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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


NOTW: Galaxy

This is my new favourite nail polish of life. Revlon Galaxy. It’s a beaut. A dark blue jelly(ish) base with multi-sized holographic glitter in it, the glitter is for the most part silver but when light hits it, it looks amazing!
I used it over a navy base as it would have taken a lot of coats to make the polish opaque.
The best part? I found this nail polish in Poundland!
Have you ever found any bargains in Poundland?


  1. Great find! It looks gorgeous! I wish we had Revlon in Sweden!

    Have a great weekend! //Niina

  2. don't live near a poundland.... but love the colour! :)

  3. I've never really looked for beauty products in poundland, I certainly will now!

  4. I love a look in poundland i'm always picking up cute kids stationary and I have got a few make up items in the past in fact my mascara ( a rimmel one) was from poundland x

  5. You found it in poundland?? Amazing! I'l have to have a look next time im in town. Did they have any other revlon polishes? This ones gorgeous though :) xx

  6. this is a gorgeous nail polish!


  7. ahh what a beautiful colour... all i seem to be able to get in poundland is bulk bought loo roll and soap..but kudos, gorgeous find!
    Love Suzie xxx


  8. Theres a great place in glasgow called Watt Brothers where I got the red version from revlon for 1.99. Plus this brand called W7, they do a polish with massive pieces of teal coloured glitter, which I purchased for 99p. I tend to go there for my polishes now cos they do good quality polishes for pennies :)

  9. This does look gorgeous & I cant believe you found it in Poundland! Every time I go in that shop I spend a fortune! xx

  10. wow, those sparkles so pretty!

  11. I didn't even know Poundland did nail varnish, that's amazing! I saw perfume in there the other day. Really not sure how it's even possible...

    Laura x

  12. That is an absolutely gorgeous colour! Wow! So special and glam!


  13. Some of my favourite beauty products are from pound shops! That polish is dazzling, I love the way it looks like there are kind of lights inside it! x

  14. Whoa, I love that!!! Your nails look so pretty. That glitter is just so cool. I never paint my nails :/

    Mabel Time

  15. I've been looking for a new nailpolish! I think i found it, this is beaut!


  16. Nails Inc have a fab gold glitter polish just now. Keep an eye out for it

  17. Thanks for all the comments girlies!

    @Niina - I'm including a bottle of this in my next giveaway! So be sure to enter that xx

    @jules - That sucks, I love the colour too :) xx

    @daisychain - I always check in Poundland as they have loads of little make up bits in every so often! xx

    @Dani - I love the stationery too! I got a really nice Rimmel blush not long ago too xx

    @Louisa - Our Poundland is pretty good normally, make sure you remember to have a look! xx

    @Holly - It is very pretty xx

    @Susannah - Keep checking! My Poundland doesn't always have good stuff, just every now and then! xx

    @jennifer - I got the red version too! That W7 polish sounds amazing! xx

    @jimmi lou - I was so amazed to find it for so cheap! xx

    @Sheri - I'm the same! I wander round filling my basket with all sorts of things I didn't need but as they're only a pound I can't leave them there! xx

    @shineyglam - It is super sparkly! xx

    @Laura - Yeah, they sell quite a range of make up in my local store! xx

    @Sarah - It is very sparkly and special! xx

    @Harrie - You're right it does kind of look like it's got little twinkly lights in! xx

    @Mabel - Thanks love, I never have mine unpainted nowadays! They're in terrible condition because of this though! xx

    @Franky - It really is! xx

    @ReecessionistaD - Thanks for the tip off lovely, I love sparkles and gold!



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