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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


OPI Rainbow Connection Review

A couple of weeks ago I purchased OPI Rainbow Connection from the new Muppets Collection which is the Christmas collection from OPI this year. It is a collaboration with Disney as they are releasing The Muppets film this winter. There are 12 shades in the collection but the one that stood out for me was Rainbow Connection.
Rainbow Connection is a clear based glitter polish that is packed with multi-sized multi-coloured glitter. There does seem to be a little bit more silver glitter than any other colour though. I have never seen another polish similar to this in the UK – there are some dupes around in the US though. Ooh! Just remembered about Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday – that is similar but is also ridiculously priced!
I love this nail polish to bits, I’ve had it on my nails twice in the last 2 weeks and that is saying something for me! I normally only wear a polish once or twice in it’s lifetime! It really is special. It catches the light and creates little mini disco balls around your nails!
I’ve found it’s best to apply it over a coloured polish as it does take about 6 coats to make the glitter opaque if you’re not using a base colour. I don’t think it looks so good like that anyway as it’s too silver then. I tried it over a range of colours and as it’s got so many colours in it, it looked good over pretty much everything!
The best way to apply it is to kind of just press it on rather than brushing it on if you get what I mean. If you brush it the glitter gets wiped away. Pressing it on ensures an even glitter distribution.
OPI-Muppets-Collection-Rainbow-Connection-2A downside is that you have to put so many coats on. This means that the polish is prone to peeling off, especially if you use a base and top coat. Speaking of top coats – this polish needs one. It’s grainy and therefore your nails get stuck to things if you just leave it as it dries. Two coats of topcoat sorted it out though.
You can just apply one coat if you like – it looks great this way but I prefer a more glittertastic look so I prefer to pile it on.
I have received so many compliments on this colour when I’ve been wearing it, and the kids at school are mesmerised by it! Good way to get them to be quiet for 5 mins!
Also it’s really hard to photograph!

You can purchase it from Lena White or Beauty Bay in the UK, I got mine from eBay a few weeks ago but I’m sure they’ve hiked the price up now as this is the most wanted shade from the collection. The RRP is £10.50 I think I paid about £14 inc shipping.

Are you going to be picking up any of the nail polishes from the Muppets collection?


  1. i love your nails Amy!
    Great review.


  2. I think you already know i'm in love with this <3 I'm on the hunt for a good dupe because i hate spending lot sof money on a glitter polish because I find them such a pain to get on and off x

  3. Awh! I love that the kids love it! So sweet.

  4. Wow they look gorgeous!! You have a lot of patience!! Thanks so much for showing us these and telling us about the nail varnish. They are fabulous! XxxX

  5. Thanks for reviewing this! I've been on the look out for a nice new festive nail polish & I love glittery things this time of year! I might give this one a go, or pop it on my xmas wish list! xx


  6. This is amazing! I really love the colours in the Muppets collection but think they might be a bit out of my price range so will have to content myself staring at your nails instead :P xxx

  7. Oooh so purdy!!


  8. i absolutely love glitter nail polishes, and this one's amazing!

  9. This polish looks amazing! Very Christmassy :) I love the way the bits of glitter are different sizes, they're so sparkly! Love them xx

  10. This is such a BAM colour! so bright and vibrant and out there ... love it!


  11. This is gorgeous!!! :)

    Lucy x

  12. You always have the coolest looking nails!

  13. oh my goodness. i am in love with this polish. you're right, it's a great (cheaper!) alternative to deborah lippman's happy birthday. which i've been lusting over for months. anyway, great review!

  14. First of all, your nails look gorgeous! Second, I really like how you used this on a black base. Finally, I just can't get into this collection. I love the Muppets and the song Rainbow Collection, but the only polish that interested me from this collection was Warm and Fozzie. Maybe I've lost part of my soul or something because everyone loves this polish, but it just is missing something for me.

  15. Thanks for all the lovely comments girlies! :) xx


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