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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Christmas Wishlist

Thought that I would show you all the things that I would like for Christmas this year!



Well there seems to be a bit of a purple theme to my wishlist doesn’t there?

1. Forest green fedora from Topshop – I love me a bit of forest green, I also love hats. Perfect present. I think it’d look nice against my red hair too.

2. Black Vans – I have wanted some black Vans for time but don’t want to pay the £40 that they cost!

3. Babyliss Big Hair – Who doesn’t want this?? It has been all over the blogosphere of late and I want a piece of the voluminous hair pie!

4. Diesel Loverdose perfume – The nicest smelling perfume that I have smelled in a long long time.

5. Floral cushion cover – Love this, I think that it would look lovely on my bed :)

6. Colours Print – I am craving new art work for my room at the moment, I love the sentiment behind this piece too.

7. Nars Arabian Nights Trio – Arghhh! Look at it! It’s beautiful! I need those shimmery glittery rich colours all over my eyes. please.

8. Stargazer hair dye in Plume – I always used to dye my hair with this back in the day and I miss having purple hair, perhaps I will return it in the new year?


What have you asked Father Christmas for?


  1. I haven't even thought about what I want for Christmas. But now that you mention it...purple hair dye might be an idea...

    Mabel Time

  2. that cushion is just so gorgeous!!!

    I haven't even thought about christmas yet... urm, a train ticket to Edinburgh?! :/


  3. I have the same issue with vans I love thaem but 40 ;/ XXXX

  4. oh my god the nars! i need this in my life!

  5. I really like how Loverdose smells as well, I'm tempted!
    Heh heh, I currently have purple hair :P but I prefer Directions to Stargazer.


  6. I love the cushion! That's gorgeous!

  7. @Mabel - Yes! You should definitely get some!

    @Jules - I love the cushion, never seen anything like it before!

    @Danielle - I'm really hoping I get some money for xmas to buy some with! I want some to wear for work!

    @Beauty Fiend - Isn't it gorgeous!

    @Vintage - It is isn't it?

    @L - It smells amazing doesn't it? I so miss purple hair - I prefer Stargazer as it's less messy!

    @kfedland - I definitely need it in my life/on my bed



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