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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


What I Bought

Payday has been and gone and this is what I've splurged on... (Really need to start saving!)

This Is England DVD - £3
It's one of my favourites
No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush - £6.64
Caused a right pavalava at the self-checkout getting this as I wanted to use my £5 off voucher and there were no SAs around to come put the code in/ do what they do. So I just stood there with it making a scary noise at me. Ended up paying full price for it in the end as I just ran away and left it beeping.
Hairgrips - Boots - £1.69
Always losing these!
Natural Collection Eye Shadows in Milk Chocolate and Crushed Walnut - £1.99 each
I needed some good crease colours to go with Brule and these were really pigmented!
No7 Limited Edition Lipstick in Brigitte - £10 but successfully bought this with my £5 off voucher so £5
Saw this on Ruth's video and loved it, it will be pretty in springtime I think.
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Pink Mallow - £1.99
I've been looking for a pink shade like this for a while now, not too bright but not too pale so when I swatched this it went in the basket...
Wedges - New Look - £24.99
Tried these on and loved how comfy they were, no idea when I'll be wearing them but nevermind.
Got2B Powder'ful Instant Volumizer - Around £2 (It was half price)
No idea why I purchased this lol, it was just on offer and looked interesting, I doubt it'll work though but we'll see
Bird Ring - New Look - £4.50?
I love birds and rings so this was another 'had-to-have-it' purchase
Cream Stone Ring - Dorothy Perkins - £8.50
I love this style of ring and had been umming and ahhing for a while over this one.
Cream Stone Ring - H&M - £3.99?
I know this is pretty identical to the other one but the stone is bigger so definitely needed this one as well lol
Hello Kitty Headphones - Coloud - £33.99
I've wanted these for ages, took the plunge a few weeks ago and they are really good! They look pretty too :)

I bought a Kindle! from Tesco for £111 and I love it. 

Well done if you've made it this far through the sea of materialism and if you would like reviews on anything hit me up in the comments below. Yep I'm a gangster now apparently.


  1. some of those i wouldn't mind to have :P
    i don't think you needed two similar rings but i get it :P ** checking the Kindle thing now *

  2. @Trivia - They are a bit different and i'll end up losing one so at least i'll have a back up...

    I love the kindle, perfect for reading on the go :)

    @Izzy - I've wanted them for almost a year I think so I'm very appreciative of them, never have i listened to so much music through headphones.

    @daisychain - They say money can't buy you love but I'm loving everything I got lol. Worked hard for it!

  3. hey!
    You got some great stuff there!
    I actually watched "This is England" last night. I like movies that portray the harshness of reality.

  4. those hello kitty headphones are adorable, looove them!xx

  5. Love This is England, did you catch the tv mini-series set in 1986? That was amazing too! Love all the rings, might have to pop to H n M at the week end! Those wedges look awesome too xx

  6. @GlamourMe - This is England is so good isn't it? Definitely one of my favourites.

    @Zaia - They are rather cute aren't they? I get mocked by schoolchildren when I wear them on the way to work though... never mind.

    @Rachelous - Yeah I loved the mini-series! I love Shane Meadows. :)

  7. hey!
    You got some great stuff there!
    I actually watched "This is England" last night. I like movies that portray the harshness of reality.


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