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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


What's in My 'Weekend/One Night Away' Make-up Bag? - Mach 2!

It's that time of the month again when I pop off up the country to Preston and this is what I'm taking with me. Last time I was a bit excessive with the eyeshadow so I've tried to restrain myself this time... I tried. God loves a trier.

See? Much Better.


  1. I actually think you've one a pretty good job here! What a lovely mix of products too :) I really need to go beauty shopping... I spend far too much money on clothes, and then forget about my face! Actually, the recent shopping trip was jewellery based. Gosh, I'm awful!

    Thank you for your great comment! I love it when people properly comment and have clearly read what the post is about. It's amusing when someone writes 'you look lovely' in a photo or something, when you've written that it isn't you underneath or something... (hypothetically speaking, as I have not yet posted a picture of myself on my blog haha!)

    Maybe I will divulge in a Kindle one day. Who knows! I guess the Kindle and a book are both impractical to read in the bath. Water will ruin them both haha!


  2. @88496d610b8acc329c49b8cf21939b11:disqus I think I've decided to just go with red lips and winged eyeliner so I could actually remove a lot of the products I'm taking but you never know! I'm so indecisive lol I need options!
    I never buy clothes and always buy makeup! I need more balance in my life lol.Yes bath reading is a bit precarious but I like my books to look 'read' if you get what I mean, I don't like them to look pristine. The watermarks and little notes I write in them and the broken spines add character I think. Don't get any of those with le Kindle (except the notes, it has a handy dandy notes feature). :)  xx

  3. I'm loving the good quality make up you have in your make up bag. Honestly, someone has to PERSONALLY teach me how to apply make up, because blog and video tutorials just aren't cutting it for me. I bet you're good with make up just like the other talented bloggers out there ;]


  4. Abby I'm not that good really! Learned everything I know from YouTube though!

  5. Last time I went on a we away (2nights only) I ended up taking loads of make-up then didn't have the time to apply any!

  6. @Carla - That always happens to me too! I always think I will look presentable on the second day but am usually too hungover to bother with make-up lol xx


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