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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


New Year.

2012. How is it 2012 already? It’s come around so quickly – it only feels like 5 minutes since I was writing my 2011 post!

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I hope you all had a great time celebrating and hope your heads aren’t too sore! I thought that I would post about my new year’s resolutions today, I don’t normally make any but I feel that 2012 will be a good year and a good year needs some goals! There are quite a few lol…

  1. Blog every single day for the whole year.
  2. Read at least 12 books.
  3. Give up eating crisps.
  4. Get a tattoo.
  5. Save £250 per month.
  6. Be positive & say yes more!
  7. Find a boyfriend (This one's eternally on the list!)

Blogging has become my main hobby and I want to take it more seriously this year with consistent posts and coming to say hello to you all at least once a day shouldn’t be too difficult, even if I’m just sharing my make up of the day or something.

I was going to pick more than 12 books to read but I really don’t think I’d manage it! I never seem to have the time to read any more, hopefully I’ll find time to read one book per month.

I eat far too many crisps it’s just ridiculous, so I’m just going to stop eating them. It can’t be that hard can it? I once gave up eating KFC for a whole year!

I have wanted a tattoo since I was about 15! I really need to get on with it this year – I know what I want and where I want it – I just need to find someone to do it for me!

I’m aiming to save £250 a month for my going back to university fund – I earn about £700 and manage to squander that away on junk each month so hopefully I won’t miss the money too much.

This one’s simple, I need to say yes to more things! I need to be brave and be happy!

I’ve been single for almost 7 years! That’s a bloody long time! Really need to sort that out this year and try to meet more people :)

There we have it, I think that they will keep me busy for the year.

Have you made any new year’s resolutions this year?


  1. I'm going to stop dreaming and start living. Shouldn't be too difficult, then....

  2. Give up eating crisps?! Why would you do that to yourself? ;)

    Great goals, happy new year lovely!


  3. I've been single for five years...most of the time I don't care, haha but every so often I miss it!

    Happy New Year lovely x

  4. @Jules - I wish you the best of luck with it missy! and thank you for all the kind comments you have left me over the last year!

    @Jess - I know! God knows how I'll survive!

    @daisychain - I'm the same, most of the time I can't be bothered with men but sometimes I miss it an awful lot!

    Happy New Year to you all! xx

  5. Happy 2012! Looking forward to your daily posts - love your blog! x

  6. @Harrie - Thanks dearest! I hope I can keep up with them! xx

  7. Ooooh more posts from you? YES PLEASE :) love paperbacks + postcards so much :) I'd love a tattoo too but being the queen of indesicive I'm going to procrastinate for at least another 10 yeas I'm sure!


  8. Ohh good luck sweetie. :]
    what tatoo are you planning ive got 5 and i'm getting my next very soon.
    New year i hope to finish my MA and do well, find a job, and continue with Slimming world.

  9. @Sarah - Thanks hun! Well I am indecisive too but I've always wanted this particular tattoo so should hopefully like it forever! xx

    @Danielle - Thanks love, I want a pair of magpies on my feet, in the style of traditional swallows :)

    Good luck on finishing the MA that's what I'm saving up to do! xx

  10. great goals! I'm with you on the money saving front, how much shit do i actually buy?? what you plan on going to back to study? xxx

  11. Good luck with your resolutions, my post with mine in will be up tomorrow! Happy New Year lovely :) xxx

  12. I have made four resolutions this year...

    1. Start visiting and buying from charity shops and car boot sales.
    2. Learn to play the guitar.
    3. Finish the novel my sister and I are writing together.
    4. Keep up to my house work and keep my house clean!

    You're being very ambitious with your resolutions and I admire ambition. I look forward to hearing if you manage to stick to them! Fingers crossed!

    I've followed your blog, would love it if you could follow me back :)


  13. happy new year amy! i hope you manage to achieve some of these this year :) wow i don't think i could give up kfc for a year! you're hardcore! xx

  14. @Sarah - I buy so much crap every month, it really is ridiculous! I want to do a Research MA in Sociology based on my undergrad dissertation! I'll get there one day...

    @Helen - I look forward to reading yours missy! xx

    @Pinktink - Great resolutions! I'm hoping my own ambition won't backfire on me!

    @Caroline - It was tricky, very tricky! Think I ended up replacing it with McD's in the end lol

    Happy New Year girls! xx

  15. Oh, crisps...I'm too much of a fiend for bad potato snacks to give them up, so I just deliberately don't buy them and walk in the opposite direction in shops because I know I won't just buy one pack, I'll buy two AND a buttery roll to eat them in. Sadface!

    oh, yeah, and HAPPY NEW YEAR WIFEY! <3

  16. @Amii - I'll never be able to visit the crisp aisle again! Happy New Year to you too! xx


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