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Product Rave: Elegant Touch - Vitamin E - Rapid Dry

I was wandering around Boots a few weeks ago (I'm always there it seems!) when I spotted this on the shelf amongst the nail stuff. It was the last can left so I popped it in my basket pronto, I only live in a small place so things rarely sell out (There is about 20 cans of Backcomb in a Bottle left on the shelf in the hair aisle for example), so I thought this must work for the shelf to be empty! Maybe that's a stupid theory but nevermind, I got the product.

It claims to dry nail polish in 60 seconds and has added Vitamin E to nourish cuticles. All you have to do is spray it over your nails from a distance of 10 cm and your nails will be touch dry within 60 seconds!

I was a bit sceptical as even my Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat takes longer than that to dry my nails.

But it really works! I've just used it over my nail polish and it's fully dry about 5 minutes later! Life saver. It also makes your nails really glossy so I cheat and don't use a topcoat (don't shout at me!).

I would say that you need to be careful of the distance that you spray it from as if you spray it from a bit close it sometimes ruins the finish of your polish. Better to do it from quite far away to be careful.

Also it kind of leaves a watery residue on your nails which you need to wipe off pretty soon after they're dry as if it is left on it drys on and looks rubbish!

Another point to consider is the amount you spray, you only really need to go across your nails once and if you get a bit happy with the spraying your room fills up with the spray and looks a bit misty! It has a bit of a smell but nothing too bad, just like hairspray.

I would definitely recommend this product it is excellent, you can buy it from Boots for £3.57


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  2. I love this stuff, but hate the residue! Apparently there is another brand (but I cant think which) that does similar but doesn't leave anything behind.

  3. Wow, might have to check this out :)
    izzy x

  4. Wow, might have to check this out :)
    izzy x


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