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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



Just to let you know that I changed my URL to http://paperbacks-and-postcards.blogspot.com/ so it fits in better with my blog title :)

Lush Customer Service.

Just thought I'd let you guys know about some excellent customer service I experienced this week from Lush. I bought the Cupcake face mask recently as the SA recommended it for my oily blemishy skin and it made me break out like a mofo and also it really burned my skin when I had it on, so I contacted customer services and asked them whether this is normal. They replied to my email the next morning with a very informative reply about why my skin might have reacted in this way a full list of the ingredients and an offer of some free stuff to compensate for my skin troubles! Everyone loves free stuff don't they? Here is what they sent:

Well done Lush! Thanks for being helpful in sorting my skin drama out! I love the things that I was sent, if you would like reviews on anything let me know!


Review: Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

I bought these products a while ago when the range was on some kind of in Boots, they have been sat in my cupboard ever since their first use. I am not a fan.

We'll start with the shampoo.
Ditch the Dirt Volume Shampoo

What Umberto Giannini say
Big up hair in the shower with this volumising and repairing shampoo from Umberto Giannini that perfectly preps hair for product use and hair styling.

'Strengthens even bleached 'within an inch of its life' hair with super nourishing repair ingredients.'

Technique: Massage through wet hair and rinse thoroughly.

What I Thought

  • I hate the smell, it smells aftershavey.
  • The bottle is really hard to get product out of
  • The product is glittery though!
  • I found it made my hair really unmanageable and dry, couldn't even get my fingers through it after washing hair.
  • My hair was greasy when I had styled it, had to wash it again with a different shampoo.
  • The price is too expensive for the product

Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner

What UG Say:

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner plumps Up Hair Like No Other!

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner is a fabulous mix of silk proteins to condition & improve softness of the hair with selective conditioning for the areas that need it most!

'Get the volume in from the start without weighing hair down and provide the perfect cushion for your styling products'

Technique: Smooth evenly through shampooed hair and rinse thoroughly

What I thought

  • Same packaging and smell
  • I have used a bit more of this as it is a little better than the shampoo
  • You have to use a lot of product to undo the tangles that the shampoo created
  • Again this product weighed down my hair and made it greasy when I styled it
  • I don't think it helped condition my hair at all, it left it knotty and really hard to comb
  • Quite expensive - £5.61

Overall, I'd say give these products a miss, the styling bits and bobs from the range are excellent though, especially the dry shampoo and backcomb in a bottle. 

Has anyone else tried these products?
Were you impressed?


Top 5: Tatty Devine.

I have adored Tatty Devine for years, if you haven't heard of the brand (I'm sure you have...) it's a jewellery company that specialise in hand made acrylic pieces. The designs are more often that not quirky witty pieces with bright colours, with their name necklaces being the signature piece of the brand.

Any other fans of Tatty Devine in the house?

Also they are having a big bank holiday sale online and at the Brick Lane store at the momento, click here to see the online things :)


I Have a New Love and Her Name is Paris

I bought a Chanel lipstick. I BOUGHT A CHANEL LIPSTICK.

Now for some of you this might not be a big deal but for me it is. Firstly I'm scared of the people that work on make-up counters. Secondly I don't have £21.96 to spend on lipsticks regularly. So I am a very happy girly.

I got a red one, obviously.

Rouge Coco in the colour 22 - Paris.

I love it!

The woman working on the counter was lovely, she said she liked my shoes and that I had nice skin and eyes and that my hair colour suited me. Compliments go down well with me. She wasn't pushy at all and was happy to let me leave with just my lipstick. I asked her about the Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation and she colour matched me to the lightest shade but we thought it was still a bit dark so she gave me a sample to try at home, without me even asking! Overall it was a lovely experience and now I'm no longer scared of the Chanel ladies. This is probably a bad thing. Definitely a bad thing.

Oh well.

Will post swatches when there is some sunlight!

Hope you're all having good weekends?


Graze 2

I ordered another Graze box the other day and thought I'd show you what I got :)

- Natural Vanilla Seeds - Vanilla Pumpkin Seeds and Vanilla Sunflower Seeds
- Banana Split - Cashew Nuts, Banana Coins, Milk Chocolate covered Puffed Rice
- Super Berry Detox - Blueberries, Cranberries, Goji Berries and Green Raisins
- The Herb Garden - baked herb bites, herb and onion peanuts and oregano rice crackers

I've already eaten the Herb Garden one and it was quite good, I especially liked the herb and onion peanuts. Going to take the berries to work tomorrow I think.

If you want to find out more about Graze then have a looksy at my original post here.
Have you tried Graze yet?
Get a free box if you use my code: WPWXL4Z3


Ah, Bay, Tsay...

What's that, German phonetics!? I've got skills they're multiplyin'...

Anyhoozles, A-Z tag. Go.

Age - 22 (The children at work had a poll on how old they thought I was today, I came out at 18! Score.)

Bed Size - Double

Chores you hate - Dusting and Hoovering.

Dogs - I have 2 Jack Russells called Star and Smudge, they live with my Mum though. I want a Chow Chow puppy though.

Essential start to my day - The TV? I need noise in the mornings or i'll just go back to sleep.

Favourite Colour - Red or Forest Green or Gold or Navy.

Gold or Silver - Gold

Height - 5'4? or 3

Instrument I play - I can play one chord on a guitar?

Job Title - Learning Support Assistant/Teaching Assistant (It varies... LSA wages though! boo!)

Kids - I'd like one. But working with them every day has certainly put me off a bit.

Live - Northamptonshire

Mum's Name - Alison

Nickname - Mum calls me A or Lucy, Vicki sometimes calls me Johno lol.

One Wish - To find enough money to go back up north and live with Vicki again.

Pet Peeve - When people move things without telling you where to, does that count?

Quote from a Movie - 'To Infinity and Beyond'

Right or Left Handed - Right.

Siblings - 1 Brother, several stepsiblings

Time you Wake Up - 7 on weekdays, about 9ish at the weekends, about 2 if I've been out...

Underwear - I buy too much

Vegetables you Dislike - Most of them

What makes you run late? - Too much sitting?

X-Rays you've had - Teeth.

Yummy food you make - Me and Vicki are best at mash potato.

Zoo Animals - All the babies. They love me.

Stolen from Beth :)


Face of the Day & Swatches of 17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick - Peace

Bourjois - Healthy Mix - 51 mixed with Barry M White Creme Foundation
Benefit - Coralista
elf HD Powder
MAC - Painterly Paint Pot
MAC - Brule Eye Shadow (All over the lid)
MAC - Woodwinked Eyeshadow (Along the upper & lower lash line)
MAC - Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara
17 - Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Peace

Swatches of Peace

I really like this lipstick, especially for day time. It was so easy to just whack on and it gave a nice sheer glossy look to my lips. Not too dissimilar to my natural lip colour but just pink enough to wake my face up!

The texture of these lipsticks is lovely, not sticky at all! Which is a big bonus for me as I hate stickiness, I normally avoid wearing gloss because of it. 

In the bullet it looks more of a corally pink sort of shade but I think it comes out as a definite pink on my lips. The lipstick is unscented/unflavoured and lasts quite a while considering it's consistency. I would say be careful with leaving it in warm places though as it looks like it might be a melter.

Definitely a buy!

Available from Boots for £4.59


The Quest For Beachy Hair: James Brown Photo Fabulous Wave Spray

The lovely Sam requested that I do a review on this so thought I'd get on it straight away!

I bought this in the 3 for 2 at Boots offer a little while ago and hadn't used it until today! I actually bought it before I got my hair cut shorter so wasn't sure if the wavy effect would work on my new shoulder length hair. I was pleasantly surprised though!

I'm addicted to buying these products that promise wavy beach hair, I don't know why? I already have curly hair anyway...

What Boots Say:
James Brown London's Photo Fabulous range ensures your style is always camera ready. The wave spray is ideal for creating perfect tousled waves.


  • Spray liberally all over towel dried hair.
  • Blow dry the hair roughly, scrunching the hair upwards to create a wave.

My First Impressions:

  • The spray smells kind of like men's aftershave, I'm not sure whether this is good or bad?
  • The sprayer bit is a bit violent! The product comes out of the sprayer really fast and goes a long distance, I've got the stuff all over my bedroom walls now!
  • It's a kind of thin gel consistency.
  • I found it quite difficult to spray it all over my hair as the sprayer was too direct, it would be better with a finer mist so you could cover your whole head quickly.
I did as the instructions said and blowdried my hair while scrunching bits upwards, I also used my diffuser attachment to enhance the waviness. And this is the result:
Do excuse my non-made up face! It is a Sunday!

  • I think it worked really well! 
  • As I said before my hair is naturally curly/wavy but since I got it cut shorter it hasn't really been waving as nicely. 
  • This product has definitely helped give it some texture and not look so perfect, I do like a messy look. 
  • Also you can't feel the product in your hair once it's dry which is amazing! 
  • I was quite liberal with the spraying once I'd got the hang of it as well, probably used far too much product but it didn't make a difference! I hate it when my hair feels sticky or greasy straight after styling!

Would I repurchase this?

I might have to pick up a few more products from the range next time I am in Boots.

You can buy this product here
Products are on 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment too and if you're a Advantage Card holder go to the machine and print off a coupon to get 100 points on any purchase from the James Brown Photo Fabulous Range

Recent Acquisitions (Too Many...)

Accessories: Sunflower Head Band - Primark, Scrabble Ring - Love Suzie, Lapis Lazuli Ring - Anja's Arts, Mood Ring - A gift from my mother :) 

 Tan Camera Box Bag - Primark
Sparkly Silver Sandals - Primark

Far too much stuff! If you would like reviews on any of the items mentioned let me know :)

P.S. If you're reading this I guess you didn't get saved in the Rapture either...


Lush :)

I'm about to make a Lush order as I haven't bought anything from there in ages!

Any product recommendations from you lot?

I always buy the same things so would be nice to hear what you like :)

Budget probably should be restricted but won't be because it's pay day next week and I must spend all of last months wages before then. That's the rule isn't it?


Another NOTW: OPI Not Like The Movies & Nails Inc Jermyn Street

Excuse Angela Hartnett on the TV, the light was good while I was watching Great British Menu!

I love this OPI colour! It's so hard to photograph though, it's a sort of greyish colour with teeny tiny silver glitter and a purple/gold/green duochrome (triochrome?).

This is one coat over 2 coats of Nails Inc Jermyn Street.

I can't stop looking at my nails!


Top 5: Dorothy Perkins

Time for another Top 5, this time Dorothy Perkins. I love Dorothy Perkins. They have good sales, there's a wide range of sizes, the delivery charge is reasonable, I can cheat and still get student discount using my old student number, and the quality of their clothes is great - I've got things that are still going strong after about 6 years!

At the moment they are running a 25% off promotion both online and instore which is really good! Just use the code DPVIPD online.

Here's what I would buy if I had some money left...

How cute and summery is this!? Love it!

I've had my eye on this for ages! Would be lovely for now/summer or autumn/winter with a cardi and tights.

I love ochre! It's one of my favourite colours, I used to have a coat that was ochre and it made me happy every time I wore it! I'd love to swish about work in this. Would probably get mocked by the children but then again when am I not getting mocked by them??

I like the combo of mint and tan on these shoes :)

Mo' mint! I think this would look lovely with the yellow skirt :) Might have to order both of them when pay day rolls around again!

Do we have any other Dotty P's fans in the house?


Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions: What I Thought.

Way back in February I bought this foundation as my skin was being horrible, all spotty and gross and I was trying to find something to cover the spots and also help treat them so this was ideal. In theory.

I've just used up the foundation today and to be honest I wasn't really a fan:

  • For a start the shade was wrong for me, it was too dark and warm but as it was the palest shade that Clinique offer this couldn't be helped really.
  • I don't think that it helped the spots that I already had, but it didn't break me out or anything.
  • It wasn't the best coverage. Meaning that I had to put loads on to cover the offending spots!
  • It seemed to disappear quite quickly
  • If you apply too much it goes a bit cakey but I needed to apply more than one layer to get the coverage I wanted. Lose/Lose.
  • It's also a bit sticky when you first apply it which is odd?
Some things that I did like:
  • It applies nicely when you use just the right amount, I use my Sigma F80 but it also works quite well just using your fingers
  • I like the bottle too, it's squeezy and has a small nozzle so you can get just the right amount of product out.
  • It has a satin finish, not completely matte which is nice 
Would I buy this again?

No, it was alright but it didn't help my spots, it doesn't have enough coverage for me and the shade range was not ideal for my skintone. If you already have ok skin this might work for you, but why would you buy an anti-blemish foundation? Bad clinique. 

I'd suggest you just find a good spot treatment and use an oil-free foundation if you have bad skin rather than spending over £20 on this.


NOTW: Peppermint

Rimmel PRO - Peppermint


Naked - Boost Revitalising Hair Treatment

You've all seen it. There's a Groupon dealio about for Naked products, £8 for £20 worth of stuffs. Pretty good in my books, I've only tried one thing from Naked and will do a quick review of it in case you're thinking about buying the deal and haven't tried the brand before. 

I actually picked this up from Poundland of all places! For £1, obviously, but it is still available on the Naked website for £7.99. Moral of this story? Go to Poundland. Go on.

Anyhoozles, I was after a hair mask type affair and picked this up because it is ginormous (400ml) and it smelled quite nice. It smells a bit flowery mixed with soap, nothing to write home about. 

The first time I used it I wasn't too sure, it has a bit of a weird texture; kind of a little bit like rice pudding. Not quite so lumpy though and once you've whacked it all over your hair it just feels like a normal hair conditioner.  I leave it on for a few minutes after shampooing and then rinse it away and it leaves my hair so shiny and smooth and not at all tangly! Miracle worker. 

The huge tub lasts ages as well, I've had mine since February? and I've only just ran out. 
They didn't have any left in Poundland though so I think I'll buy the Groupon deal and get some more and also try out some of the other products that Naked offer. 

Have you ever tried Naked? Will you be buying the Groupon deal?


What's in My 'Weekend/One Night Away' Make-up Bag?

Snappy title there.

But I am going away for the night tomorrow, to go view the Eurovision Song Contest on a little tv in a Preston hotel room and then get very, very drunk, and thought I'd show you the excessive amounts of makeup I am taking with me.

This is my make-up bag, it's from Benefit and is nice and see through. I like to see my products.

Here's a little overview of the contents. It's like a tardis or something!

Face stuff: Benefit Powder Time Lover, Elf Blushing Rose (I think!), Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Rodial Glamtox Eye Light Pen, MAC Studio Fix Concealer, Elf HD Powder, 17 Primer, Garnier Roll-on Concealer, Benefit IT Stick, Revlon Colorstay. 

Yes, I need 5 concealers. lol.

Eye Stuff: Sleek Sparkle Palette, MUA Eye Shadow - Shade 13, Benefit Eye Shadow - Bossy, MAC Palette, Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Vanilla Pigment, L'Oreal Super Liner, MAC Haute and Naughty Lash, GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner - Black Ink

Lips: Barry M Lip Paint - 145, Barry M Lip Paint - 121, Blistex Lip Massage, 17 Mirror Shine - Hollywood, Revlon Just Bitten - Twilight?, Sleek Lip Liner - Currant, Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub.

And there we have it, far too much stuff for one night but I couldn't decide whether I wanted lipstick or eye shadow to be the focus so had to bring a selection of both :)

If anyone would like a review on any of the things mentioned above just let me know and i'll get on it!


Be still, my beating heart...


How had I forgotten about you? Amazing.

Galibardy is a jewellery website that sells really unique and quirky pieces. If you're looking for something that no one else has, go here! The prices are really reasonable and shipping is only £2.50 in the UK! They also offer some handmade jewellery in the Boutique section that is a little pricier but I guess for a special occasion the pricing isn't too bad at all!

I was just browsing the website and thought I'd share my favourite bits with you, will definitely be making an order when I get paid!

There we go! Ringtastic. I love rings.

Go check out the website and let me know if you like anything!