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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


Review: 17 Peep Show Mascara in Black

As I was browsing the 17 stand in Boots today I spied this little beauty amongst the mascaras, it was the packaging that caught my attention first though – I’ve never seen a baby pink mascara before. There were no signs up with any information about it and there wasn’t even a price tag so I’m assuming it’s new stock and the poor Boots workers have been too busy negotiating the masses of sale shoppers to finish the display unit properly. I popped it in my basket anyway (rebel) it cost £5.29 (RRP £6.29).
The mascara is one of those new fangled ones with lash lengthening fibres in it that cling to your lashes and make them look longer. Sounds like just the thing I need for my ridiculously short, fine lashes! Peep Show promises ‘voluptuous volume’, clump-free and lashes lengthened from root to tip.
This is how it looks on my lashes, I have included a picture of my naked lashes too:
001             003
007       006
What I Thought
The mascara definitely lengthens my lashes and adds a  bit of volume but not masses, the formula is also quite wet so there have been no clumping incidents so far. But the wet formula is very messy – I ended up with it all over my eyelid! (I left this visible in the pictures so that you can see what it’s like!) But it was easy to clean up with a cotton bud.
The brush is a nice size and isn’t too big for my eyes, I hate it when the brushes are massive!
The mascara also wears well all day without smudging or anything, always a bonus!
Would I Buy it Again?
Maybe, it’s not a bad mascara but it’s not my favourite.
You can buy this mascara from Boots stores or online here for £5.29 (RRP £6.29) and you also get a free eye shadow palette when you buy it at the momento! (I didn’t! Must look into that!)
Have you tried this mascara yet? Were you impressed?


  1. I hate mascara that goes everywhere. Great review!


  2. I am literally waiting for my student loan so I can buy this little beauty. I love the packaging sooo much. Shame about the mess it makes! I recently stumbled across boots natural collection mascara (i was desperate for a mascara and poor at the time), its actually surprisingly good (and really cheap at £1.99) xxx

  3. It looks messy but the packaging is very pretty. I've sort of given up on finding "the best" mascara i use fales lashes alot of the time anyway! x

  4. Haven't tried this but if it's clump-free then I might! I'm always on the lookout for good mascaras. I always find reviews like this really helpful! x

  5. I must try this mascara, the packaging and name are catchy :) It looks pretty good! Mascaras are different for everyone. I love the rimmel scandal eyes so much,


  6. Hmmm, might give this a try :) Spiffy review! :)


  7. I almost bought this mascara a few days ago but but it back! Really wish I had bought it now!

    Great review!


  8. Wow, I think this mascara is pretty great! I can see how it would be problematic, though. i always put mascara on last (I think everybody does, right?) and I'd hate for it to get on my eyeshadow. But it it really does make your lashes look really good.

    Mabel Time

  9. hellooo, im awarding you with this thing called the 'kreativ blogger award' well done:')
    i absolutely adore your blog.
    check out my post for more info about this award:-)

  10. Ah, I wanted to try this! Thanks for an honest review, I hate mascara that ends up everywhere. I quite often get it in my eyebrows ! :(


    franky xxx

  11. Thanks for the comments girlies :) xx

    @jules - It's so annoying isn't it! xx

    @DibDabs - I'll have to check out the Natural Collection mascara's next time I'm in Boots then! xx

    @Dani - I've never tried false lashes :O

    @Harrie - I think you'd have to apply a lot of layers for it to get clumpy! xx

    @LucyLou - You're right, mascara's are different for everyone! xx

    @Emily - Thanks hun, let us know how it goes if you do! xx

    @PinkTink - Thanks, you should definitely give it a whirl xx

    @Mabel - Yeah it's so annoying when you get mascara all over your eye shadow!

    @Louisa - Thanks doll, I will have a peek in a bit! xx

    @snippets & scribbles - How do you manage that!?

  12. your eyes are such a gorgeous colour! never tried this mascara; looks like one to try soon though :) xo


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