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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


The Lipcote Diaries

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by some students working with Lipcote and asked to create a diary of my use of the Lipcote product. I have been a fan of Lipcote for a while now (since I was about 16, so almost 8 years!) as I think it does a good job of sealing your lip colour and definitely extends the longevity of certain lipsticks. I mostly use it for nights out as I like to spend time dancing rather than re-applying lipstick!
The only problem with the product for me is the awful burning/stinging sensation that occurs after applying the product to the lips, it also doesn’t taste particularly nice (not that you’re supposed to be eating/drinking it!).
I thought I would put Lipcote to the test and wear it every day at work for one week:
Lipstick Applied: 7am
Photo 2 taken: 6pm
As you can see in the (blurry) second photo there is still evidence of my lipstick present on the lips, it has worn away a lot though and looks dry and flaky in places. After 11 hours though I’m amazed that there is any colour left at all, I had eaten 3 meals by this point and had countless drinks. I’m pretty sure that without the Lipcote there’d be no product left on the lips at all.
Lipstick Applied: 7am
Photo 2 taken: 5pm
I was impressed with the Lipcote on this day, when I finished work at 3pm my lips looked pretty much the same as in the first picture, a little drier maybe. The second photo was taken after eating my dinner and I think the results are pretty impressive – could definitely go another couple of hours without needing to wipe away the lipstick. Obviously the lipstick doesn’t look as good as it does in the first picture but from a distance it looks fine.
Time Applied: 8am
Photo 2 Taken: 8:30am
This was not a good day for the Lipcote, it lasted all of about 15 minutes! This might be because I applied it over a lip tint though? It doesn’t state that the product cannot be used in such a way though. As you can see in the first picture, the Lipcote made my lips go all cakey and flaky too and when I’d eaten my breakfast and brushed my teeth there was hardly any lipstick left.
Time Applied: 12pm
Photo 2 Taken: 9pm
I’m pretty impressed with this day, the Lipcote worked well over the matte formula of this lipstick and it looked great for about 5 or 6 hours and only started wearing off after this time. When I wear this lipstick alone I find that it cakes up quite a bit if I’m not careful but with the Lipcote this was fine.

Time Applied: 7am
No photo 2 as this lasted about 3 hours and it went all cakey
As you can see from the image, the Lipcote made this lipstick go a bit cakey from the off, it lasted until about half 10 before I couldn’t bear it any more and rubbed it all off! Forgot to take a picture though as I was in the classroom at the time.
Throughout the week there has been mixed results from the Lipcote product, with some major successes (Day 2) and some failures (Days 3 & 5). I think it really depends on the lip product that you have on underneath, for matte/satin formulas it works a charm but anything with a bit of moisture or creaminess it makes a mess of. I will still continue to use the product but only over lipsticks that are suitable, I also can’t imagine doing a red lip without Lipcote! I’ve been using it to seal in my red lips for years and religiously use it every time.
Have you tried Lipcote? What did you think?
I do not claim to own the Lipcote logo. This post was not sponsored.


  1. I really want to try this out! Ive heard that it works best with matte finish lipsticks.

    1. I've found this, it works wonders with MAC's Ruby Woo (although that has excellent staying power on it's own!)


  2. I used to use Lipcote but it used to go flaky every time I used it after a few hours. Nae impressed! :(

    Le Material Girl

    1. They've reformulated it now, but the flakiness did still occur as you can see from the images above. Best with matte/satin finish lippies! x

  3. I'M BUYING TODAY! wanted to try it for ages and this post has just reminded me what I have been missing out on for all these years! except from day 3 ;) xoxo

    1. It's excellent for nights out - not so good for long expanses of time though! x

  4. I am testing lipcote these days. Thank you so much for this guide. It isn't working with creamy lipsticks. Makes it flaky and dry. I'd try with a matte one now. :)

  5. Never tried it but keep hearing about it lately, it would probably suit me for a night out, but then again what would us girlies do without our group trips to the ladies to natter and fix our makeup!

    1. For nights out it's a must for me, stops your lipstick coming off on glasses! x

  6. I really hate the taste of lipcote x

    1. It's disgusting isn't it? And the new vanilla flavouring isn't even any different! x

  7. I've done a review? http://elisebeautyx.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/review-lipcote.html


  8. Very interesting! As a maje lippy obsessive I'm always inerested as to what brands / lippies will stand the test of time, so far I've managed to find some fab MUA ones that last for about 4 hours perfectly... anything after that however is not so good! Love the shades of the lipcote even if they're not all as long lasting as you'd like


  9. Hey I just tagged you in my post of 11 questions, so feel free to check it out and join in here
    : ]

  10. I never actually knew what Lipcote was, It looks like a horrible bottle of perfume! Amazing post though! :) x

  11. Ah, great pictures. I used to use lipcote quite a bit and all I remember is it stinging! But it always seemed to do the trick :) Great post :)

    Karys x

  12. I've never used lipcote but I'm very curious to give it a try <3


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