -£22 - Office
I have something of an innate attraction to things that are 1) Red and 2) Folksy/Russianesque, so as soon as these adorable things hit my radar they were added straight to my Christmas list. I adore these, and they're perfect for jazzing up winter outfits. (I hate the word 'jazzing' but couldn't think of anything better lol)
14ct Gold Key Ring - £39 - House of Harlow 1960
I love how detailed this ring is, and that it is quite big and lays across the fingers. I think that it would look great for Christmas and would make a nice gift. 
Lyra Ferby Colouring Pencils - Around £10 for 12 
I have wanted some of these colouring pencils ever since I started helping out in art lessons at work, they are such good quality it makes me want to start drawing again. I definitely need a set. Bit pricey though.

What's on your weekend wishlist this week?


Sweetie Pie.

Oh My God.

Why have I never used this product before?

Sweetie Pie is a shower jelly from Lush, it is the partner of The Comforter but in my opinion smells a lot better, it is not as sickly as the bubble bar. It is scented with blackcurrant and bergamot with cherry and coconut, it smells amazing, just like sweets, and it involves glitter to make you sparkly when you leave the shower. It's good to use it in the mornings too as the sweet smell is a great way to perk you up! The scent also lingers for quite a while after so much so that I don't need to wear perfume if i've used it in the morning.

I use a tiny bit in a shower puff and it makes loads of lather, enough to wash my whole body. I think that this shower jelly will last a long time because you only need a small bit, which is great as it only costs £2.70 for 100g.

Also, I think I prefer it to Snow Fairy :O

What are your Lush favourites?


Barry M Red Black

I said I would do a post on this a few weeks back but never got round to it, sorry! But here goes...

'Red Black' is possibly my favourite nail polish colour from Barry M (when it is opaque), it looks almost black until it catches the light and then you can see the subtlest red tone. It is lovely and for dark nail lovers like myself it is perfect. There are downsides though, it takes a lot of coats to get it looking dark enough to satisfy my needs, at least 3. It is better applied over a black base, to darken it up a bit. The consistency is also a bit gloopy and takes ages to dry!

Also in regards to Chanel 'Rouge Noir' I think the colour is pretty much the same but I assume the Chanel is much better to apply, looking at swatches the colour looks identical.

Here are some pics of it compared to Nails Inc 'Victoria' which is a very similar shade that applies much better and is opaque in 2 coats:
One Coat of Red Black with Victoria on my index finger (you can see that it is darker already)
Two coats, much better but not dark enough yet.
Three coats, perfect (Excuse my terrible nail painting skills)

Hope this is useful to those that requested it :)



Are these hideous or amazing? I just can't decide whether they would make my feet the happiest things ever or make me look like a 5 year old. I do love glitter though, and they are £25 off at the momento...

I think I like the rainbow ones better, and they'd go with everything.

They are from Office and are £54. Available Here.

Opinions please?