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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Etsy Finds: Rings made out of spoons?

Just stumbled upon this Etsy seller that sells rings made out of old silver spoons! How cool!

Revisions Design Studio sells unique handmade creations for you and your home, all sorts of bits 'n' bobs - mirrors, candle holders, hairgrips and the spoon rings that caught my eye.

The spoon rings are custom created for you, so they will be the perfect size and style. Each ring purchased also includes a free care and cleaning kit to make sure it stays looking great forever!

Here are some of my favourite designs:

Revision Design Studios are an American company but do offer international shipping for a very reasonable price - just under £4 to the EU!

I think I will definitely be placing an order for one of these in the future, I love unique jewellery and you won't find one of these beauts in Primark will you?

What do you think?


The Quest for Beachy Hair: Charles Worthington Front Row Rough & Tousled Salt Spray

The quest for beachy hair continues, as the sun is out today I have been reminded of my love of surfy waves and messy curls and the 'just walked out of the sea' look that is unachievable living in the Midlands!

I have loads of these salt sprays and I couldn't resist this one when it was in a half price sale set at Christmas. I've tried it a few times before so thought I'd do a review for you all.

It retails for £6.29 and you can buy it from Boots.

What They Say:

Create that tousled beach look all year round with this unique sea salt spray, specially created to add power and lift to your hair while bringing out your natural waves and curls.
This clever sea salt hair spray is also a perfect way to create a modern matte finish when you’re done styling your locks. The more you use, the better the results. So whether you want a look that makes a big splash, or just causes gentle ripples, use the power of the sea to get the results you’re looking for on damp hair - concentrating on the ends - or on dry hair to restyle. 

How I used it:

I towel dried my hair and then sprayed it liberally through the ends of my hair, I got a bit carried away and probably sprayed too much but never mind! I then blowdried my hair with the diffuser attachment on my hair dryer using a high heat and medium speed. While I was drying it I scrunched sections to help the waves form.

What I Thought:
  • It has quite a nice fresh scent
  • The spray is a fine mist which makes it easy to cover your hair 
  • The bottle is the ideal shape to fit in your hand, not too wide like some bottles can be
  • While scrunching the product in it doesn't feel sticky or like there is something in my hair
  • It gives a matte finish when your hair is dry, bordering on frizzy - I don't mind a bit of frizz though!
  • It's really volumising, my hair is huge!
  • It's given me nice waves throughout all of my hair

Overall I think it's done it's job, my hair is wavy, matte and messy and it doesn't feel like it's got loads of product in. It doesn't feel like it's got any product in actually - always a bonus! Another bonus is all the volume that it's given my hair! 

Would I Repurchase?

Check out my other posts in the quest for perfect (or not so perfect) beachy waves this summer here :)


For the love of: Mustard!

I love mustard. and ochre for that matter. not lemon though, no. Darker shades of yellow just do it for me, I have always been a fan, I think it's because mustard is one of those classically cool shades like claret or navy that just fit my style. You don't see much mustard and I think it's often overlooked, when I was 15 I had a mustard coloured coat - I loved that coat! If it still fit me now I would be rocking it whenever the sun wasn't shining - I got mocked at school for that coat. They were clearly just jealous.

The reason for this post is my yearning for mustard has returned full force, I really want a mustard cardigan. And that mustardy midi skirt from Dorothy Perkins. I wouldn't say no to a pair of mustard shoes either.

Rounded up a selection of mustard lovelies for you to have a peak at:


Is anyone else a fan of mustard?


Recent Faves

This post is not going to be about what you think it is.

I'm forever bookmarking things when I find something interesting online; then I forget about them. I thought I would do one of these posts every once in a while to show what my recent favourites have been, these could vary from shops, songs, blogs, news articles - anything really! I hope this will be interesting to read, it will certainly remind me to revisit the sites that I've bookmarked!

1. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (1st Movement) - I have loved this piece of music for ages and finally found out what it was the other day!

2. Harry Potter Pencils. Pencils wrapped with pages from the book! How cool!

3. The A-England website. A-England are a nail varnish company that are 3 free and don't test on animals. I favourited them because they have a collection with polishes named after the legend of King Arthur. I am loving the look of Tristam (£9). 

4. This Elephant Ring from Thirteen Jewellery.

5. The new Beauty Fashion Lifestyle forum. I'm paperbacks&postcards over there, definitely join if you're a blogger or even if you just enjoy chatting about make up and the like

Let me know if you like this kind of post and i'll definitely do some more :)


NOTW: Glitter Gradient

Base: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
Glitter: Model's Own Juicy Jules


Top 5: Peacocks

I went shopping this morning and popped into Peacocks with my mum to look at the baby things (she's pregnant, we're not just weird baby things stalkers, although they are so cute and small...) and while we were in there I had a browse at the clothes. I always forget about Peacocks. But to my surprise they had loads of pretty things in and a 30% off dealio on some items - win! I am on a spending ban though so no purchases for me, although I've got my eye lots of stuff for pay day!

I really want the denim dress! It's so cute!

Peacocks are offering standard delivery for £1 at the moment too! 

Are any of you Peacocks fans?


Top 10 Lipsticks

Top 10 Lipsticks

I am a lipstick girl at heart, I never used to wear eyeshadow at all until I started blogging but I have always worn lipstick. Red lipstick in particular. Here are my top 10 favourites from my collection (in no particular order):

17 Mirror Shine On - Peace17 Mirror Shine On - Peace - Swatch
17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in Peace (I reviewed this here)

MAC Venomous Villains - Toxic TaleMAC Venomous Villains - Toxic Tale - Swatch
MAC Toxic Tale (Venomous Villains Collection)

Barry M Touch of Magic Lip PaintBarry M Touch of Magic Lip Paint - Swatch
Barry M Touch of Magic Lip Paint (I had to lick my hand to get a swatch of this!) 

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick - Pink Power17 Lasting Fix Lipstick - Pink Power - Swatch
17 Lasting Fix Lipstick - Pink Power

YSL Rouge Pur - 140 Purple VelvetYSL Rouge Pur - 140 Purple Velvet - Swatch
YSL Rouge Pur - 140 Purple Velvet

Barry M Lip Paint - 52 Shocking PinkBarry M Lip Paint - 52 Shocking Pink - Swatch
Barry M Lip Paint - 52 Shocking Pink

Stila Shine Lip Colour - CharlotteStila Shine Lip Colour - Charlotte - Swatch
Stila Shine Lip Colour - Charlotte

Barry M Lip Paint - 121 - Pillar Box RedBarry M Lip Paint - 121 - Pillar Box Red - Swatch
Barry M Lip Paint - 121 Pillar Box Red

MAC - Ruby WooMAC - Ruby Woo - Swatch
MAC Ruby Woo

Chanel Rouge Coco - 22 ParisChanel Rouge Coco - 22 Paris - Swatch
Chanel Rouge Coco - 22 Paris (Mentioned here)

There we go! Pretty similar colours actually but they all wear differently. 

If you would like reviews/fotd's with any of them please let me know, not that I need an excuse to play with them :)


NOTW: Alternate Blues

The lighter shade is Barry M - Pure Turquoise and the darker shade is Barry M - Cyan Blue


By Jaymie Jewellery :)

Last week I was browsing Jaymie's blog when I saw that she'd posted about some new rings in her Etsy shop. They were so pretty that I just had to buy one for my mum, it arrived a few days later and it's perfect! My mum is gonna love it!

How pretty is her business card!

The rings are all handmade by Jaymie and have real gemstones on them making them totally unique. I love this purple quartz one because of the gold overlay type thing that's going on on top of the purple! The rings are also adjustable and silver plated.

Definitely check out Jaymie's shop if you're after some unique jewellery, she also has some hair clips, jewellery, and some of her amazing illustrations for sale. I love the panda!

Check out her blog too, she posts lovely things and amazing illustrated outfit posts.


Review: Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners 1

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners 2

These are amazing. 

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners are long lasting liquid liners that have a felt tip to make it easier to draw lines. They come in 4 shades: Black, Purple, Blue and Teal. They retail for £2.99 each from Boots and Superdrug (But I can't find them on either website!).

What Collection 2000 Say

- Be bold, bright and beautiful! The fast-drying versatile felt tipped pens give your makeup look an instant burst of colour.
- Easy-to-apply felt tip nib for all day long lustrous looking eyes
- Set trends with four intense, high powered hues including purple, blue, teal and black
- For a totally on trend look try the teal Liner and purple Extreme Mascara

What I Thought

- They are really easy to apply, they don't drag along your eyelid like some felt tip liners do.
- They're all really highly pigmented and the tip is saturated with product so you don't have to work to hard to get a precise line
- They do last all day! & into the next day! They're really hard to remove actually.
- The black is the only one that removes easily. The black is also not as pigmented as the others and has a bit of a green tinge to it.
- I think the range of colours is great.
- The price is great too, £2.99 each.
- They last ages without drying out, I've had the black one for months and the quality of it hasn't changed.

Would I repurchase?


Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners - Black 2Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners - Black 1

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners - Blue 2Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners - Blue 1

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners - Purple 2Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners - Purple 1

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners - Teal 2Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners - Teal 1

Evidence of not being able to remove them!
Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liners

Have you tried these liners? What are your favourite liquid liners?