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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Folksy Finds: Tea Please

Folksy is my new found lover from another mother. Similarly to Etsy, Folksy is a site that champions handmade items and allows all those crafty people to sell their wares. Folksy is also UK based which makes it much more convenient for me as shipping times aren’t as long as ordering from Etsy which is US based.

I thought I would show you some pieces from a shop that I found this morning and love!

Tea Please are an indie company from London that specialise in unique, kitsch jewellery. Perfect for people that are looking for something a little bit different.

pigeons are cute
i dont like mondays
I love the cute slogans on all of these pieces, definitely my kind of jewellery!

Tea Please also have a website: http://www.teaplease.co.uk/
Where there are more items listed, including this necklace which I love as The Kills are my new favourite band!


Definitely go and check out their Folksy or website as their jewellery really is unique and it would make ideal presents for people :)

Are you a fan of Folksy?


  1. They're cute :)

    Lucy xx

  2. What an amazing find! Thank you so much for this post I'm off to browse away on folksy now I'm sure my budget will be broken in no time ha-ha love the kitsch jewellery too - so unique!


  3. Hey lovely! Thanks for the comment on the old blog - nice to know someone actually reads it!

    thanks for blogging about 'folksy' - i LOVE etsy so im sure this'll be my new obsession!

    :) Lucy xx

  4. Thanks for the comments girls!

    @Sarah - Browsing on Folksy is my new favourite pastime! If I had some money left I'd be buying millions of things lol! xx

  5. @Lucy - Etsy is great isn't it?

    I really liked that post! & Got to help my fellow sociologists out!


  6. You have great taste in jewellery! x

  7. The Kills necklace is really sweet! x

  8. @Temp:Sec - Not as great as you my dear!

    @The Robyn Diaries - It is! I need it! I love The Kills!


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