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The Quest For Beachy Hair: James Brown Photo Fabulous Wave Spray

The lovely Sam requested that I do a review on this so thought I'd get on it straight away!

I bought this in the 3 for 2 at Boots offer a little while ago and hadn't used it until today! I actually bought it before I got my hair cut shorter so wasn't sure if the wavy effect would work on my new shoulder length hair. I was pleasantly surprised though!

I'm addicted to buying these products that promise wavy beach hair, I don't know why? I already have curly hair anyway...

What Boots Say:
James Brown London's Photo Fabulous range ensures your style is always camera ready. The wave spray is ideal for creating perfect tousled waves.


  • Spray liberally all over towel dried hair.
  • Blow dry the hair roughly, scrunching the hair upwards to create a wave.

My First Impressions:

  • The spray smells kind of like men's aftershave, I'm not sure whether this is good or bad?
  • The sprayer bit is a bit violent! The product comes out of the sprayer really fast and goes a long distance, I've got the stuff all over my bedroom walls now!
  • It's a kind of thin gel consistency.
  • I found it quite difficult to spray it all over my hair as the sprayer was too direct, it would be better with a finer mist so you could cover your whole head quickly.
I did as the instructions said and blowdried my hair while scrunching bits upwards, I also used my diffuser attachment to enhance the waviness. And this is the result:
Do excuse my non-made up face! It is a Sunday!

  • I think it worked really well! 
  • As I said before my hair is naturally curly/wavy but since I got it cut shorter it hasn't really been waving as nicely. 
  • This product has definitely helped give it some texture and not look so perfect, I do like a messy look. 
  • Also you can't feel the product in your hair once it's dry which is amazing! 
  • I was quite liberal with the spraying once I'd got the hang of it as well, probably used far too much product but it didn't make a difference! I hate it when my hair feels sticky or greasy straight after styling!

Would I repurchase this?

I might have to pick up a few more products from the range next time I am in Boots.

You can buy this product here
Products are on 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment too and if you're a Advantage Card holder go to the machine and print off a coupon to get 100 points on any purchase from the James Brown Photo Fabulous Range


  1. Harmansamantha22 May 2011 at 16:11

    Yay! Thank you so much! Right, definitely an excuse to get down to Boots. Not that I needed one! xx 

  2.  That really worked! Love the waves, so pretty :)


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