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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


The Runaways: Cherry Bomb (Dakota Fanning) Make-up

Way back in October of last year I did a post about the film The Runaways – I love that film so much and since my make-up skills have improved over the last year I thought I would have a go at one of my favourite make-up looks from the film. My favourite character is Cherry Bomb (Dakota Fanning) and at one point in the film she wears this almost graphic black and white smoky eye with a bright red lip. A little more daring than my usual style – I normally concentrate on one area of my face (eyes or lips) but I thought I would give it a go anyway.
                                                Image source
This is the look I was trying to recreate – sorry the picture is so small! It’s the biggest one I could find!

What do you think?


  1. Looks great! What products did you use?x

  2. Wowsers! You've got that smokey blending down to a T! Looks gorge :) xx

  3. oooh me likey! I love thtat look!


  4. Thanks girls!

    I think I used a variety of Sleek eye shadows but it's been such a long time since I did it, I can't remember!

    The lipstick is All for Eve Red though :)


  5. Aww I Love this look :)

    I have just seen on your profile that you live in Northampton... Me too!! I'm from Kettering but work in Northampton town centre!

    ...What a small world!

    Niki @ LQM&M

  6. Wow, your recreation seriously looks soooo similar! You are very talented!

  7. I love this look, it's so close to the orig!


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