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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


MAC Holiday Collection: Ice Parade Make It Perfect Brush Kit

MAC – 167
MAC - 168
MAC - 217
MAC - 239
MAC - 212
I got an email last week informing me that the MAC 2011 Holiday Collection was available online in the UK, I was rather excited as the collection is based on glitter. Glitter is one of my most favourite things. I browsed the collections, there are several mini collections making up the main ‘Glitter and Ice’ one, and decided that I wanted to buy one of the Ice Parade brush kits. There are 3 brush kits in the collection: Make It Perfect – Essential, Make It Perfect – Mineralise and Make It Perfect – Special Edition. They cost £39.50 each and contain 4/5 brushes and a make up bag. I decided on the Make It Perfect Special Edition set as it contained 3 brushes that I really wanted to try – the 217, 268 and 239, the other 2 brushes were just an extra added bonus for me. The other brushes in the kit are the 212 and the 267 which I hadn’t heard much about before to be honest. The brushes are all white haired and are the mini special edition (SE) size with glittery handles. Glittery handles. Glittery. Handles. Never have I wanted something more.
They arrived on Saturday and it was like Christmas morning when I got in from shopping! I was so excited to play with my new brushes! They are all so soft and good quality, you can just tell that they are worth all the money that they charge for them. I still haven’t had a play with them so I can’t comment on the application yet but they feel like they’ll be a dream to work with, all nice and dense – especially the 267. I can’t wait to use that one to apply blush. The little make up bag that came with them is also lovely – an ideal size for keeping all the bits and bobs in my work bag organised.
Have you checked out the Glitter and Ice Collection? Will anything from it be going on your Christmas list?

Also do excuse the dodgy photographs – the light was not being my friend this weekend!


  1. Great brushes! I would love to have one of the brush sets. But I can't get myself to pay so much money for brushes. Well, maybe for christmas....

  2. I definitely need to get some new makeup brushes - these are totally the pretties I've seen!


  3. I had to be dragged away from MAC at the weekend,
    I think this is their best christmas collection yet.

  4. I just purchased the Love Alert glittery red Dazzleglass today - IN LOVE! Those handles on the brushes are gorgeous! x

  5. YESS! perfection. ICE/GLITTER for the holidays. Yes, please!



  6. I bought this kit first too, and I caved and bought the other 2. I like this one the best. Good choice!


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