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Review: Rimmel Glam’eyes Mascara


I hate this mascara. There we go. Review done.


Let’s go into a bit more detail.

What They Say:

Glam’eyes delivers ultimate lash seduction thanks to its unique Volumflex brush. Coloured powder-pink for sexy boudoir glamour, its supple bristles are ultra-fine for sleekly groomed lash definition. Glam'eyes mascara wraps each lash with the creamy lash-building formula for lashes that appear styled with up to 10 x more volume and an 80% longer look.

What I Thought:

So, this is supposed to be a volumising and lengthening mascara? I don’t think it does either of those things.

I think it’s the brush. The little rubber bits are too short and far apart to do anything to my lashes. My lashes are fairly sparse and short but I don’t have this problem with other mascaras.

The formula is really wet too. If it was a little thicker perhaps it might perform better.

It was ok on my bottom lashes though!

Here are some pics of my lashes after using the mascara:
010 011
See? Hardly any length or volume! Granted I could have put a few more layers on but I normally only wear one coat of mascara.

Would I Repurchase?
Definitely not!

Glam’eyes mascara costs £7.19 and is available from Boots & Superdrug etc. if you want to check it out!

Have you tried this mascara? Did it do anything for your lashes?


  1. omg, this is one of my favs :) I love the brush which is two sided and gives me amazing results. you do have to layer it a few times though.

  2. @Passing Fancy - Ooh thanks for the tip! I'm used to just doing one coat and going though lol!

  3. I had this a few years back - absolutely hated it too!

  4. This looks okay, thanks for the review!

  5. I've used this and i did not rate it that much either, i kept finding i kept poking myself in the eye with the wand as you had to comb through your lashes.

    Thanks for the honest review though :)

  6. Too bad it didn't work for you! It really didn't do anything for your lashes, I see what you mean!

  7. @Yu - Glad I'm not the only one!

    @Rachel - You're welcome :)

    @Charlotte Elizabeth - Yeah I found that too and the little spikes are too spikey lol!

    @Vintage - I have a review of a much better mascara coming up next week! Keep an eye out!


  8. I use this for the top of my lashes. Not quite sure how to explain it, but putting it on on the top of my top lashes. The brush makes it easy to catch the lashes to curl them around. Then use a fatter brush to put the mascara on 'normally'. works a wonder!

  9. i used to use this mascara a few years back when i was 14? I had every one of this range, I think I loved the bronzey and black coloured tube the best :) Thinking about getting it again! I swore by this!

    Lucy xx

  10. I'm always so unimpressed with Rimmel mascaras.. they have far too big a range - should just concentrate it down! xx

  11. Haven't used this one but the one I always buy after trying loads of others is the boots No7 Extreme length mascara. Its in a copper coloured bottle with a neon green wand and is just amazing. You can put tons on and the wand just keeps the lashes seperate. Go right into the base for extra definition. I love this mascara.


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