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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Review: FAMOUS by Sue Moxley Shimmer Brick – Rose Glow (Sleek Rose Gold Dupe!)

I picked this blush up in Superdrug a few weeks ago as it looked pretty and was half price! Unfortunately I think this might be because the line has been discontinued as everything was marked down in price. It might mean that the range is having a re-vamp though! Always exciting!
FAMOUS by Sue Moxley - Shimmer Brick - Rose Glow - Shade 2 a
FAMOUS by Sue Moxley - Shimmer Brick - Rose Glow - Shade 2 b
Doesn’t it look delicious!? I think it’s blooming amazing – a bit of a dupe for Sleek Rose Gold too (that’s why I picked it up actually – as it was cheaper!). I love all the shades separately and also when they are blended together, they’re also really pigmented and shimmery but not glittery – Always a winner. You could also use the lighter shades as a highlighter too, 2 in 1!
FAMOUS by Sue Moxley - Shimmer Brick - Rose Glow - Shade 2 c
The 4 darker shades with flash (this really does look more pretty in the light!)
The lightest shade – look at that sheen! Beautiful!
FAMOUS by Sue Moxley - Shimmer Brick - Rose Glow - Shade 2 - Swatches
Without flash – definitely living up to their shimmery name!
FAMOUS by Sue Moxley - Shimmer Brick - Rose Glow - Shade 2 - on cheek
You can see the 2-in-1 blush/highlighting in action here! I love it, it gives such a pretty glow to my cheeks! It has definitely become one of my favourite blushes.

Have you tried any FAMOUS by Sue Moxley products?


  1. This looks so pretty and shimmery! :) reminds me of bobbi brown shimmer brick.

  2. It looks really nice! :) I've never even heard of that brand before!

  3. ooh, looks lovely! never heard of the brand before, but i'll try and get hold of some before it all goes :)

  4. Yeah they're discontinuing all current stock and doing a lashes line with TOWIE. I've bought a couple half price bits, the pressed powder is pretty good! :)

  5. Wow that does look so super pretty! Absolutely love it :) gorgeous on you especially :)


  6. I got this not so long ago either, bought it in 'pink' an amazing colour. It was half price too and since this was a hard colour to come by I bought two. Totally loved it! It's just like Bobbi Brown but much cheaper.

  7. I love this, i need to get me some! It looks like it gives cheeks such a healthy glow - looks perfect. Have also just seen the previous post about the xmas meet. Emma seem to have done a fab job organising the summer meet, you're all in for a fab event, i'm sure! Wish i could be there too :(

  8. Hi!

    That looks like the Bobbi Brown blush thing with the many colors!! It looks great on you..been wanting something like that for ages..but the only one I find is the Bobbi Brown one..and I'm not ready to spend that amount of money haha!

    xo Rose


  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments! This does seem very similar to a Bobbi Brown shimmerbrick but I've never tried one of those so wouldn't like to call it a dupe. The colour of this is gorgeous though, I love it!

  10. Thanks for the review have been wonderng if i should by this as a dupe for bobbie brown shimmer brick. Looks lovely on ur skin.
    Blogginglovely xx


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