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Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Review: Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

I bought these products a while ago when the range was on some kind of in Boots, they have been sat in my cupboard ever since their first use. I am not a fan.

We'll start with the shampoo.
Ditch the Dirt Volume Shampoo

What Umberto Giannini say
Big up hair in the shower with this volumising and repairing shampoo from Umberto Giannini that perfectly preps hair for product use and hair styling.

'Strengthens even bleached 'within an inch of its life' hair with super nourishing repair ingredients.'

Technique: Massage through wet hair and rinse thoroughly.

What I Thought

  • I hate the smell, it smells aftershavey.
  • The bottle is really hard to get product out of
  • The product is glittery though!
  • I found it made my hair really unmanageable and dry, couldn't even get my fingers through it after washing hair.
  • My hair was greasy when I had styled it, had to wash it again with a different shampoo.
  • The price is too expensive for the product

Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner

What UG Say:

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner plumps Up Hair Like No Other!

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner is a fabulous mix of silk proteins to condition & improve softness of the hair with selective conditioning for the areas that need it most!

'Get the volume in from the start without weighing hair down and provide the perfect cushion for your styling products'

Technique: Smooth evenly through shampooed hair and rinse thoroughly

What I thought

  • Same packaging and smell
  • I have used a bit more of this as it is a little better than the shampoo
  • You have to use a lot of product to undo the tangles that the shampoo created
  • Again this product weighed down my hair and made it greasy when I styled it
  • I don't think it helped condition my hair at all, it left it knotty and really hard to comb
  • Quite expensive - £5.61

Overall, I'd say give these products a miss, the styling bits and bobs from the range are excellent though, especially the dry shampoo and backcomb in a bottle. 

Has anyone else tried these products?
Were you impressed?


  1. That's a shame that you didn't like it! I'm also quite surprised that it's that expensive actually, as it's not a brand that's managed to highstreet and hairshops successfully. Stick to Fudge or Paul Mitchell if I were you!

    Good to read a review post though :)


  2. It's a shame they're so bad! :( 

  3. @88496d610b8acc329c49b8cf21939b11:disqus I know I was quite annoyed really as they weren't cheap, the quality was shocking! Better off using my Pantene that costs a couple of pounds!

  4. @dbd2032a9d20b66f9ce2498d367d2b2b It really is! Disappointing! Have donated them to my cousin now, hopefully she'll have more luck with them!


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