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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Face of the Day

I haven’t done a face of the day for time, but I was really pleased with this make up when I did it last week. Face of the last week doesn’t really have the same ring to it though does it?
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay – Ivory| Blush: Topshop – Head Over Heels|Eyes: MAC Blackberry e/s all over the lid & MAC Sketch e/s in the crease, MAC All That Glitters in the inner corner|Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black|Lips: 17 Mirror Shine – Beehive.
Also! I blowdried my hair straight(ish) for the first time in about 2 years!
What do you think?
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Blog Sale - Everything £1

I'd like to get rid of everything from the blog sale so I've reduced everything to £1

I'm going to the post office tomorrow too so I can post the things straight away!

Have a looksy: http://paperbacks-and-postcards.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-sale-mac-illamasqua-dermablend.html



Nail Polish Collection

I have a fair few nail polishes (well I did before I culled lots of them in my blog sale, there are still some remaining have a looksy here) and I thought I would show them to you. Back in the day I used to buy a new Barry M nail paint every time I went shopping so the majority of my collection is made up of those but I do have an assortment of brands.
This is not all of my collection but it is most of it, I know I have more No7 polishes somewhere!
I store my nail polish along the edges of my book shelves so that I can see each one and access them easily! I did try and take a picture of this but my books live in a dark corner so the lighting wasn’t very good for taking photographs.
Nail-Polish-Collection---Nails Inc
Nail Polish Collection - China Glaze
nail polish collection 019
nail polish collection 022
nail polish collection 027
nail polish collection 031
nail polish collection 034
nail polish collection 039
There we have it. Far too much nail polish. If you would like specific names and things let me know and I’ll pop them on – a bit daunted about naming them all as it will take forever!
If you would like to see nail of the week posts with any of them let me know too!
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We are the Mods, We are the Mods, We are, We are, We are the Mods

Mod style was all over the A/W catwalks and it’s a style that I really admire, one of my favourite films is Quadrophenia which is all about the Mods and Rockers in the 1960s. I think I love the mod style so much because it allows for a little bit of androgyny, girls can dress like boys. I love dressing like a boy (normally a trackie wearing chav though!). So, the mod trend is killing 2 birds with one stone for A/W 2011/12 as both  Androgyny and Sixties  are key styles.

I’ve put together the ultimate mod lookbook below and wish that I could own every piece and also look good in it! I don’t really have the right body shape for androgynous dressing (far too curvy) but a girl can dream…
Autumn Winter 2011 - Mod Trend

Are you a fan of the mod trend?

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The Sarenza Pure British Style Bloggers Competition

You might remember that a little while ago I posted my entry to the Sarenza Bloggers Competition that was on the theme Pure British Style.

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Bloggity Sale

Hi guys,

There are still a few bits left in my blogsale! I'm going to the Post Office tomorrow so anything you buy can be sent asap!


Make me an offer on any of the things as I just want to get rid really!


Happy Wednesday!

Today I am guest posting...

Today you can find me here: http://rayisgoodforyou.blogspot.com/2011/10/amys-ultimate-autumn-eye-shadow.html

Chatting away about eyeshadows (as usual!)

Go check it out!



Instant fancy dress outfit. If only I had a grand to blow on a dress!

What are you going to be for Halloween?


Guest Post: Finding Mr Bright by Jacky B

Hey everybody!
My name is Jacky and I live in Germany. I have a blog now for about half a year. When Amy asked if somebody wanted to write a guest post on her blog, I thought, why not?! Thanks Amy for letting me post on Paperback & Postcards!
So let’s get started. Today I want to introduce you to the first Benefit products I ever owned. As most of you probably know Benefit has some great sets where they put miniature products together and you basically get to try several of their products for approximately the price of one full size product.
The set I bought is this one:
It is called Finding Mr. Bright – Your brightening makeup MANual. The box is bright pink with neon-orange details. The dimensions are 13 x 8 cm. Not too big… I bought this set online at douglas.de and it was €29,95. I also checked the prices on the Benefit website for the US and UK. They are $36 and £28.50.
These are the products you get:
The inside of the set:
As I had never seen one of the Benefit sets in store, I could not imagine how big or small the products were going to be. So I thought it might help some of you to see their actual size. I took pictures of the individual products with a ruler by their side.
Let’s start with girl meets pearl:
This is basically a golden pink shimmer cream. You can use it as a highlight, over your foundation or just alone. I wouldn’t recommend the latter as this will add more shine than you would want. On special occasions I have used girl meets pearl basically as a primer. Putting foundation on top of it takes away most of the shine but leaves you with a nice glow.
Here’s a swatch:
The pictures were taken in different lightings so you can see the effect.
Next is posietint:
This is the product I was most excited for and the most disappointed. Posietint is a pink lip and cheek stain.
However, the colour does not appear on my cheeks. After many tries I gave up. I also used it on my lips but you have to use at least three layers to see it at all and it doesn’t colour the lips evenly but patchy. Take a look below at the swatch in the flash light and you’ll know what I mean.
As already said this was a huge disappointment. Although it looked not really nice I left it on my lips to see how long it would last. (I was at home, wouldn’t go out like that) I put it on in the morning and it lasted me through lunch until mid-afternoon. So staying power is great.
The last two products I use nearly every time I leave the house.
The first one is high beam:
High beam is a highlighter for your face. It comes with the same kind of brush as posietint, so it is really easy to apply. You basically put a swipe on your cheek bones, under your eye brows, or the bridge of your nose. Then blend it with your fingers and it gives you an instant glow. Don’t use too much or you will shine rather than glow! J
Here’s a swatch:
The last product in this set is the erase paste:
The original product comes in three different colours. In this set you get No.2 Medium. The erase paste is a concealer. It’s creamy and easy to apply. I only use it under my eyes and use my fingers to put it on.
This was my review of the Finding Mr. Bright set. Hope you liked it! If you want to, take a look at my blog, it is http://jacky-b-jacky.blogspot.com/ .You’ll find reviews, nails of the day and many more things.
See you around and take care!
Jacky B. ;-)


NOTW: Envy Me

with flash (obvs...)

with matte topcoat

I bought this nail polish a couple of weeks ago from H&M and I love it! It's the perfect forest green shade with micro-shimmers to make it a little more interesting. I'm not normally a fan of shimmery nails but I can handle this! I think it only cost about £2.99 too! Bargain. 

I have been wearing it matte for the last few days which I really like - I'm not normally a fan of matte nails either. But I think this shade really lends itself to being mattified.

Have you tried H&M nail polish?


Guest Post: Beauty for Those Who Can’t Beauty

This one's for the messy girls. You know who you are.
The girls who grew up thinking glamorous meant wearing matching socks and tucking your t-shirt into your elastic waist-band jeans.
The chiquitas who get smudges all over their nose whenever they try to apply mascara.
To all you ladies who roll out of bed approximately twenty minutes before class or work begins, despite your seventeen minute commute - this one's for you.
I'm bRob of Conversations between B and InterWebs, and these are my:
Beauty How-To's for the Lazy and the Clueless
Let's walk, step-by-step, through my morning routine.
After hitting snooze twelve times, rolling [read: falling] out of bed, running into a couple of walls on the way to the powder room, and groggily splashing some cool water on my eye-gunk encrusted face, I must make a pivotal decision: do I feel like showering this morning?
Truth: Probably not. Maybe I'm hitting the gym later [...I haven't given up on that New Years resolution], maybe I have lab-cleaning duty, maybe I'm feelin' like a slacker...
Either way, I've gotta knock this into shape, but how?
Dry Shampoo
Use: De-greasify your hair
Directions: Take the can and spray at the roots of your head from a few inches away. Make sure you get all of your hair, including the back.
After spraying, run your fingers through your hair, thoroughly rubbing in the shampoo.
Beginner's Tip: If you fail to rub it in thoroughly, you will have awkward white blotches all over your hair.
Why I recommend it: For those of us who have hair that gets all kindsa greasy and clumpy after about five hours, the fine powder does a good job of getting between the roots and separating the hairs, leaving your hair looking plumped, voluminous, and fresh [doesn't that sound saucy?].
For a fresh, degunkified face, give the face a good scrub with a facial cleanser suited for your skin type, and then apply a non-comedogenic [won't clog your pores] moisturizer. 
Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer
Use: Make your face less dry. And wrinkly.
Directions: Rub it on your face.
Beginner's Tip: Try not to get overzealous when unscrewing the cap to your lotion, because given the proximity of the bathroom mirror to the toilet, there's a chance you might accidentally toss it in the bowl [done it].
Why I recommend it: At the ripe old age of I'mNotThatOldYet, I have a boatload of crows' feet. As long as you're taking care of the dry skin, why not take some preventative measures?
As for my makeup routine...well, I barely have one. I like to keep it simple, and we're going to pretend that's merely because less is more, not also because I don't know how to make-up.
I don't spend any time on the foundation unless I 
a) I got out of bed early enough [that never happens]
b) acne is ravaging my face [always the start of a good week]
Instead, I focus on areas that could use a little pop by applying:
Use: Hide the juicier spots on your face.
Directions: I focus on the bags under the eye by dabbing and rubbing in with my finger.
Why I recommend it: There is no need for copious amounts of makeup to hide perfectly healthy and fresh-looking skin. Use concealer to hide the rougher patches...like puffy under-eye bags [got 'em!].
Eye Liner & Mascara
Use: Quick and Simple Way to Make Your Eyes Look Awesome
If you are of  a pasty complexion, try using brown instead of black. I use:
It's pocket friendly and it plumps your lashes.
I prefer a push-up liner rather than a pencil or a liquid liner - less mess!
Beginner's Tip: If you have a nose smack-dab in the middle of your face like I do, there's a chance you may hit your schnoz with the mascara brush [done it]. Double check that mess before you leave the house.
No joke, that's my entire makeup routine. Concealer hides any glaring blemishes, and simply adding eye liner and mascara looks instantly glamorous. Occasionally I'll feel saucy or whimsical and try adding the lip gloss or lipstick to the mix, but then I generally spend the next hour trying to detach my hair from sticky lips...so mostly I don't do that.
Now, to do something about that recently plumped hair: 
Hot Curlers
I spent all of Christmas break last year trying to figure out the best way to use my curlers [what better way to celebrate the holidays?]. After a lot of asymmetry and a bit of this,clip_image009
I finally discovered a technique that works for me. I prefer a loose curl at the tips of my hair to give my hair some subtle bounce and control the tips [otherwise, my hair flips out weirdly like a mullet].
Directions: Let your curlers heat for approximately 15 minutes. For a looser curl, use the largest curlers you have. Take one chunk [technical term] of hair and roll it up about two inches [I prefer to roll over, not under]. Clip the curler in place. Leave the curlers in for 2 - 7 ish minutes [depending on how long it takes me to remember they're attached to my head]. Brush the curls out gently after removing the curlers.
Beginner's Tip: If you don't want a tight, glued-in curl, go easy on the hairspray. You can even try spraying your hair brush rather than your hair directly.
Why I recommend it: Once you've nailed your look down, this takes less than 2 minutes. Start heating the curlers while you're showering or eating breakfast, clip 'em in really quickly [make sure your hair is dry!], and then take them out, fluff your hair, and run. 
On a semi-decent hair day, when I take my own advice and try out these things out, I might come out looking like this:
But, in the interest of full disclosure, half of the time I fall out of bed, put on the least dirty jeans I can find, and run out the door  looking like this:
It's on those days I remind myself that confidence is what really makes a girl beautiful. 
What are your on-the-run beauty go-to's?


The Runaways: Cherry Bomb (Dakota Fanning) Make-up

Way back in October of last year I did a post about the film The Runaways – I love that film so much and since my make-up skills have improved over the last year I thought I would have a go at one of my favourite make-up looks from the film. My favourite character is Cherry Bomb (Dakota Fanning) and at one point in the film she wears this almost graphic black and white smoky eye with a bright red lip. A little more daring than my usual style – I normally concentrate on one area of my face (eyes or lips) but I thought I would give it a go anyway.
                                                Image source
This is the look I was trying to recreate – sorry the picture is so small! It’s the biggest one I could find!

What do you think?


Halloween Special: Raffles Bizarre Jewellery

Raffles Bizarre is an online shop that specialises in handmade, affordable jewellery that is like no other. The prices are extremely good considering all the work that has gone into making them. There is a new collection of rings, necklaces, brooches and hair accessories just for Halloween so I thought I’d share my favourites!
Here are a few of my favourite items from the Raffles Bizarre Halloween collection:

Jack O’Lantern Ring - £8
This little guy is so cute! He’d look great if you were just going to give a nod to the whole Halloween thing this year – I’m considering purchasing one to wear to work on the day.

Dripping Blood Necklace - £10
This necklace is totally my style – I’d wear it at any time of the year! Would look great with a variety of Halloween costumes too!

Ghost Brooch - £8
This is so cute! Look at his little face – totally adorable! I love brooches and this would look great nestled amongst my collection on my work bag.
Check out Raffles Bizarre here
Facebook: Raffles Bizarre