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MAC Vanilla Pigment VS Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust

Way back in February I did a post on the Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust (here) and mentioned that it reminded my of the MAC pigment in Vanilla. So, I thought that I would do a comparison post with the two products to see just how similar they are.
037Left: Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust Right: MAC Vanilla Pigment
As you can see from the image above the texture of these two products is different, the Dazzle Dust is much more glittery than the Pigment. The pigment provides an even finish with a lovely duo-chrome warm gold tone, the Dazzle Dust has a similar gold tone but due to the glittery finish it doesn’t appear as even and you can still see the white base colour in the swatch. The Dazzle Dust is lot more vibrant than the Pigment and catches the light better than the subtle pigment; when the light shines on the Dazzle Dust it appears a bright gold shade.
Left: Barry M Dazzle Dust – Gold Iridescent Right: MAC Pigment – Vanilla
When they are blended in I think you can see the difference a lot better, the Dazzle Dust is so much more shimmery than the pigment – it catches the light beautifully. As you can see, the MAC pigment is a lot more subtle and just gives a nice glow without being too full on. This makes it excellent as a cheek highlight, whereas I wouldn’t dream of putting the Dazzle Dust on my cheeks.
Left: Barry M Dazzle Dust – Gold Iridescent  Right: MAC Pigment – Vanilla
I think that this image shows that the two products have the same base colour and that the Dazzle Dust is just an amped up more glittery version.
Here is what the two products look like when worn on the eyes:
Left: MAC Vanilla Pigment Right: Barry M Gold Iridescent Dazzle Dust
On the eyes the two products look very different, the Pigment has more of a pearlescent shade with a subtle hint of gold when it hits the light and the Dazzle Dust looks more gold and sparkly.
To round it up:
- The two products have a similar gold tone.
- The Dazzle Dust is much more glittery
- The Pigment is more subtle and glowy
- The Dazzle Dust has a more ‘gold’ appearance when the light hits it
- The Pigment is more pearlescent
I think that if you want a multi-purpose product go for the MAC Pigment but if you just want an eye product go for the Barry M Dazzle Dust as it’s incredibly pretty on the eyes.
Have you tried either of these products?
What did you think?


  1. I think the Barry M is prettier to be honest!I've only had one mac pigment and it was so comparable to barry m ive never bothered again!

  2. I love how gold and glittery the dazzle dust appears! xo

  3. i love the look of the gold dazzle dust so much! :) xx


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