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Review: Boots Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads

I bought these ages ago from the Boots at Birmingham New Street station when I was on the way up to Preston once and I’ve only just used them again since that time. They’re really good! They don’t smell horrible and they removed my nail polish easily.
What They Say:
  • Boots Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads give much needed nourishment whilst effectively removing nail polish.
  • 15 pads are enriched with lanolin and vitamin e.
  • Acetone free.
  • Removes nail polish quickly and with no fuss.
  • Contains Lanolin and Vitamin E to moisturise the nail.
  • USAGE TIP: Firstly wipe each nail with a single stroke of the pad. Then work back through each nail with a firm rubbing action to remove all traces of nail polish.
What I Thought:
  • They smell great! Not at all like nail polish remover. Like fruity children’s lipgloss I think.
  • They’re quite thin and the nail polish that you are removing does soak through the pad and onto your fingers.
  • They are really saturated with remover so removing polish is easy! (Haven’t tried them on the dreaded glitter polishes yet though!)
  • You only get 15 pads which isn’t that many especially when you need to use a couple to remove polish from all of your fingers
  • I wouldn’t say they left my nails feeling moisturised really but they definitely didn’t dry them out at all!
  • They don’t leave that awful smelling (and tasting) nail polish remover scent all over your hands after you’ve used them!
Would I repurchase:
Yes! They are the only nail polish remover pads that I’ve ever used that smell good! They also did a good job of removing the polish from my nails.

You can buy these nail polish remover pads from Boots for £1.50
Have you tried these? What is your favourite nail polish remover?


  1. They sound lovely - I usually hate the smell of nail varnish remover! xx

  2. I've got those! I bought them because there wasn't my fave quickies in Boots but I agree they're good (although I did the glitter nailvarnish test - still a nightmare and they rip easily :-Z )

    I'm sorry I've made your blog follower number uneven :-P

    Lauren from Lauren Loves xxx

  3. That looks pretty interesting if they had that available in America, which they probably do, but maybe a bit more expensive I would probably buy it and save it for a long period of time. Great blog!
    Farrah's Muse

  4. @Kate - These are definitely the nicest smelling ones I've found!

    @Lauren - Ah no! Nothing gets glitter polish off easily though!

    @Farrah - Have a looksy for some in the States! xx

  5. I prefer nail varnish remover pads, only problem I ever have is if you want to remove nail varnish on your toes only or if you've made a mistake, when you get the pad out you can't help but remove a bit from your fingers. Maybe that should teach me to wear the same on my fingers and toes hmmmm xxx

  6. Hi again!

    I never really tried nail varnish remover pads...but it's good to know you did and you liked them!! Now I know, if I ever need to, which ones are good! =)

    xo Rose


  7. I tried the conditioning version of these to take on holiday because they were so much easier to transport than a bottle of remover and cotton wool pads but I used up the 15 disappointingly quickly (definitely not enough for £1.50) and they were really greasy?! I really wanted to like them, and I didn't mind them the first time but the second time I used them with a brighter polish I got into such a mess! I wonder if there's a difference in the greasiness of the moisturing and the conditioning because I so badly want these to work for me!!


  8. Thanks for sharing! You had me at smells good!

    ♥ Shia

  9. Thanks for posting this I usually cant stand the smell of nail polish remover!

  10. Ooh these are interesting! I hate hate hate the smell of nailvarnish remover so I migth have to invest in some of these! Oh the joys of station browsing ha-ha :)


  11. Only 15 pads? Well that's disappointing, especially if you're using them to remove glitter nail polish. Even if they work well, I bet the price would add up quickly, not to mention they are not the best thing for the environment ):


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