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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Michael Kors Watches.


For a long time I have admired Michael Kors watches. I think it just comes with being saturated in the blogosphere, everyone seems to have one so I want one too! In particular I would like one of the tortoiseshell ones but I’m not fussy. I’m not a fan of the super metally look ones though, I think that they are a little bit too manly for me – and I’m not that fond of rose gold even though everyone else is. Not that I’ll be getting one any time soon as they are around £200 a pop and I just do not have that kind of money floating about and I doubt that you get extravagant birthday/Christmas gifts when you are 23.
All of the above watches are available from ASOS though so if you are a pesky student you can bag yourself one for a discounted price. Oh how I wish I was a student again. It’s a cruel world.



  1. How gorgeous are these! I'm not usually a massive fan of watches but golly these change my mind! LOVE them! Shame I'm not rich :(


  2. I do like the rose gold one, but for my 21st present I got a Boss one with a plain silvery face and a black leather strap and I love it so much because of how simple it is!

  3. I bought one off ebay a few months ago and I'm already eyeing the MK5039. I need a gold watch in my life!

  4. Ahhhh these are so insanely gorgeous. Be still my heart! I'm obsessed with the rose gold ones - love!

  5. Love number 5 - pricey though aren't they. I've got a lovely Marc Jacobs one on my Christmas list, I'm reliably informed [by the bank] that my husband has just dropped a pretty penny in ASOSs pocket so here's hoping it's my watch :) x

  6. Oh my, all of them are so amazing!


  7. Ooooh these watches! I waaaaant them xxx

  8. OMG! I want one of Michael Kors watches!! The gold one <3



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