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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Guest Post: Lovely Leopard Print

I was sat, pondering for a while, about what i would like to do for this guest post, when eventually i  decided to go with what most people like to see. A quick and easy to read 'How to'. So here it is.
Now, i have done a leopard print nail before on my own blog, but as i am speaking to a group of fresh faces i thought i would go ahead and show you an updated brighter version so you can all give it a go too.
I love anything leopard print. Yes, it's a little bit trashy but it's such an easy to wear pattern and an even easier pattern to create on your nails.
1- First off, you need to choose your base colour, a lighter colour preferably, so the leopard print shows up well. I chose Models Own- Lemon Meringue. Leave to dry completely before going onto step two.
2- Next, choose a darker colour (Models Own Sophies Pink) and roughly apply spots. These look better if you vary the sizes and the shapes. Again, leave to dry.
3- Now, using a nail art pen or a thin nail art brush, and a dark colour polish (Models Own Nail art pen- Black) create 'c' shapes around the spots, one at either side. You may also want to add a few more small plain black spots in the spaces of the base coat. Finally, i added a little extra detail on the thumb using Models Own- Pink Fizz glitter polish and applying over the pink spots.
4- Apply a top coat and VOILA, you have a fierce (see what i did there?!) set of nails!
Have you tried leopard nails before? What is your favourite colour combo to use?
Don't forget to pop on over to my blog (http://peachfizzz.blogspot.com/) for plenty more nail art tutorials and lots of outfit of the days.


  1. Love leopard nails! nice post xoxo

  2. These look so cute! love the colours used, Im going to try this out :) x

  3. oh i love these, they look so effective but are so simple (in theory- i'm not sure i would be able to make them look any good!)

  4. So pretty, great colour combo!! x

  5. These are gorgeous!! I want :D


  6. those nails are darling, totally trying out tonight! xxx

  7. Oh thanks for sharing this! I've been thinking about getting more adventurous with my nails for a while, might give this a go! xx


  8. This is super cute! :) Love leopard print nails, Im sporting them now and on my blog :)

    Lucy x

  9. I love leopard print nails, but was always put off because it looked too hard! Thanks for showing a simple (but very cute) way of doing it!

  10. I love the nails and the colour combo. I've been dying to try this out but the stupid shops near me refuse to sell the nail art pen. Do you know if anything else works?

  11. Isn't this post great? I really want to have a go at this too!

    @Amy - I think you can use a cocktail stick instead of a nail art pen!


  12. Oh my god LOVE! Ha-ha. I'm a bit of a leopard print fiend (a lot actually) so these are riiight up my street! Thanks for this babe totally gonna save it and try it ASAP ;)


  13. I LOVE these! They look so cute and so professional!! :) xx

  14. Awww super cute, love the choice of colors!

  15. I'm always doing leopard print nails! Love them :) the colours you have chosen look amazing, and so neat as well! xx


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