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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



So, there is going to be a Christmas blogger meet in London at the end of November! I am most definitely going and I think that some of you should join me, yes.

Here are the details from the lovely Emma's blog (if you would like to come just email her):

Saturday 19th November from 1pm. Even though it is a Christmas meet, it's not too near Christmas overlap with family and any travelling.
We have an area book in the Warwick Pub 1-3 Warwick Street, London, W1B 5LR 020 7734 4409 in the Regent Street area between 1pm and 4pm. We will have a meet and greet and there is no set plan so bloggers are free to discuss anything. It's great to talk face to face and also discover new blog's. The Warwick also serve food from meals to snacks so you won't have to leave the meet, and last time some bloggers very kindly made cupcakes if anyone would like to make some again.
The nearest Tube Station is Piccadilly Station. There are no planned closures on the Piccadilly or Central Line, but some of the others have part planned closures. Please click here, to plan your journey and make sure the closures don't affect your journey.

As the pub is in a great location there is a variety of things that you can do after 4pm. There's lots of different things so there will be something to suit everyone.
The Warwick - At 5 pm the pub turns in to a club and they are more than happy for any bloggers who wish to stay to have their own private booth. (Just a note) If you do leave and go back to the Warwick at 5:00pm you will have to pay £5 entrance fee and will be asked for ID.
Shopping - The Warwick is based just around the back of Mango, just off Regent Street, so it's close to all the shops if you wanted to go see displays and go shopping!
Winter Wonderland - The 19th November is the first day that Winter Wonderland is open at Hyde Park, and a great way to get in the Christmas sprit. It's free to walk around the stalls that there are loads of places to eat.
There is also Ice Skating £13.50, Zippos Christmas Circus £9.50, Zippos Cirque Extreme £9.50 and The Giant Wheel £8 - best to book in advance! There are also lots of rides that start from £2 and tokens can be bought on the day.

From The Warwick we can get the Piccadilly Line a few stops to Hyde Park Corner and then a 1 minute walk.
Anyone is welcome to the blogger meet, you don't have to be from the London area. Please let me know byTuesday 1st November. This is the cut off point so I have a final count and can let sponsors know. That also gives you enough time if you need to cancel, as places will fill up quickly and other bloggers may want to attend instead. I will do a blog post on 2nd November with everyone that is attending :) Please email me at: the-daisychain@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like to attend.

I hope you can all  make it, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new people. Of course, there is another hash tag #ldnxmasbloggermeet for Twitter. Spread the Christmas Blogger Cheer!

Doesn't it sound like fun? Some of you lot should definitely come with! 


NOTW: Blue

010  014



Review: Garnier Pure Oil Control Exfo-Brusher Wash

I bought this product last weekend and have been trying it out for the past week. I hate it.
What They Say:
  • Garnier Pure Oil Control Exfo-Brusher Wash has a dual action cleansing brush combined with a purifying gel formula.
    • It gently yet deeply cleanses to help reduce excess oil and protect against blackheads.
    • The Oil Control Exfo-Brusher Wash is part of the Garnier Pure range, developed to help reduce shine.
  • Oil Control
    • Garnier Pure Exfo-Brusher Wash Oil Control revolutionises your daily cleansing routine. Designed to meet the needs of oily skin with imperfections, it removes excess sebum, clears blackheads and helps protect against their reappearance for 2 weeks
  • It’s secret?
    • The combination of soft cleansing ridges and exfoliating bristles with an ultra-purifying formula. Enriched with anti-bacterial Salicylic Acid and Himalayan Crystals, known for their exfoliating properties and rich in 70 minerals. It cleanses oily zones of the skin and provides a lasting purifying action.
How to Use:
    1. Wet face.
    2 To open, turn the brusher’s head 180 degrees.
    3. Wet the brush and hold it upside down. Squeeze the bottle until the product comes out.
    4. Turn the brusher’s head 180 degrees to the closed position.
    5. Apply on wet face in circular motions with the exfoliating bristles to target blackheads. Focus on areas which are difficult to clean.
    6. Make sideways and vertical motions with the cleansing ridges to efficiently remove excess sebum.
    7. Rinse your face thoroughly and clean the brusher under the tap. For optimum usage, close the brusher after each use.
    8. Avoid eye contour area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately. This product is not recommended for dry and sensitive skin.
What I Thought:
  • The size of the bottle is too big to hold. This makes it difficult to cleanse your whole face.
  • The shape of the bottle is quite awkward, a more ergonomic shape would have helped with grip and therefore helped with the size of the thing!
  • Hardly any product comes out when I turn the head. All that comes out is bubbles? So I squeeze more and more hoping to see some actual gel or something but no, always the bubbles! I don’t have a problem with bubbles normally but in my cleanser, yes.
  • Squeezing product out of the bottle is really difficult too, I have to use both hands to get enough out to cleanse my entire face and neck.
  • Because you have to wet the brusher head before squeezing it the bottle becomes really wet and thus even more difficult to hold, when the cleanser (bubbles) get involved too it’s a nightmare!
Would I Repurchase?
No, this product is not for me. I do like the Garnier Pure range though so I might consider purchasing a different cleanser without the odd shaped bottle!

If you would like to try this cleanser it is available from Boots/Superdrug/Supermarkets and it is on offer in a few places at the moment too. It normally retails for about £7.
Have you tried the Garnier Pure Oil Control Exfo-Brusher? How did you get on with it?



I saw this on the lovely Helen's blog and thought it looked like fun. I'm easily pleased.


P.S. This so reminds me of the myspace days, here is a picture of me from those days so you can get the full effect:
Look at blonde 17 year old me!

A. Age: 22
B. Bed size: Double
C. Chore that you hate: I don't like hoovering.
D. Dogs: I have 2 - Smudge and Star. They are Jack Russells.
E. Essential start to your day: The snooze button.
F. Favorite color: Red or Green or Gold.
G. Gold or Silver: Gold
H. Height: 5'3"ish
I. Instruments you play: None. I had some guitar lessons back in the day though.
J. Job title: Teaching Assistant
K. Kids: None.
L. Live: Northamptonshire.
M. Mother’s name: Alison
N. Nicknames: Mum calls me Lucy or A.
O. Overnight hospital stays: None I don't think.
P. Pet peeves: Most things annoy me actually.
Q. Quote from a movie:'To infinity and beyond...'
R. Right or left handed: Right.
S. Siblings: 1 brother who is 19,a half-sister that is going to be born very soon! and 2 stepbrothers who are 9 and 11. I also had 2 other stepsiblings for a while...
T. Time you wake up: 7.15
U. Underwear: None :o
V. Vegetable you hate: I especially hate brocolli.
W. What makes you run late: Too much sitting, not enough action!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: I had one on my tooth once.
Y. Yummy food that you make: Chorizo and Chicken stir fry type dealio with patatas bravas. 
Z. Zoo animal: I love the monkeys. 

Here is another pic from the myspace days:

Very drunk at my friends 18th birthday. I was Minnie Mouse. I love English too if you believe the graffiti on my cheek!


Song of the Day: Anti-Flag cover The Clash...

I adore this song. I have loved Anti-Flag since I was about 15 and obviously everyone loves The Clash. Best of both worlds.

What has your song of the day been?


Recent Purchases

I went to Boots/Superdrug and spent far too much money.

But. All of the Prestige stuff was under £2 as they are all on clearance at the mo in Boots! Boots also have a 3 for 2 on so lots of savings made with those purchases. Felt a bit like an Extreme Couponer at the checkout  with my No7 vouchers as well!

The pigment is a Barry M Dazzle Dust in Petrol Black (or blue - can't remember it's name!)

Also sorry for the blurriness of some of the pics! Must remember to buy batteries for my camera so I don't have to use my iPhone cam all the time!

What have you been buying recently? Link me up to any haul type posts! I love reading those!


Face of the Day

                                                    Do excuse the facial expression!
Foundation: Max Factor Xperience in Light Ivory – 40
Blusher: Eyeko Fat Balm – Cherry
Eye Shadow: MAC Brule all over lid, MAC Club in the crease
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger Lipstick



NOTW: Revlon Facet’s of Fuchsia

I found that this polish looks even more spectacular when it is under water! You can see this in the above picture : )


It's Friday and I'm in Love

I'm not but you know. Can't beat a bit of The Cure can you? Nope.

It's the end of my first full week back at work, I had totally forgotten about how tired it makes me! Think the kids have already managed to infect me with their diseases too! Lovely.

This post is just to say thank you to all my new readers! Over 600 of you lovely lot now! Come and say hello if you haven't already!

I'm sorry that I haven't been replying to comments as much as I usually do lately, but being back at work really takes it out of me! Give me a couple of weeks to get back in routine and all will be good again! Replying to comments is at the top of my list of things to do at the weekend too so look out for my responses!

I'm thinking about making Fridays on my blog a guest post day, as with being back at work I really don't have time to blog every day like I did over summer. So, if you'd be interested in doing this fill in the form below and I'll decide whether enough people are interested to go ahead with the idea : )

Hope you all have a good weekend!



Moves Like Jagger.

Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera–Moves Like Jagger
I was completely inspired by this video the other day when I saw it before work. Christina’s makeup is amazing! Totally Twiggy inspired obv. and that is a look that I have wanted to try and recreate for a while now! Thought I’d give it a go last weekend when I had a bit of spare time. This is what I came up with!
Christina Aguilera Moves Like Jagger
Christina Aguilera Moves Like Jagger 2
Hope you like it! If anyone is interested in how I did it I took pictures of the different stages and could put a little tutorial type thing together for you? Let me know!


Review: Boots Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads

I bought these ages ago from the Boots at Birmingham New Street station when I was on the way up to Preston once and I’ve only just used them again since that time. They’re really good! They don’t smell horrible and they removed my nail polish easily.
What They Say:
  • Boots Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads give much needed nourishment whilst effectively removing nail polish.
  • 15 pads are enriched with lanolin and vitamin e.
  • Acetone free.
  • Removes nail polish quickly and with no fuss.
  • Contains Lanolin and Vitamin E to moisturise the nail.
  • USAGE TIP: Firstly wipe each nail with a single stroke of the pad. Then work back through each nail with a firm rubbing action to remove all traces of nail polish.
What I Thought:
  • They smell great! Not at all like nail polish remover. Like fruity children’s lipgloss I think.
  • They’re quite thin and the nail polish that you are removing does soak through the pad and onto your fingers.
  • They are really saturated with remover so removing polish is easy! (Haven’t tried them on the dreaded glitter polishes yet though!)
  • You only get 15 pads which isn’t that many especially when you need to use a couple to remove polish from all of your fingers
  • I wouldn’t say they left my nails feeling moisturised really but they definitely didn’t dry them out at all!
  • They don’t leave that awful smelling (and tasting) nail polish remover scent all over your hands after you’ve used them!
Would I repurchase:
Yes! They are the only nail polish remover pads that I’ve ever used that smell good! They also did a good job of removing the polish from my nails.

You can buy these nail polish remover pads from Boots for £1.50
Have you tried these? What is your favourite nail polish remover?


News Flash!

I've done a guest post over on Charlotte's blog today! How exciting!

Please go check it out!


Also follow Charlotte if you're not already she's a great blogger :)

Review: Pantene Pro-V Clarifying Shampoo

My hair has not been my friend lately. It’s been getting greasy after one wash, being really lank and thin looking and also super tangly! I thought it was probably the shampoo and conditioner that I was using that was causing the problems but I’d been using it for about a year and had never had a problem with it before, then I remembered this post (which is 2 years old!) by Zoe aka Zoella about product build up! So that was the problem that I’ve been having! I popped to Boots in search of the shampoo mentioned in Zoe’s post but couldn’t find it! I did however find this one by Pantene. I’d never heard anything about this shampoo before and I found it hiding amongst the other Pantene shampoos, which all seem to have the same colour scheme! Tres confusing.
What They Say:
  • The Clarifying Shampoo features a high level of cleaning actives without any silicones.
  • It invigorates the length of your hair by removing grease and everyday build-up like residues from daily styling products.
  • DO YOU HAVE: great hair that suffers from everyday build up and styling residues?
  • AND YOU WANT: incredibly clean and healthy looking hair?
  • Then Pantene Clarifying Shampoo is for you. A cleansing formula, Pantene Pro-V Clarifying shampoo invigorates your hair from root to tip by removing grease and everyday build up (i.e. styling residues) to leave hair beautifully clean and healthy looking.
  • Directions: Lather, rinse. Repeat if required.
What I Thought:
  • It smells great! Nothing too offensive just a nice clean smell.
  • It does remove build up, my hair has been back to it’s usual self since using this!
  • It makes my hair really shiny and soft!
  • I think it makes my styling products work better than they did before!
  • I think I’m going to continue using this a few times a week, alternating with my other shampoo so my hair doesn’t get too used to it! Does hair do that?
  • You also get a lot of product! 500ml. For under a fiver!
Would I repurchase?
Definitely! I think I will rely on this from now on when my hair gets built up with styling products! It has done magical things!

You can buy this shampoo from Boots for £4.17 and I’m sure it’s available in Superdrug and the Supermarkets too!
Does your hair suffer with build up? Have you tried this or any other clarifying shampoo?


Weekend Wishlist: NARS Edition

I love NARS. I love dark sparkly eyeshadow. So I feel that the NARS Night Series Mini Palette has been made for me.

This is a limited edition palette that includes 6 of the ‘Night’ eyeshadows: Night Star, Night Clubbing, Night Porter, Night Rider, Night Flight and Night Breed and they all look beautiful! I am particularly lusting after Night Clubbing, a black with gold pearls!

The palette costs £37 and is available from the NARS website.


What do you think? Have you tried NARS Cosmetics?


Green and Gold Eyes

I felt like experimenting today when I got home from work! So I whipped out my eyeshadows and created this:

I used:

 Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense - 05

The gold from the Sleek Storm palette

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner - Baked

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner - Zero

Hope you like it!


First Impressions: Garnier Pure Daily Treatment Moisturiser

I picked this up from Wilkinson’s at the weekend in the half-price reductions aisle for a mere £2.26. I’ve been after a new moisturiser for a while now, I haven’t been using one lately as I couldn’t find one that I liked, then I remembered my love of this Boots moisturiser which is for oily skin and worked really well for me. So when I saw this on the shelf I thought it might be similar and it was cheaper than the Boots one so in the basket it went.
This is what it claims (the box has a lot of information on it!):
  • Helps clear imperfections
  • Refines skin texture
  • Tightens pores
  • 24 Hour hydrating action
  • Anti-shine
  • Anti-imperfections
  • It’s a double action moisturiser, it helps to clear impurities on the skin while also keeping the skin hydrated.
  • It prevents imperfections from appearing
  • An excellent base for make-up
Some info on the Garnier Pure range:
  • The Pure range has been specially developed to help fight imperfections and excess sebum (oil!)
  • Active, natural ingredients such as Zinc which is known for it’s purifying properties, Salicylic Acid which is known for it’s exfoliating properties and Eucalyptus extract which soothes the skin.
Who is this product aimed at?
  • Combination/oily skin
  • If your skin is prone to hormonal/stress/pollution based break outs.
What I thought when I first tried it:
  • It has a scent, it’s not a bad scent but there definitely is one.
  • The texture is more of a gel type thing rather than the traditional moisturiser which is more of a cream.
  • You don’t need a lot of product to cover your whole face.
  • It feels refreshing and cooling on the skin.
  • It takes about 5 minutes to completely sink in.
  • Skin is mattified and feels smoother after it has sunk in.

I’m really impressed with it so far! Think I’m going to have to check out some of the other products in the Garnier Pure range.
I will also continue to use this for the rest of the month and will let you know the results!
Have you tried this moisturiser? Or any of the other products in the Garnier Pure range?

Shoes of the Week.


Recent Purchases

Garnier Nutrisse HerbaShine

Pantene Shampoo






I do apologise for the blurriness of some of these pics!

Went shopping at the weekend and picked up these things! If you would like a review on any of the products let me know!


Back to School.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work; I work at a school so have had the last 6 weeks off! I am so not looking forward to the early mornings again. Thought I’d show you the type of make-up that I wear to work pretty much every day – I switch the lip colour up though.




Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (on blemishes)

Collection 2000 Lasting Finish Concealer (under eyes)

Benefit Coralista Blush

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder


MAC Vanilla eye shadow (all over lid)

Natural Collection Milk Chocolate eye shadow (in the crease)

MAC Woodwinked eye shadow (along the lower lashline)

MAC Haute & Naughty mascara


Collection 2000 Cream Puff – Fairy Cakes



Been experimenting with my Sleek Monaco Palette again :) 

What do you think?