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Japonesque Brushes

Japonesque Brushes
A few weeks ago I was contacted by Japonesque and asked if I would like to try out some of their brushes, of course I did! I am a brush fiend – I have two pots full on my dressing table and am always willing to try out new ones.
Japonesque have recently started selling their brushes in Boots and John Lewis stores in the UK which is great as there is very little choice on the high street in terms of good quality brushes! And good quality they are, Japonesque have been creating make up brushes and accessories for 25 years and were originally made by make up artists for make up artists and if they’re good enough for top make up artists all over the world they must be something special. Japonesque are also the designer and manufacturer of tools for other brands including NARS, MAC and Max Factor.
I was sent the short handled travel brushes to try out which are available in Boots stores all over the country, I have even spied them in my tiny Boots store so I’m sure that everyone will be able to find them. At John Lewis stores the long handled brushes and other tools and accessories have been launched and they look amazing!
These are the three brushes that I have:
Japonesque Brushes Boxed
Japonesque Brushes Unboxed
Japonesque Brushes Close up
Japonesque Travel Angled Brow Definer
Japonesque Travel Angled Brow Definer Close Up
Japonesque Travel Angled Brow Definer Close Up Side
I have used this brush every single time that I’ve filled my eyebrows in since I got it! It’s brilliant! The short handle is actually really helpful when you’re filling in your brows as it’s good to get in nice and close and have lots of control. The brush hairs are really densely packed in and are nice and firm, not so firm that the brush is scratchy though. I have used the brush with both powder and wax products and it performed amazingly with both. The brush would also be great as a liner brush as it would be able to create a strong line due to its firm bristles.
I’d definitely recommend this brush to anyone that requires a new angled brush, you can purchase it from Boots for £10.50.
Japonesque Travel Angled Foundation Brush
When I saw this brush I was very intrigued, I haven’t used a flat foundation brush for a long time and I’d never used an angled one. The bristles are synthetic which is a big bonus, especially in foundation brushes as it makes them so much easier to wash, it also means that liquid products won’t sink in to them immediately giving you time to apply your foundation and this also means that product will not be wasted. The bristles are incredibly soft but again they are quite densely packed so the brush isn’t flimsy and is able to apply your foundation smoothly. I have used this brush a number of times and it will definitely be my travel foundation brush from now on, the flat shape applies foundation really well and the angled shape means you can get right in around your nose and eyes. The flat brush allows you to apply quite a light coverage of foundation in the first instance but then you can apply some more foundation to it and build up another layer or two if you require a fuller coverage.
If you’re a fan of flat brushes for foundation I’d definitely check this out, it costs £19.50 and is available from Boots.
Japonesque Travel Eye Shadow Fluff Brush - Med
This is my favourite of the brushes that I received, as you know I am an eyeshadow lover and this brush is amazing. It’s got natural bristles which are super soft, the brush is the perfect shape for both packing on colour and also blending the edges. I used this brush to apply some of Urban Decay’s glittery shadow’s on Christmas Day and I was amazed that I had hardly any fall out when I used this brush! It’s perfect for using with pigments too, picking up just the right amount of product. The tip of the brush is the perfect size for brow bone highlighting  and would be perfect for smudging shadows along the lower lashline too.
This brush costs £14.75 from Boots
Overall, these brushes are of the highest quality and even though they are short handled they are still perfectly functional. I actually prefer travel size brushes as I find them easier to use. They are quite expensive but the prices are perfectly justified to the quality of brushes, I’d definitely recommend picking some up – you won’t be disappointed.
The brushes are available from Boots and John Lewis now.
You can find more information on the entire range of Japonesque tools and accessories on the Japonesque website.
Have you tried these brushes yet?


  1. I've never seen them in boots stores near me, but I do need some new brushes so I'll be keeping an eye out for them.

  2. They do look lovely, I could do with some new brushes!

  3. They look amazing Amy! Thanks so much for sharing, especially love the look of the shorter brushes!


  4. Oooh, I'm in the market for some new brushes so I think I may just have to try these.

    Also, love the nail polish

  5. These look lovely. They are expensive but if they last they will be well worth it. I got the Fearne cotton make up brushes for my Christmas, I was soooo excited to use them......they were pants :(

  6. I've been eyeing these up for a while now, I have a brush set but the angled brow brush just does NOT do it for me! May be worth purchasing...thanks for the review, super helpful! x

  7. Thanks for the comments girls :)

    @daisychain - They are really brilliant and think about the Boots points! They're also online :) xx

    @jimmi lou - They are super good quality! xx

    @Sarah - They are really handy, will be perfect for travelling about xx

    @Hazel - Thanks love, do check em out! xx

    @Harrie - They are!

    @Recessionista - I think they will definitely last a while! I really wanted those Fearne brushes - glad I didn't get them now! xx

  8. Thanks for that i was in desprate need of a new foundation brush!

  9. I haven't seen these but I'm very much in the market for new brushes. Definitely considering getting a whole set though :) what's a splurge between make-up lovers :P




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