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L’Occitane Shea Butter Collection

LOccitane Shea Giftset

LOccitane Shea Butter Giftset

In January L’Occitane launched it’s new Shea butter skincare collection, which has been specially formulated to combat the harsh climatic conditions of winter and also to help protect and soothe dry skin conditions which are common at this time of year – even my oily skin gets dry in winter (can never win…).

The science bit:

Shea butter has been traditionally used to protect skin against environmental damage, be it from sharp winds or sun rays, the Vitamin A and E ingredients are able to nourish and repair the skin like no other. Shea butter is full of helpful fatty acids that help to keep skin soft and supple whilst protecting it from further damage.

The new line of skincare has two additional ingredients to boost the Shea butter’s natural protection; a Shea concentrate and a blend of natural sugars. The Shea concentrate is an active ingredient that contains lipids that help to strengthen skin cells, it forms a protective barrier that works with the skin to help eradicate dry skin. The blend of natural sugars create a natural defence system that works with the skin to make it more resilient and better protected against changing climatic conditions.

With the snow and freezing temperatures this past week I thought I’d put the products that I received to the test!

LOccitane Ultra Rich Face Cream 25 percent Shea Butter (2)

LOccitane Ultra Rich Face Cream 25 percent Shea Butter (3)


LOccitane Ultra Rich Face Cream 25 percent Shea Butter

LOccitane Ultra Rich Face Cream 25 percent Shea Butter (4)

Ultra Rich Face Cream – 50ml - £29.50*

This face cream has been created especially for dry or very dry skin types, it has been formulated with 25% Shea Butter and is perfect for people that live in cold climates. This is why I thought I’d give this a go even though I have oily skin, it’s been in the negative temperature scale for most of the week!

The first thing I need to mention about this product is the packaging, it’s beautiful (If a face cream can be beautiful?). It’s a glass jar with tapered edges and a silver lid that is embossed with all the information on it, it feels nice and heavy too, very luxurious. It looks fab sat on my dressing table!

Onto the cream, when you first remove the lid you will notice that cream is very firm and not runny at all, almost a butter consistency – nice and thick. This means that a little bit goes a very long way, I normally use about a finger tip’s worth for my whole face. I warm the product between my finger before massaging it into my face, concentrating on the areas that I know get dry (upper lip, nose and middle of the eye brows for me). The Ultra Rich Face Cream is just that – it takes it’s time in sinking in to the skin, around 10-15 minutes on my oily face, but it doesn’t feel greasy in the process! Amazing. The product also has a nice fresh scent that lingers just long enough.

I haven’t tried using this face cream under make up as I’ve been ditching the  make up this week and replacing it with staying in bed longer! But once it has all sunk in it leaves the face feeling hydrated and it even appears to plump up any fine lines (I do have a few…), it also leaves my skin with a nice glow which I quite like. It doesn’t leave a residue or anything so I imagine it’d be an excellent base for foundation, especially if you have dry skin.

I think that this would make an excellent night cream for us oily girls and I did use it in this way a few times, my skin felt lovely when I woke up and I hardly needed to apply any more. I have also been using it on my neck as I often forget about moisturising there (we don’t want saggy necks do we?) and it’s perfect for use there too.

I also got my nan to try out the cream as she does has dry skin and she absolutely loves it, I fear that the lovely little pot might be going to live in her room once the cold snap has gone! She said that the cream felt nice and cool and refreshing when applied and that once it had sunk in her skin had never felt softer! You could tell by looking at her skin that she’d used something too – her skin looked really fresh and revitalised.

If you have dry or very dry skin I cannot recommend this product to you enough, it worked wonders on my oily skin and I can only assume that it’d be even more amazing on dry skin. If you have a L’Occitane near you definitely go and check it out. You can also order online on the L’Occitane website.

*I was sent this product to review, but as always all opinions are my own.


  1. Looks almost good enough to eat!
    I was thinking about giving the gentle moisturiser a try at some point. Now I think I may pop for this seen as I have nice oily skin!


    1. The gentle moisturiser is fab too! Probably better for oily skin than this as it sinks in quicker - I've got a post queued up for later in the week on it actually :) xx

  2. oooh, i like their products. great review!

    1. They're lovely aren't they? This is the first product I've tried, I must go and check out the other things in store! xx

  3. Great review ! Sounds like the perfect product considering the weather out here at the moment ! xx


  4. OHHHH I love shea butter stuff. :] I bet you smell well nice. x

    1. Yep, I smell lovely! Well my face does anyway...

  5. Oh I definitely want this! It looks so nice, I'll have to go in and smell it :) xx

  6. Hey! Great review :) I was wondering if you ever tried using the pure shea butter as a face cream? I used to use the 95% shea butter vineyard rose and it was great. So could you tell me if using the face cream or the pure shea butter is better? Because the face cream only has 25% shea butter, which is not alot. Thanks! :D


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