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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Favourites - May

I've had this foundation for ages and didn't like it before, think I was applying it wrong! I didn't like the coverage it gave when I used a brush and it was a little bit too dark for me so stopped using it. When I picked up the Barry M White Foundation I thought I'd give it a go again, with a bit of this mixed in it's the perfect shade and coverage for me. It's very buildable so I just pop a bit extra on the places where my skin is being troublesome! I love the finish, it's dewy and looks like real skin. It doesn't last that long on the skin but I don't really mind that, by the end of the day I couldn't care less what my face looks like!

I love this! It changes colour depending on the PH balance of your lips, on my it goes a bright pink but it deepens up throughout the day. Love the consistency too, and it stays on all day. It's more like a stain but not a drying one, nice and moisturising still. All this for under a fiver, can't go wrong with Barry M :)

I love the colour of this lipstick, it's a bright bright pink with a little bit of orangey-coral goodness. The texture of these lippies is amazing, more like a gloss in stick form. But not sticky! It stays on the lips for a decent amount of time too!

I got this free in a goody bag at The Clothes Show Live in December and it has been hiding in my makeup drawer ever since. I was a bit scared of the brush to be honest and the first time I tried it I think it was too wet but now it's dried up a bit and my lashes have grown it's a pretty good mascara. I've been using it most days this month!

I've shied away from these eyeshadows in the past as they are shimmery and I thought they were a little bit too gold toned for me. But this month I've been loving All That Glitters all over my lids then just blended out, or in the centre of my eyelid when I'm wearing a more contoured look. I love Woodwinked for the lower lash line, but today I've got it all over my lids and I'm loving that too! The goldiness really brings out the blue in my bluey green eyes. Bonus. 

And a musical favourite this month has been the Nirvana Live at Reading (1992) album, as it has reminded me of my love for Nirvana. Been listening to it every day on the way to work, and it's got all the classics on there. My favourites being Polly, In Bloom, Sliver and Come As You Are. I love Kurt's voice. yep.

What have your favourites been this month? Have you tried any of mine?


  1. I adore Barry M products... 2 of my favorite lipsticks are from that brand. I really with it was available here in Italy. I mean just look how cool that "mood lipstick" is! Ah.. Well, whenever I visit my relatives in England, I'm always sure to stock up! xx

  2. I love the colour of you No 17 lippie - was looking for a colour like that so will have to test it out when I'm next in Boots! XX

  3. I've always been so curious about that Barry M lipstick, I guess it put me off coz it was green! I might try it out now I know its not actually green :)

  4. @9b13fe33fea1646dd0798f606de3c5b2:disqus  It's lovely, especially the texture :)

  5. Emma Howorth It's amazing :)

  6. @e3b039611a1c652efa1d663c184aa3a8 That's rubbish about international availability! Barry M should sort them selves out and branch across the seas!

  7. ooohhh~ i'd love to try that Barry M Lip Paint=D


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