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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Ah, Bay, Tsay...

What's that, German phonetics!? I've got skills they're multiplyin'...

Anyhoozles, A-Z tag. Go.

Age - 22 (The children at work had a poll on how old they thought I was today, I came out at 18! Score.)

Bed Size - Double

Chores you hate - Dusting and Hoovering.

Dogs - I have 2 Jack Russells called Star and Smudge, they live with my Mum though. I want a Chow Chow puppy though.

Essential start to my day - The TV? I need noise in the mornings or i'll just go back to sleep.

Favourite Colour - Red or Forest Green or Gold or Navy.

Gold or Silver - Gold

Height - 5'4? or 3

Instrument I play - I can play one chord on a guitar?

Job Title - Learning Support Assistant/Teaching Assistant (It varies... LSA wages though! boo!)

Kids - I'd like one. But working with them every day has certainly put me off a bit.

Live - Northamptonshire

Mum's Name - Alison

Nickname - Mum calls me A or Lucy, Vicki sometimes calls me Johno lol.

One Wish - To find enough money to go back up north and live with Vicki again.

Pet Peeve - When people move things without telling you where to, does that count?

Quote from a Movie - 'To Infinity and Beyond'

Right or Left Handed - Right.

Siblings - 1 Brother, several stepsiblings

Time you Wake Up - 7 on weekdays, about 9ish at the weekends, about 2 if I've been out...

Underwear - I buy too much

Vegetables you Dislike - Most of them

What makes you run late? - Too much sitting?

X-Rays you've had - Teeth.

Yummy food you make - Me and Vicki are best at mash potato.

Zoo Animals - All the babies. They love me.

Stolen from Beth :)


  1. Great post! I love baby animals

  2. @dbd2032a9d20b66f9ce2498d367d2b2b:disqus They are the best!


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