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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Folksy Finds: Anna Wand

I thought I’d feature something a bit different on this week’s Folksy Finds, some lovely illustrations. I love illustrations, especially ones of pretty girls (perv!) so when I came across Anna’s work I just had to share it with you. It’s bloody amazing! I love all the different characters that she’s created, in particular the clown/circus girls.
These are available to buy here: http://www.folksy.com/shops/AnnaWand
Circus Girl Postcard - £4
clowngirlfolksy - anna wand
witchfolksy-anna wand

I think the witch is my favourite. I love the background and how it’s all drippy. Love the colours used too. I need some of these in my life. They all seem so magical and like they each have a story to tell. Think I’d like to frame a few and stick them all together on a wall – the wall of pretty ladies…

What do you think? Are you a fan of illustrations?

Longchamp Le Pliage?

I do not understand why these bags are so popular? Am I missing something? Looks like something my mum carries her shopping home from Sainsburys in...

If you're a fan, do enlighten me.

Blog of Note!

Just found out that I'm Blogger's Blog of Note today! So excited!

So I'd like to say thank you to the powers that be and also to all of you - the people that read my blog and always leave me comments! It really does make my day whenever I see a new face in my followers box or a new comment on one of my posts!

Welcome to the new people too : ) Don't forget to say hello!



Review: Lumenesse High Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

I received a sample of both the shampoo and conditioner in my Latest In Beauty monthly box the other day. I was originally going to save this for weekends away but I'm not loving the shampoo that I'm using at the momento so thought I'd give it a go.

I really liked it!

What They Say:
  • Maximize volume while locking in vibrant colour! This advanced technology formula with bodifiers and fortifying proteins gently cleanses hair with no stripping sulfates or salts and no parabens. Brightens colour and leaves hair full of healthy body and youthful resiliency.
  • This advanced body-building shampoo binds fortifying, age-defying peptides, proteins and weightless moisturizers to fine, limp hair to restore optimal condition.
  • Leaves hair with a mega-dose of body, healthy vitality and radiant shine.

  • Pump up thickness and volume instantly! This lightweight body building conditioner with fortifying proteins deeply strengthens fine, limp hair and intensifies colour radiance. Makes hair look thicker and fuller with silky texture and healthy, youthful vitality.
  • Five potent anti-aging colour protecting peptides ensure deep conditioning to visibly brighten dry, colour treated hair.
  • Strengthens and smoothes hair's texture, and closes the cuticle for brilliant shine and ultra-silky condition.

What I Thought:
  • It smells nice. Like pomegranate - really nice and fresh :)
  • I only had a small sample so didn't think I had enough shampoo to really clean my hair properly but once my hair was dry it felt fine. So you don't need to use a lot of product.
  • The conditioner made my hair feel lovely and soft when I was rinsing it off.
  • It wasn't drying to my scalp or anything.
  • The best thing about this shampoo and conditioner was that it did actually give my hair volume! I have curly hair so it's quite big anyway but normally the curls weigh it down when it's just been washed. 

This is what my hair looked like after blow drying, no other products were used:

Look at the size of it! Amazing! It's not normally that volumised at the roots!

Would I Repurchase?

Yes I would! 

It's a bit pricey at £18 for 350ml but I think it's worth it really! Maybe for a special treat or something. 

You can also buy it in a boxset for £29 from Living Beauty which includes the shampoo, conditioner and sculpting lotion. Might ask for this for my birthday!

Have you tried Lumenesse? I hadn't heard of it until I saw it on the Latest in Beauty website!


NOTW: Models Own Purple Grey

Excuse the rubbish paint job - one day I will remember to clean up before I take the pic!

I bought this ages ago and this is the first time I've used it. I love it! It'll be great for winter - one of those murky, grungy nail polishes that never leave my nails. 


This is a nail varnish that I will pay over £10 for.

OPI Rainbow Connection from The Muppets Collection.

Need I say more?

Review: MAC Haute & Naughty Lash



I thought I’d do a review on a mascara that I actually like after last week’s less than favourable review of this mascara.

I got this mascara a few months ago now, when MAC were giving it away for free with any orders made from the website. I was crafty and got 2 and gave one to my mum for her birthday!

What They Say:
A two-in-one mascara that lets you choose if you want lashes to be naturally defined, or instantly combed and loaded for full-on drama. Easy to use dual-wiper system allows this lightweight formula to go on either way. One wiper refines the application for a clean sweep, while the other loads the lashes for greater impact.

What I Think:
-I love it. I like that there are two options with the mascara. I prefer the more natural wand for daytime and the dramatic one for when I’m going out.
-The natural wand is really good for separating the lashes and adding length. It’s also great for bottom lashes.
-The more dramatic wand that has more product on it is really good for volumising lashes and I find that using this after the more natural one really makes my lashes look long and thick.
-The wand isn’t too big either. As my lashes are quite short I have difficulty using a mascara with a big brush, I’m talking about you Bad Gal.
-I like the formula,  it’s not too wet but it’s not dry at all. Just the right consistency.

The Pink Wand (The more natural one)
MAC Haute n Naughty purple MAC Haute n Naughty purple 3

The Glittery Wand (More dramatic)
MAC Haute n Naughty purple glitter MAC Haute n Naughty purple glitter 2

Look at that! Bloody amazing! My eyelashes have never looked that long! Love it!

Here is a pic comparing this mascara to the Rimmel one from this post. Rimmel on the left, MAC on the right. I think we have a winner.
MAC vs Rimmel


Would I repurchase it?

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash retails for £17.50 and is available here, or in MAC Stores or counters.


I don't like loafers.


Actually, I quite like the loafers with heels like this:

But the flat ones? No. Just no. They're ugly. Old men wear them to Working Men's Clubs. Old women wear them to work. The ones with the chains across the front remind me of 90s school shoes. 

You will never find me in a pair of loafers.
Even the name sounds horrible.


Top 5: H&M (again!)

I am loving all the autumn/winter stuff that H&M have got in at the momento! I would like this whole outfit please. Also gonna be using polyvore to do these Top 5 posts nowadays - so much easier!

Top 5: H&M

H M printed tank top
£7.99 - hm.com

H M flared skirt
£20 - hm.com

H&m shoes
£15 - hm.com

H M leather shoulder bag
£30 - hm.com

H M feather hat
£13 - hm.com


Review: Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast

I got this lip balm free from Blistex for ‘Liking’ their Facebook page! Win. I love Blistex and use the Relief Cream every day on my lips so was looking forward to receiving this!

Blistex raspberry lemonade blast

What They Say:

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast moisturizes, protects and refreshes lips with a tantalizing fruit blend.

Super-Smooth Moisturization: Raspberry Lemonade Blast is fortified with anti-oxidant vitamins C & E and rich moisturizers to quench your lips. It's a smooth-gliding balm that leaves lips feeling protected and totally juicy.
Refreshing Flavor Sensation: Raspberry Lemonade Blast is a mouthwatering combination of two tasty fruit flavors. Luscious raspberries and sweet lemonade deliver an explosion of flavor. It's as delicious as it is effective.

(I stole this info from the US website as there is nothing about it on the UK one!)

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast (2)

What I Thought:
  • I love the scent/flavour of this. It’s amazing! Really fruity and nice. It reminds of the Asda Raspberry Lemonade that I used to drink at uni…
  • I like that it’s a twist up tube jobby, perfect for applying on the go.
  • It’s also clear which is good for applying without a mirror.
  • It lasts for ages on the lips.
  • The flavour lasts as well, even after muchos lip licking…
  • It feels really moisturising and smooth.
  • I imagine it would be great under lipsticks too.

Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast (3)

Would I repurchase?
YES! I love it. I’m going to keep it by my side at all times. Yep.

Not sure whether this is available to buy yet but I imagine it will be available in Boots/Superdrug and probably won’t cost more than a fiver.

Did you receive one of these lip balms for liking the Facebook page? Do you like it as much as I do?


River Island Shoes

Holy moly! Have you seen River Island’s shoes lately? They have an amazing selection of snazzy shoes in at the mo!

Thought I’d show you my favourite pairs from the website because everyone loves a bit of shoe porn don’t they?


Aren’t they beauts?

Are you a fan of River Island’s footwear?


Turquoise-y Day Look

I got some new eyeshadows at the weekend so thought I’d have a play with them and see what I could come up with.


026 027



I quite like it. I think the colours are sheer enough to definitely get away with them for daytime! I used MAC Shimmermoss all over the lid, MAC Plumage in the crease/outer corner and MAC Vanilla pigment in the inner corner. Mascara is also MAC, the Haute and Naughty one.


Shimmermoss is a beaut! A greeny turquoise with green and gold shimmer running through it. Lovely. Plumage is one of my faves, a deep peacocky green shade that looks almost black. Vanilla is also a favourite of mine, it’s so multi-functional. Love it.


Review: Rimmel Glam’eyes Mascara


I hate this mascara. There we go. Review done.


Let’s go into a bit more detail.

What They Say:

Glam’eyes delivers ultimate lash seduction thanks to its unique Volumflex brush. Coloured powder-pink for sexy boudoir glamour, its supple bristles are ultra-fine for sleekly groomed lash definition. Glam'eyes mascara wraps each lash with the creamy lash-building formula for lashes that appear styled with up to 10 x more volume and an 80% longer look.

What I Thought:

So, this is supposed to be a volumising and lengthening mascara? I don’t think it does either of those things.

I think it’s the brush. The little rubber bits are too short and far apart to do anything to my lashes. My lashes are fairly sparse and short but I don’t have this problem with other mascaras.

The formula is really wet too. If it was a little thicker perhaps it might perform better.

It was ok on my bottom lashes though!

Here are some pics of my lashes after using the mascara:
010 011
See? Hardly any length or volume! Granted I could have put a few more layers on but I normally only wear one coat of mascara.

Would I Repurchase?
Definitely not!

Glam’eyes mascara costs £7.19 and is available from Boots & Superdrug etc. if you want to check it out!

Have you tried this mascara? Did it do anything for your lashes?


Folksy Finds: Tea Please

Folksy is my new found lover from another mother. Similarly to Etsy, Folksy is a site that champions handmade items and allows all those crafty people to sell their wares. Folksy is also UK based which makes it much more convenient for me as shipping times aren’t as long as ordering from Etsy which is US based.

I thought I would show you some pieces from a shop that I found this morning and love!

Tea Please are an indie company from London that specialise in unique, kitsch jewellery. Perfect for people that are looking for something a little bit different.

pigeons are cute
i dont like mondays
I love the cute slogans on all of these pieces, definitely my kind of jewellery!

Tea Please also have a website: http://www.teaplease.co.uk/
Where there are more items listed, including this necklace which I love as The Kills are my new favourite band!


Definitely go and check out their Folksy or website as their jewellery really is unique and it would make ideal presents for people :)

Are you a fan of Folksy?


Lipstick Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Sleek Lipstick is Helen from: Half the world away!

NOTW: Eyeko Vampira Polish

Eyeko Vampira Polish

I love this nail polish. It’s black with red glitter! I applied one coat over a dark red polish that I already had on and I love the way the red glitter catches the light.

Available on the Eyeko website for £5


Sleek Week: Bad Girl Palette Look

I think the Bad Girl palette was originally a limited edition one released around Christmas time 2010? I remember really wanting it and it being sold out everywhere! But now it’s in the permanent line, I’ve seen it in various Superdrug stores and it’s available on the Sleek MakeUP website. The palette is full of dark shades perfect for smoky eyes, and smoky eyes are my favourite. The shadows are all highly pigmented and are a mixture of shimmers and mattes.

Top Row: Innocence|Gullible|Blade|Gun Metal|Underground|Noir
Bottom Row: Intoxicated|Envy|Obnoxious|Abyss|Twilight|Rebel

I love this palette! It’s definitely my favourite of the Sleek palettes that I own, I love dark smudgy looks and this palette has got everything that you need! My favourite shades are Twilight, Rebel, Obnoxious and Gullible.
Here’s what I created:

I used shades that I don’t normally use in this look, normally I’m all about the purple… I used Gun Metal all over the lid and then smoked it out with Abyss in the crease. This look is more shimmery and metallic than I usually wear, I kinda like it. I especially like the blue glow that Abyss creates when used in the crease. Lovely.
The Sleek MakeUP Bad Girl palette retails for £6.49, Have you tried it?


Sleek Week: Blush

I only have two Sleek MakeUP blushes at the momento but hope to pick up the infamous Rose Gold soon! I love the two that I have though, they’re so pigmented and easy to blend that I find myself wearing them all the time! They only cost £4.30 too! Bargainous!
The first blush that I acquired was in the shade Coral. I really like this, it’s a muted coral that looks a bit reddy in pan, but is lovely and bright on my cheeks.
The other blush that I have is in the shade Santorini. Now, this is the brightest blush I think I’ve ever seen, I have to be very careful with it as I tend to over-blusher on a daily basis. It is an almost neon pink, and I imagine it would look stunning on darker skin tones than mine. This shade is ridiculously pigmented too, one of my most pigmented blushes I think!
Sleek MakeUP Santorini Blush unblended
This is what it looks like unblended, to be honest I quite like it lol!
Sleek MakeUP Santorini Blush blended
And here it is blended out, much more wearable : )

Do you own any Sleek MakeUP blushes?
Are you a fan? 
Check out the rest of my Sleek Week series here


Sleek Week: Storm Palette Look

The Storm palette is probably Sleek’s most famous eye shadow palette. This is because of the great range of shades that there are, it’s perfect for neutral day looks and smoky night time looks. I’d definitely recommend checking this one out if you’re a Sleek virgin, it won’t disappoint! All of the shadows are amazingly pigmented and have a lovely buttery texture, there are also a range of shimmery and matte shades. The price is amazing too, only £6.49 for 12 mineral-based shadows, a massive mirror and a dual ended applicator. Bargain.
As far as I’m aware Sleek haven’t named the shades in the Storm palette.
My favourite shadows are the 2nd one from the left on the top row – a lovely pale shimmery champagne colour and the 4th one from the left on the bottom row – a deep silvery blue shade.
For this look I used the 3rd shade along on the top row – a matte beige colour, all over the lid as a base. Then I put the last shade on the top row – a reddish shimmery brown colour, into the crease and blended this out. I used the shade next to this – a light shimmery pink, all over the lid and blended it with the crease shade. I then took the champagney colour and patted it on top of the lid to make the look even more shimmery.
I think this look would be great for work as it’s neutral but not boring and the shimmer has a bit of a face brightening property and would make you look more awake in the mornings!
What do you think? Do you own the Sleek Storm Palette? How do you use it?


Sleek Week: True Colour Lipsticks & GIVEAWAY!

Today’s post is going to be about the newly relaunched True Colour Lipsticks. There are 20 shades of these lipsticks and they are available in two finishes; sheen and matte. For me this is an important development in drugstore make up, offering a choice of finishes really puts Sleek at the top of it’s game; I prefer lipsticks with a matte finish and it’s rare to find these in the drugstore. These lipsticks are amazingly pigmented (much like everything else Sleek produce, actually) and apply like a dream, even the matte shades that are normally a nightmare. The sheen finish lipsticks just glide on and have a lovely finish, nice and shiny but still very pigmented. They feel moisturising on the lips and I assume this is because they are enriched with Vitamin E, even the normally drying matte shades.
True Colour Lipsticks retail for £4 and are available from the Sleek MakeUP website and Superdrug stores.
Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Mystic
Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Mystic 1
It’s brighter than this in real life, will replace this picture when lighting is better!
Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Mulberry
Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Mulberry 1
This one is not quite opaque as you can see, but I kind of like that look!
Sleek True Colour Lipstick - OMG
Sleek True Colour OMG
I apologise for the close-up! I love this red! It’s so shiny and is such a good shade!
Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Papaya Punch
Sleek True Colour Papaya Punch
This is my favourite True Colour lipstick. I love corals and this stays put for ages!
I think that these lipsticks are definitely worth trying out, they’re affordable, great quality and there are lots of shades.
Now as a special treat I have one of these lipsticks in my favourite shade ‘Papaya Punch’ to give away!
I won one as a prize and as I already own it I thought I’d give it away to one of you : )
Just leave me a comment below with your favourite lipstick (It can be any brand…) and a way for me to contact you if you win.
This will run until 23.59BST Sunday 14th August
International entries welcome : )
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