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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II - What I Thought

I liked it. I need to watch it again though I think, it normally takes two watches to make my mind up completely. I was satisfied though, it was a good finale to the films and definitely one of the best so far.

I think you just have to think of the books and the films as separate things, the films are inspired by the books and books are such a personal thing - everyone imagines things differently. It would be impossible to make a film of a book that makes everyone happy. I think they did a good job on this though and didn't make any really big changes.

I was most excited to see the Snape bit as he's my favourite character and they did that bit really well, my favourite part of the film definitely. Made me cry too, especially when he was dying and made Harry look into his eyes. Aw. Little Snape was so cute too!

I liked the bit where they broke into Gringotts, I think this was really similar to how it happens in the books - maybe a little less dramatic though.

The Battle of Hogwarts was good though, it had to be really as it made up most of the film. I like the way humour was used in this part, although this did detract from the seriousness. I didn't like how they dealt with the death of Fred Weasley though, it was totally different from the book and maybe not as sympathetically.

Another part where I got a little bit emotional was the Resurrection Stone bit, it was so sad to see Harry in that situation with all the people he had lost - It was nice to see Sirius again though; so hot! The part where Harry goes into the Forest to die was exactly how I imagined it and the limbo scene as well with Dumbledore (How big did Dumbledore's feet look though!? Was I the only one distracted by that?).

I liked the epilogue too, although no mention of Teddy? In fact was Teddy mentioned at all?

It did seem a little bit disjointed in parts if you get what I mean, like they were rushing it. I wonder if someone that hasn't read the books would understand it? If you've seen it and haven't read them let me know.

What did you all think? Will you be watching it again?


  1. I was disappointed with the death of Fred too! That was my main issue with it I think on reflection. I do wanna see it again to see if I'll like it a little more. I watched the Philosopher's Stone last night and it reminded me of how special the films can be and how completely seperate they are from the books so hopefully after viewing number 2 I'll be a bit more satisfied! (:

  2. @life in the wendy house - I hope you will be too :) I definitely need another viewing, hope to fit it in sometime this week!

  3. You know when they first met Aberforth? That's when I started crying & didn't stop until the end, haha :$.

    I think they portrayed Snape well but there were a few bits that they didn't do quite as well as they could've done, like Snape's death and when Harry goes to the forbidden forest. I also wish more of a big deal was made out of Neville killing Nagini & of Fred's death, plus Mrs Weasley fighting Bellatrix wasn't as epic as I expected! But I think people who haven't read the books will love that bit just because of the "not my daughter" line.

    Oops, sorry I got a bit carried away ha :$.

  4. I was REALLY disappointed in the whole Fred/Lupin/Tonks thing, they DEFO should have extended it!! Also, I'm SO glad someone else noticed they forgot about Teddy! I said to my boyfriend as soon as I got out "Hold on, did they even mention him?" because they said a bit at the end but by then he was already born and stuff. A bit of a plot hole? Who knows xxx

  5. Yes I thought it seemed rushed at parts myself. The Snape bit is my favourite and whilst I thought it was good I didn't think it was as :o as it is when you read the book if you know what I mean? I also like the fact that in the book the final fight takes place in front of everyone, and when Harry tells Voldemort about Snape, I didn't like that that bit didn't happen. But you say it right, you just have to try and think of them as separate things dont you! xxx

  6. @shanice - I am a little annoyed that more wasn't made of Neville too! Harry didn't even tell him he needed to kill the snake!

    I was disappointed by Mrs Weasley killing Bellatrix too, so much more could have been made of that!


    @Amy - I know! They so needed to mention him as his life mirrors Harry's! Maybe they were thinking of future films though? (That might just be wishful thinking...)

    @Carlito - Same. I was so shocked when I read the Snape part in the book! Didn't really translate as well on screen.

    Definitely need to think of them as seperate things. :)



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