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Shielo Hair Products

I was contacted by the folks at Shielo a while ago now to review some of their products, this was actually so along ago that I’ve used up one of the products already!
Shielo started off as a salon-only brand that began selling to the masses in 2007, they have developed certain technologies that help to keep our hair looking and feeling great. The Strand Guard Technology protects the hair from environmental factors that often strip hair of colour, moisture and radiance. This technology uses anti-oxidants and sunscreens to stop these environmental factors affecting your hair. Shielo have also developed Spatial Expanse Technology that aims to give hair added volume, strength and flexibility by targeting weak, damaged hair. Shielo products are also very concentrated, meaning that a little bit of product goes a long way. They are also cruelty free and try to use naturally derived ingredients as a base to their products.
Sounds good, right?
I was sent two products, the Antioxidant Leave In Protectant and the Hydrate Sealing Mist:
This product is designed to strengthen the hair whilst creating texture and protecting it from the elements. It contains vitamins, proteins and amino acids to fortify the hair and provide UV protection. This product is for deep natural hair colours and colour-treated hair and is great at reducing frizz and protecting the hair whilst using styling tools.
Key Ingredients
• UV Protectants and natural antioxidants from White Tea enhance color protection.
• Shea Butter adds a protective moisture barrier to seal the hair shaft.
• Innovative Wheat Crosspolymer creates an invisible safety net around each hair to shield color, increase flexibility and reduce breakage.
Directions: Mist throughout clean, towel-dried hair For best color protection, comb through to ends to deeply preserve. Do not rinse. Style as usual. Can be used throughout the day.
I have been using the product since I received it every time that I’ve washed my hair and I love it. I’ve noticed that my hair colour has been fading much less than usual and also it seems softer and shinier after I’ve used this product. It also smells amazing, like coconut!
This product is special, it can be used on the hair and skin! For the hair it adds hydration and is excellent for adding shine throughout the day. For the skin it can be used as a toner, or to set make-up. It contains a delicate blend of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera that lock in moisture and add vital nutrients.
For skin: Spray generously on face and body after bath or shower. Can be used on bare skin or sprayed over makeup to set and keep fresh. Position bottle 6-8 inches from skin prior to applying the mist.
For hair: Spray on wet hair and comb through for an exceptional moisture sealing before styling. Spray on dry hair to revitalize style.
This product is brilliant for keeping in your handbag, I’ve been using mine to give my hair a boost throughout the day – whenever it’s getting a bit frizzy a spritz of this really revitalises the style. I’ve also been using it on my second day hair in the mornings when I’m trying to fashion some kind of up do. I have tried the product as a make-up setting spray too but didn’t notice that it prolonged the wear of my make-up.
Shipping to the UK is quite pricey – about £8 but it depends what you buy, if you buy more products shipping will cost more. I think a flat-rate might be more useful to international customers as it’s this that would prevent me from buying more products in the future. But for all you US ladies I totally recommend Shielo products – they seem to work wonders on my hair!
Have you heard of Shielo?
Would you ever consider shipping products from another country if they were really good?
*PR Sample


  1. I like the concept of the hydration mist, and it's great that it can be used on the skin as well as on your hair! I'd definitely consider shipping products from another country as long as the charges wern't too high!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. I received some products for Shielo too, I got the anti oxidant spray along with a facial exfoliator. They are great, my skin on my face has never been as good before! x


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