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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


100 Day Challenge.

Totally inspired by the lovely Dani I have decided to take part in the 100 day no spending challenge. Why? Because every single month I squander away all of my wages, every single penny. At the age of 23 (nearly 24, although not that nearly) I feel that I should have some kind of money saved somewhere, at the moment I just have a £1,000 maxed out overdraft and about 20p in my NatWest savings account. Set up for life there!

And let’s be honest people, I spend my money on a load of crap. I have nothing to show for my (almost) 2 years in employment post-uni, except a few lipsticks and eye shadows. It’s ridiculous. Now I don’t earn a huge wage ( I get about £700 a month for working 27.5 hours) so god knows what I’d be like if I earned more. But it needs to stop. I go shopping and pay for everything on my card without even looking at the amount on the screen!

No more shopping. No more takeaways. No more magazines that never get read. No more impulse buying songs from iTunes. No more blog sale purchases. NO MORE.

Like Dani, I’m going to allow some exceptions to the rule:

  • Food (but not takeaways or snacks)
  • Birthday presents
  • Travel
  • My monthly trips to Preston (I spend about £100 each time with travel/accommodation/vodka money but this is pretty much the only time I socialise, so not giving that up!)
  • Essentials (deodorant, shampoo etc. but ONLY if I don’t already have a replacement hidden somewhere!)
  • Interview outfit (If I’m lucky enough to get an interview for my PGCE!)
  • A new foundation (Mine is very nearly all gone)
  • I’m going to allow myself to spend my Boots points too.

I need to save up money so that I can move out sooner rather than later, and I also need to pay off that pesky overdraft! Also if I get onto my PGCE course I will need some money to, you know, live off.

I will be making a list of all of the things that I would have bought had I not been on the spending ban and will be treating myself to a few things once it’s over.

The end of my 100 days is the 27th June.

I started the challenge last Sunday and so far so good, I have 10 things on my list though! Although I haven’t actually been in the vicinity of any shops yet. That’s when I’ll find it the most challenging I think as I usually just buy things on autopilot.

Here is a link to the lovely Dani’s post: http://www.ablogfromblackpool.com/2012/02/100-day-challenge.html

Wish me luck!


  1. That is a really good idea =]
    I've just started following your blog and have really enjoyed reading your posts.

  2. your so brave! i could never ever do this :/

    1. Well to be honest I'm not sure if I'll complete it! I'm a shopaholic! x

  3. good luck!i wish i could do that dont think i have the willpower, now following to see how you get on!

    1. Thanks doll! I'll be updating as I go along! x

  4. Definately have to try this!!!

  5. The first thing I do every month I get paid is take out a set amount of money and put it in my savings. I don't even miss it and I am setting myself up well.

  6. really brave step you are taking darling... much appreciated!
    I may start it one day but not right now... =)

  7. Oh wow, good luck with this! I'm moving more and more towards doing the challenge, and may well do so when I get back from Italy in two weeks time! Although my exceptions would have to be a Graduation Ball dress and Company Magazine! I think I'd also put in a clause for myself that I CAN spend, as long as I've made the money by selling things I already have on Ebay, which I think is a fair deal! x

  8. I love this idea!! I'm gonna join you on this! Good luck!!! <3


  9. Good luck with the challenge!

  10. Good luck with the spending ban, its sounds pretty tough! A good thing is to do a tidy/sort out of your belongings as you often find items of clothing or makeup that you had forgotten about and these can often feel like you've just been shopping! Its also good that blogging is free so we'll expect to see plenty of you for the next 100 days!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  11. Well done so far m'lovely and thank you for linking to my post. it's so blumming horrible i'm not going to lie but it's not quite as horrible as the sickening feeling i get when i look at my overdraft. XXX

  12. Ah this is such a good idea! I think im going to join you in this as i should really save now too. I'm sure you will do really well :) xx

  13. I am thinking about doing this since I read this post... I have managed to save some money since I've been working full-time, but really not very much considering I live at home. And just like you, it all seems to have been frittered away on lipsticks and clothes! The stupid thing is as well that I have to wear a uniform for work, so don't really have time to wear the clothes anyway! I keep thinking about it, and then a little voice in my head goes, 'Oh, but what about when you get paid, you work hard, you should treat yourself' which is perhaps showing me I do have a bit of a problem.... I may do it just to tell myself that I can! Although I may allow one treat a week or month or something. Or just do a make-up ban... hhhmmm, lots to think about.

  14. Good luck! I've tried this once and it was really hard, but after that I appreciated shopping even more...

    Lari from Cent4urThoughts.blogspot.com


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