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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


I'm so glad I've found my music tastes veering towards Ska and Punk again, although I like my ska mixed with a bit of metal nowadays. Going to see Capdown in July which will be tres exciting, I haven't been to gig in years! I used to go to one every week!

Have some King Prawn for breakfast:


Thought for the Day

Today I've mostly been thinking about getting my style back, I think I've lost it in the transition from student to (semi) real person. I used to love my 'everyday is fancy dress' type outfits, and corsages with everything, and jewellery. I hardly ever wear jewellery any more, only when I'm going out. Need to get it back. Just spent ages searching through ebay for vintage dresses to re-work and make pretty again, so instead of makeup all my wages this month will be spent on clothes. I will never learn to save. I don't care, I will have lots of pretty things instead. I'm also going to banish leggings from my life. Except for on hungover days. I feel happiest when I'm wearing a 50s style prom dress anyway, might just start wearing them every day.

Well that was a little bit of a ramble. Never mind. Also have a weird rash on my hand that is slightly worrying.

Been listening to this today:

Ladytron - International Dateline

I love Ladytron they remind me of special times with someone I met while I was at uni. :)


NOTW: Model's Own Juicy Jules

Hello new followers! and old ones!

I've had this on my nails for the last week and I love it! It's chunky glitter that is holographic! What more could you want? It's so pretty when it catches the light and all the colours come out to play and just looks silver the rest of the time. Did I mention that I love it?

To achieve this level of opacity it took about 4 million coats and I started with a layer of Revvvolution by Color Club which is a holo grey/black shade. But it is totally worth all the coats, will be a right bitch to remove though, can't have it all...

My fingers feel like they're at a disco 24/7

Hope you've all had a good week and Happy Easter for those of you that are religiously inclined, Happy Days Off Work for those of you that are not.


Top 5: H&M

I am a lifelong fan of H&M and was so excited last year when they launched their website; I was a bit disappointed when I first had a peek on there a few months ago though. There wasn't a great selection and the delivery prices and times were ridiculous. But it seems to have been revamped since I last visited, the website is more user friendly now which makes for a much better shopping experience in my books, shipping is still costly though but then again my nearest H&M is an £8 train ride away anyways...

Here we go then, my top 5 picks from H&M online:

Lots of lovely summery bits on there at the momento.
 Are any of you fans of H&M?



View from the hotel lol


No idea when we took this?

Went to Preston this weekend to see the bestest friendling. It is my favourite time of the month when we go back to Preston. We got far too drunk, had exciting meals of sweets, mcdonalds, ROOM SERVICE and crisps, did too much dancing, felt sick for about 400 hours on Saturday morning, got horrible spicy Chicken Shack after we'd been out, just drank sambuca as it's a cheap and effective way of getting hammered lol, made vodka jelly in the mini bar that wasn't switched on so we had to set it in the bath that kept draining itself, got the obligatory blue WKD in the pub after Warehouse (no idea why we started doing that?), Saw Batman who didn't recognise us even though we brought him home to see our volcano one day and then had to get the train back to Northampton feeling hungry/sleepy/sick which took 4 hours with 2 changes involved - argh. 

Can't wait til next time now which will be Eurovision weekend if Vicki can get the Sunday off! She best do it's tradition!

Hope everyone had a good weekend?


All You Need is Love...

Love is all you need.

Thought I'd share the love today and give some of my favourite bloggers a shout out :)

The lovely Vintage Makeup is always leaving me lovely comments and does some great posts on all the things we love (makeup/nail polish/skincare) as well as some great DIY tips :)

Joanne from Music, Fashion, Clutter is lovely too, and has an amazing fashion sense! I love her weekly summaries and the fact that she incorporates posts about music in her blog too.

Caroline from Sparkly Vodka has great fashion sense too, I love her outfit posts and her blog design is lovely.

Aoife from Fashion Turn to the Right is lovely as well, I first came across her YouTube videos and then found her blog and it's great, I love the fashion posts as well as the face of the days and hauls. I love her writing style and she is very down to earth and funny :)

Elly from Wild Haze is my home girl (not literally), I love her. She posts great stuff about a whole range of different topics and she has an excellent taste in music.

Go check them out if you haven't already, I love it when I see posts from these guys in my reading list :)



Don't think that's gonna catch on is it? Never mind.

Just a quickie today, got a couple of new eyeshadows and a mascara from MAC at the weekend (I will be forever poor...) and thought i'd have a play around with them.

right side with flash (I think!)

I used Stars 'n' Rockets all over the lid and then Nocturnelle in the outer v and crease and deepened this with a bit of Sketch. I used Haute and Naughty Lash on my lashes (obviously) and I love it! Think it might be the best mascara I've ever used! Look at how long and separated my lashes look! They never look like that.


Miu Miu: Eyewear

Miu Miu is my favourite fashion brand, it has been for years. I think part of this is because of their excellent ad campaigns, in the case of eyewear this is definitely the case. Whenever I spy a new one in Vogue I get all excited to see who their latest model will be (yep no life here...) as they always look great. I love glasses,  unfortunately I don't need them so I have no actual need for a pair of their lovely specs but if I ever do I will be hotfooting it to somewhere that sells Miu Miu (Rhyme?).

I thought I'd do a post on my fave eyewear ad's over the years and then some of the styles that I love from their collection.

Especially loving Miss Wixson's pair with the checkerboard arms.

I like the colour of these ones - £159

& I like the arms of these ones - £150

I can indulge in their sunglasses though and these ones might have just been added to my wishlist...
Does anyone else admire Miu Miu's eyewear adverts? Or is that just me?


Lindsey Wixson.

I have developed something of a girl crush on Miss Wixson, as soon as I saw her parading down the catwalk I was in awe of her beauty and went on a mission to find out who she was. She's so unique looking with those bee-stung lips and wide eyes, and she can pull off a huge range of looks from innocent and doll like to full on gothic, grunge and glam.

Do you have any favourite models?


Current Loves.

Good job I used the correct 'current' there or this might have been a very different post... (Not that big a fan of raisins if I'm being honest)

Just thought I'd show you some of the stuff I'm loving at the momento, a mixture of make-up/skincare/shoes/accessories/food...

Floral Brogues - £14ish? - New Look (the teen section, is it called 9-15 still? Or am I showing my age now?)
Wear these nearly every day that's why they're a bit beaten up.

Pink Glittery Cat Eye Sunglasses - Asda (last year) 
Loving being able to whip out the sunglasses again, especially these bad boys.

Rimmel - Stay Matte Powder - Light?
No 7 - Skin Illuminator - the pinkier one
Bloom - Cheek Tint - Rosie
Garnier - Roll-On Anti-dark Circles - Light
Mini Bourjois - Black and Green Relections - 44 (Love This!)
Topshop - Cream Blush - Pinch
Collection 2000 - Lasting Perfection Concealer
Rimmel - Lash Accelerator Mascara - Black
Rimmel - Exaggerate Eye Definer - Aubergine
MAC - Eyeshadow - Brule
Collection 2000 - Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Eyeliner - Navy
MAC - Paint Pot - Painterly 

Soap & Glory - Girligo - Spray Moisturiser

Sigma F80 - Great for foundation
H&M - Smokey Eye brush - Love the blending end of this, and it was only £1.99 or something

Sesame Snaps

Volvic Touch of Lemon & Lime - I think I'm addicted to this

Also loving Muller Light yoghurts, my Kindle, Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Range, Granny Smith apples and the thought of having 2 weeks off from work :)

Which products are you loving right now?


Let's Talk About...

The blogging/YouTube community. I have been reading blogs about fashion and makeup for years now, but it only used to be an occasional interest, if I remembered I would read the blogs I loved but it wasn't a priority. Then last year I got into watching the beauty people on YouTube, at first it was just in times of need; when I wanted to know how to do a particular makeup look etc. Nowadays it's the only thing I do when I'm near a computer.

It needs to stop.

This blog reading/YouTube viewing has made me want things that I would never have dreamed of wanting before, things that I cannot afford at all, things that I don't need. I was perfectly happy before, admittedly still buying things I didn't need, just wandering around superdrug/boots and picking things up that caught my eye. There was a time when a £27 shop in Boots was a shock, now it's the norm. I don't like it.

So I am going to try and ween myself off, stop watching YouTube, stop reading blogs, and just have fun shopping around for new products, not just hunting for things that so and so has recommended. I will still blog about the things that I have and love, and the new things that I come across but I want to come across them myself. The beauty community has stolen my willpower and replaced it with consumerism.

Any thoughts?