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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


ORLY Cool Romance Collection

Orly Cool RomanceI’m no stranger to ORLY nail polish, I have a few of the miniature(5.3ml) ones that I seem to impulse buy every time that I’m in a Boots that carries the range. When I saw the new spring collection by ORLY it was love at first sight, muted pastel crèmes? Yes please. I adore the colour palette of the Cool Romance collection, definitely my kind of thing – imagine a multi-mani with each of the crème shades on a different finger, lovely.
The shades in the collection are (L-R):
You’re Blushing is enough to make anyone flush in this muted lilac crème
No first date is complete without Prelude to a Kiss, a dainty dusky pink
Stand out from the crowd and get his attention with a little help from Jealous, Much?
A layer of Faint of Heart will give you the confidence to seduce any man with this soft grey crème
Seal the deal with Steel Your Heart to ensure he’s not going anywhere
Be the apple of his eye with Artificial Sweetener
I received the shade Jealous, Much? to review and I love it, it’s a very cool pistachio green shade that is very close to mint green but a little less blue than a traditional mint. I imagine that this would look fab with a tan in summer and would also be perfect for your toes too.



ORLYCOOLROMANCECOLLECTIONJEALOUSMUCHThe polish itself is quite sheer, it took 3 coats to achieve an even finish but I find this is a common trait to pastel nail colours so I think we can let it off for that. The brush is a good size for a mini polish and it easily covers the nail in two strokes. Dry time was impressive, the first hand of nails was dry by the time that I’d finished the second. The polish dries with a lovely shine too, and no noticeable streaks.

If you would like to pick up Jealous, Much? in miniature form it is available as a Mani Mini Trio set alongside two other shades from the Cool Romance collection: Prelude to a Kiss and Faint of Heart and costs £13 from Boots which is a bit of a bargain as the 5.3ml polishes normally cost £5 each.

Jealous, Much? is also available in full size (18ml) from Look Fantastic for only £9.25 – An amazing price for that much nail polish. Some of the other shades are also available from Look Fantastic with free shipping too!
What do you think?
What are your favourite shades for springtime nails?
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  1. Love this colour! Also really like the look of You're Blushing.
    I struggle with spring nails because I love dark shades and red polish so much, but the pastels are drawing me in!

    1. I love dark shades too, I still wear them all the time anyway! I'm not really a seasonal person! xx

  2. ohhh lovely,I like the look of the dark silverish one :] xx

    1. I think it looks really interesting but I'm not really a fan of metallic nail varnish! x

  3. I don't often look at Orly's varnishes but I do rather like this muted pastel tones. They seem a little more grown up then the normal pinks, yellows and mint greens for pastel shades.

    1. I always get drawn in by the Orly glitter polishes when I see them in a shop, these shades are definitely more grown up than those. I think they give a nod to the pastel trend but are still a bit different x

  4. Such a pretty green, very wearable as well ! xx


    1. I love it! I've got it on my nails at the mo and it looks so pretty :) xx

  5. Such a gorgeous collection! I adore pastely shades and that mint is just perfection!


  6. Such lovely colours, I particularly like the look of Artificial Sweetener! xo

  7. It's a really nice colour. Although whenever I see ORLY stuff, it makes me think of this, http://i1.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/000/015/orly.jpg ! Yep, I'll never grow up... x

  8. It looks like a really nice collection of shades :) The mint colour is gorgeous!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  9. This is the perfect mint colour, I'm adding this to my wish list :D



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