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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...









It was my birthday on Saturday! I am now officially 23 years of age. You probably wouldn’t have guessed that by looking at the gifts that I received, who can resist a bit of Hello Kitty!? If you follow me on twitter you would have been subjected to my constant moaning this weekend (sorry!) but really I had a terrible birthday! It was definitely the worst birthday that I can remember having – everything just seemed to go wrong! I probably sound like a right spoiled brat but really I think being 23 is cursed, yep. I really do appreciate all of the presents and the time people put into making my birthday nice for me, it was just ruined by stupid people doing stupid things. Hopefully this does not set the par for the whole of my 23rd year!


What did you do with your weekend? Has anyone else ever had a disastrous birthday?


Wired Jewellery

On Saturday I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Faye at the blogger meet in London, and was introduced to her jewellery brand Wired Jewellery. The jewellery is all handmade in London and is made from locally sourced materials. A truly British brand; something that is becoming more and more important in today’s global economy! The jewellery is made from Sterling Silver too which is always a bonus, means you can buy it for other people without having to worry about them having a reaction to it. All of the pieces are very well priced considering the time and energy that I assume goes into making them and shipping is cheap too (£1.50 or free if you spend over £10!).
Now onto the good bit, the jewels!
Faye sells a range of different jewellery including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and even hair accessories. These are a few of my favourite pieces from the site:
Wired Jewellery Magic Stars Earrings

Magic Stars Earrings - £4
How blooming’ amazing are these!? They look so realistic! I wish I had my ears pierced so I could wear them!

Wired Jewellery Coffee Break Bracelet

Coffee Break Charm Bracelet - £12
How adorable is this little bracelet? I love it, think it would be great as a gift for a colleague or for any coffee lover out there! Love the little heart print mug!

Wired Jewellery Jammy Dodger Necklace

Jammy Dodger Necklace - £8
£8 for an immortalised Jammy Dodger? Bargain! I love how realistic this looks. Good enough to eat!


Chalkboard Ring - £5
For me this is the stand out piece in the collection, I love customising things and a little portable blackboard is perfect for this! Will definitely be purchasing a few of these for friends birthdays and the like :)

All of the pieces that I have mentioned are available to buy at www.wiredjewellery.co.uk and Faye has also started to sell some of her newer pieces on ASOS Marketplace, click here to see them.
What do you think of Wired Jewellery?





















On Saturday I popped down to London to go to the Blogger meet that the lovely Law and Emma had organised (thanks guys!) and I had a great day! I met up with Helen on the train and we arrived into Euston station at about 12 and made our way to the destination; a pub just off Regent Street called The Warwick. We got to Regent Street in about 45 mins which was really good considering I was navigating! 

When everyone had arrived we all sat down and introduced ourselves, and it was good to put a (blog) name to all the faces, there was so many people there I would have never remembered everyone from their blog's. We were then spoken to by the lovely Sarah from Lush who told us about some of their best selling products and also some of the limited edition Christmas things that were available this year. This was really good as I got to learn about products I probably wouldn't have normally considered, definitely put some items on my shopping list! 

We were also spoken to by Anna from Maggie Angus Jewellery about how she set up her own business and her new jewellery bits and bobs. I really enjoyed this as I recently did a post about her jewellery and it was good to learn more! Anna also spoke to us about being more successful in blogging and gave us some great tips for bagging items to review from big companies, very useful.

Then, we were spoken to by the lovely Faye from Wired Jewellery who spoke about creating her own business to make money while studying for her Law degree. She told us about where she sources her components (I wanted to say ingredients there!) from - UK only, and the fact that all of her jewellery is made from Sterling silver so that anyone can wear it without fearing an allergic reaction! Brilliant. She also mentioned some of the issues that arise when starting a business and how to overcome these, which was really good and quite inspirational. It was really good to learn about Faye's jewellery as I hadn't heard about it before and I love it! Excited to see her new pieces now.

We then just had a chitchat with the other bloggers and me and Helen got some lunch as we hadn't eaten. The food was really good - a little pricey but we were in central London so that is to be expected. Then Law decided to have a quiz to give away some of the products that Sarah from Lush had left behind, this turned into a Made in Chelsea rant on Law's part and has totally made me want to watch it now! Our table seemed to be the lucky table in the quiz as Puja, Helen and Christie won loads of prizes! We were then given goodie bags including Lush products, Wired Jewellery, Maggie Angus Jewellery, a Bang On Vintage bracelet and some Love Label cosmetics from Very. Lots of new things to write about! 

After the meet me and Helen headed to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland, it seemed that the whole of London was also going there too and the tube was so busy! It was really lovely and festive with all the lights and the festive food and little gift stalls. We were pushed for time though so didn't stay long - in hindsight we probably should have left a little bit earlier, when we made our way back to Hyde Park Corner station we were faced with a huge crowd of people filling the whole top part of the station! Not good! Especially as our train home was at 19:13 from Euston and this was at about 18:40! We rushed through the station got on a ridiculously packed tube and got back to Euston at about 19:11! We had to run to the train but made it with about half a minute to spare! I nearly died! So proud of us for actually making it there on time! We then sat in first class even though Helen had a 'riffraff' ticket as there were no seats in standard class and we were about to die!

I had a great day and thanks again to Law and Emma for organising the blogger meet, it was amazing! Thanks to Helen for being my partner in crime too!

Hope to see all the lovely ladies that I met at the next one too!


Autumnal FOTD






I wore this make up on Saturday and loved it! Super warm and autumnal and the reddy shades really bring out the green in my eyes (I think so anyway!) and I seem to be a bit addicted to highlighting the inner corner of my eye with gold at the moment too. I’m going to blame the festive season for this.

Also because I am a terrible blogger I can’t remember which shadows I used! I think they were all from the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette though!

Is anyone else loving autumnal colours in their make up or is it just me??

Also if any of you lot are going to the blogging meet in London on Saturday let me know! I am so excited!




Holy Moly Kurt Geiger!

I'm sure you've all seen that in this month's Elle magazine they are giving away a £20 voucher for Kurt Geiger! Which is amazing in itself but there is also a discount code about that will get you £20 off of your first order of £50 or more. This code along with the voucher means you can get £50 worth of shoes for just £10! (plus p&p £4). Wingo.

The discount code is: KGWELCOME10

I just ordered these for the princely sum of £24, they are normally £30 per pair!, perfect to update my work shoedrobe I think :)

Have you bought your copy of Elle yet? Which shoes will you be buying with your voucher?



So on Saturday I saw Sheri’s first outfit of the day post and was completely inspired to do my own. This is what I wore to go and finish off my Christmas shopping – I too am surprised at my organisation skills! I only need to get a present for my mum and dad now! Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I popped my leather aviator jacket on as well when I was out of the house but forgot to photograph it! I was far too hot though, I hate it when shops have their heating on and it’s busy – I get all annoyed and end up not buying anything so I can go and stand in the cold! Also do excuse the dodgy backgrounds and photo quality – I really need to buy a tripod for such things. In the first picture I had balanced my camera on the bannister at the top of the stairs and I stood on the middle bit of stairs for the picture – does that part of the stairs have a name? Also some more, I forgot to smile lol!


13 064
Hat – H&M|Cardigan – Primark|Dress – ASOS|Belt – Dorothy Perkins|Tights – Tesco|Shoes – Primark
What do you think?

Michael Kors Watches.


For a long time I have admired Michael Kors watches. I think it just comes with being saturated in the blogosphere, everyone seems to have one so I want one too! In particular I would like one of the tortoiseshell ones but I’m not fussy. I’m not a fan of the super metally look ones though, I think that they are a little bit too manly for me – and I’m not that fond of rose gold even though everyone else is. Not that I’ll be getting one any time soon as they are around £200 a pop and I just do not have that kind of money floating about and I doubt that you get extravagant birthday/Christmas gifts when you are 23.
All of the above watches are available from ASOS though so if you are a pesky student you can bag yourself one for a discounted price. Oh how I wish I was a student again. It’s a cruel world.



Mini H&M Haul

I popped into H&M a couple of weeks ago when I was up in Preston with my best friend Vicki, and picked up a few bits and bobs from the children’s jewellery section. I am faithful to H&M kids jewellery. It’s my favourite part of the shop and I always check it out before I go and look at the adult stuff! Everything is so much cuter and also ridiculously cheap. When I shop with Vicki I do end up buying ridiculous things though. The theme of this haul is very much Snow White. I heart Snow White. She is my home girl.
Red velvet hair bows|Snow White hair clips & bobbles|Snow White necklace
I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay more than £1.99 for any of these! I already own the velvet bows in navy and wear them all the time so I thought red would be cute too. God knows why I bought the Snow White bobbles and clips as I never use either! I can’t wait to wear the necklace though! I don’t really like silver but I can make an exception for Miss White.
Have you checked out the H&M kids range?


Would you like to win £800 worth of shoes?

Tomorrow is the closing date for the Sarenza blogging competition! So if you could vote for me that would be ace! If I win - everyone that has voted for me has the chance of winning £800 worth of shoes too!

Thanks to all the people that have voted so far!

All you need to do is:

Just tweet this:
My vote for the  comp goes to Paperbacks & Postcards 


Here is my entry:

British style is definitely unique, us Brits are daring and willing to give anything a go. These amazing sequinned star print shoes are perfect for this A/W and are totally on trend.
Retro – Jorgi – I Love Shoes - £50.15
British style does retro best. We have so much history in Britain that it would be stupid to ignore it in our fashion sense, these t-bars are perfect for harking back to days gone by and the velvet bow adds a nice rich detail that is perfect for winter.
Androgynous – Prune – Georgia Rose - £135.15
Androgyny has been very fashionable of late and I think that it is synonymous with British style, these Oxfords are covered in star shaped studs and are a beautiful shade of blue. Perfect for nights out with clashing print dresses.
Patriotic – 1460 W – Dr. Martens - £126.65
Can’t get more patriotic than a pair of Docs can you?
Timeless – Bolton – L.K. Bennett - £160
British style is definitely timeless, these simple black heels would go with everything and last for years.
Brit girls aren’t scared to get their ‘stud’ on, these amazing studded slippers are perfect for this seasons fetish trend and would look great with both casual and smart outfits.
Care-free – Bijoux – Jonak - £63.75
Simple ballet flats are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, for days when you can’t be bothered but still want your feet to look stylish.

Shoes of the Week: Deena & Ozzy


MAC Holiday Collection: Ice Parade Make It Perfect Brush Kit

MAC – 167
MAC - 168
MAC - 217
MAC - 239
MAC - 212
I got an email last week informing me that the MAC 2011 Holiday Collection was available online in the UK, I was rather excited as the collection is based on glitter. Glitter is one of my most favourite things. I browsed the collections, there are several mini collections making up the main ‘Glitter and Ice’ one, and decided that I wanted to buy one of the Ice Parade brush kits. There are 3 brush kits in the collection: Make It Perfect – Essential, Make It Perfect – Mineralise and Make It Perfect – Special Edition. They cost £39.50 each and contain 4/5 brushes and a make up bag. I decided on the Make It Perfect Special Edition set as it contained 3 brushes that I really wanted to try – the 217, 268 and 239, the other 2 brushes were just an extra added bonus for me. The other brushes in the kit are the 212 and the 267 which I hadn’t heard much about before to be honest. The brushes are all white haired and are the mini special edition (SE) size with glittery handles. Glittery handles. Glittery. Handles. Never have I wanted something more.
They arrived on Saturday and it was like Christmas morning when I got in from shopping! I was so excited to play with my new brushes! They are all so soft and good quality, you can just tell that they are worth all the money that they charge for them. I still haven’t had a play with them so I can’t comment on the application yet but they feel like they’ll be a dream to work with, all nice and dense – especially the 267. I can’t wait to use that one to apply blush. The little make up bag that came with them is also lovely – an ideal size for keeping all the bits and bobs in my work bag organised.
Have you checked out the Glitter and Ice Collection? Will anything from it be going on your Christmas list?

Also do excuse the dodgy photographs – the light was not being my friend this weekend!