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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...





















On Saturday I popped down to London to go to the Blogger meet that the lovely Law and Emma had organised (thanks guys!) and I had a great day! I met up with Helen on the train and we arrived into Euston station at about 12 and made our way to the destination; a pub just off Regent Street called The Warwick. We got to Regent Street in about 45 mins which was really good considering I was navigating! 

When everyone had arrived we all sat down and introduced ourselves, and it was good to put a (blog) name to all the faces, there was so many people there I would have never remembered everyone from their blog's. We were then spoken to by the lovely Sarah from Lush who told us about some of their best selling products and also some of the limited edition Christmas things that were available this year. This was really good as I got to learn about products I probably wouldn't have normally considered, definitely put some items on my shopping list! 

We were also spoken to by Anna from Maggie Angus Jewellery about how she set up her own business and her new jewellery bits and bobs. I really enjoyed this as I recently did a post about her jewellery and it was good to learn more! Anna also spoke to us about being more successful in blogging and gave us some great tips for bagging items to review from big companies, very useful.

Then, we were spoken to by the lovely Faye from Wired Jewellery who spoke about creating her own business to make money while studying for her Law degree. She told us about where she sources her components (I wanted to say ingredients there!) from - UK only, and the fact that all of her jewellery is made from Sterling silver so that anyone can wear it without fearing an allergic reaction! Brilliant. She also mentioned some of the issues that arise when starting a business and how to overcome these, which was really good and quite inspirational. It was really good to learn about Faye's jewellery as I hadn't heard about it before and I love it! Excited to see her new pieces now.

We then just had a chitchat with the other bloggers and me and Helen got some lunch as we hadn't eaten. The food was really good - a little pricey but we were in central London so that is to be expected. Then Law decided to have a quiz to give away some of the products that Sarah from Lush had left behind, this turned into a Made in Chelsea rant on Law's part and has totally made me want to watch it now! Our table seemed to be the lucky table in the quiz as Puja, Helen and Christie won loads of prizes! We were then given goodie bags including Lush products, Wired Jewellery, Maggie Angus Jewellery, a Bang On Vintage bracelet and some Love Label cosmetics from Very. Lots of new things to write about! 

After the meet me and Helen headed to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland, it seemed that the whole of London was also going there too and the tube was so busy! It was really lovely and festive with all the lights and the festive food and little gift stalls. We were pushed for time though so didn't stay long - in hindsight we probably should have left a little bit earlier, when we made our way back to Hyde Park Corner station we were faced with a huge crowd of people filling the whole top part of the station! Not good! Especially as our train home was at 19:13 from Euston and this was at about 18:40! We rushed through the station got on a ridiculously packed tube and got back to Euston at about 19:11! We had to run to the train but made it with about half a minute to spare! I nearly died! So proud of us for actually making it there on time! We then sat in first class even though Helen had a 'riffraff' ticket as there were no seats in standard class and we were about to die!

I had a great day and thanks again to Law and Emma for organising the blogger meet, it was amazing! Thanks to Helen for being my partner in crime too!

Hope to see all the lovely ladies that I met at the next one too!


  1. Looks/sounds like a lovely day :) sounds amazing to meet so mny lovely bloggers and how cute does the winter wonderland look!


  2. Great post, my bf& I also did some sightseeing after, isn't London beautiful at Christmas! :) your food looks yummy, I didn't order any as I had already eaten but everyone seemed to enjoy theirs!

  3. I really wish I could have gone to this!

  4. great photos - looked like you had a great time!

    Suddenly I See

  5. Yay love this post and love the pics! I've just put mine up :) No problem being your partner in crime, excited to do it again! Is it ok if I steal the pictures of me to put on fb for my mum to have a gander of? Thank you :) xxx

  6. @Sarah - It was really good and Winter Wonderland was lovely of a bit busy!

    @Eve - Where did you go with your bf? Hope you had fun! London is really beautiful at Christmas time :) xx

    @adoreabubbles - you'll have to come next time!

    @jules - I did have a really good time! xx


  7. Sounds amazing I wish i could have come I'm looking forward to the manc meet and hoping to make a ldn one next year x

  8. Looked like a great event!! That burger looks so tasty too x

  9. Aww Amy so glad you and Helen came :) haha I do love MIC haha I was so nervous. Me and Emma just wanted to make sure it was fun, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The talks were inspiring, I think even me and Emma will take from them ... Aww bless Anna I died when I dropped the earring on the floor!
    Winter wonderland looked amazing, we never made it there as we could hardly move down the road !! I really want to see the singing tree :)
    Glad you had a blast, hope to see you again soon xxx

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Looked like lots of fun! :) xxxx

  12. @Danielle - It was really good :) I shall maybe see you at the manc one!

    @Stefany - It was a good burger! I didn't eat the bread though lol, it was too crispy!

    @Law - It was an amazing event! Well done! And Winter Wonderland was good but far too busy!

    @Pickle - It was :)


  13. angels delight soap smells gorgeous <3


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