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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...




Seven weeks in a row, surely not? Are we all still enjoying this feature? I personally love doing it each week – it gives me time to reflect on what I’ve done with myself in the week. Back to work tomorrow, after two weeks off it’s going to be a struggle – at least it’s only a training day so it shouldn’t be too strenuous!





Elton John & Kiki Dee – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Best song ever. This isn’t the best version but it reminds me of uni so much, we used to do ‘Music Channel Karaoke’ to it every week before we went out, we each sang a part into our remote controls. This process was fuelled by vodka jelly and nearly always ended in extravagant dancing around the house :) I’m pretty sure that we weren’t normal students. This all happened before we went to mosh along to heavy metal with all the Preston scene kids. Perfecto.


Great British Menu – BBC2 Every Night at 7.30

It’s Great British Menu time again! Best time of the year, I love watching this programme every day and seeing all the exciting food. I also like that it’s on for ages, it used to dictate the last term of uni every year! Love it. Glynn Purnell was my favourite participant ever, maybe Sat Bains too as he has that delightful Derby accent that makes me swoon so.



Maybelline Colour Tattoo – Permanent Taupe

I think I wore this about 4 times this week, and some days I didn’t even wear any other make-up. I use it as a eye shadow base primarily but I have worn it alone too. It makes a great base for darker shadows and it lasts on my eyes for a reasonable length of time, about the same time as my MAC Painterly Paint Pot lasts. The parallels between these two products are plentiful, they are pretty much the same product! The Colour Tattoo might be a little bit softer though.



Something different this week, some lovely illustrations from Sparklehen. I was casually browsing Folksy – as you do – when I came across these adorable illustration by Heather at Sparklehen, I love the variety of styles used and the use of colour is perfect. My favourite pieces are the peacock above and this adorable owl in a teacup. Each print costs £7.50 with original paintings costing £12-24. Shipping costs £2.50. Bargainous.

Check out Sparklehen here




Time for another Gracie update I think, she is now 6 months old and is such a little cutie. She has now learned to pull hair and pinch – lovely traits. She also loves the dogs, you should see her when she’s near them – I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile so much at a person – she also makes those adorable baby noises around them too. She has her first tooth coming through now and is almost crawling, she’s a proper little fidget too – always trying to escape!



Blog of the week this week is Laurzrah and it is a blog that I have loved ever since I first started reading it last year, I also had the luck to meet Laura at the #ZOMGBloggersBash back in January and she is a star! Her blog is mostly focussed on beauty and she has a MAC collection to die for, she posts regular reviews of products and I always want to buy the things she mentions. Occasionally Laura posts a FOTD and she is really skilled in the make-up application, she always looks fab : )

Check out Laurzrah here

Laura’s Twitter here



  1. I love that song! Such a great sing a long song after a few beers!

    Gracie is such a little cutie x

    1. It is! Definitely a drunk song! And she is super adorable :) xx

  2. Loving the Elton song :) such a classic ! xx


  3. Awww, your sister is so cute. pinching and hair pulling is just the start! Wait until she learns how to throw. :] xxx

  4. Somehow I hadn't heard of the Maybelline Color Tattoo stuff and now I'm seeing it everywhere this weekend! Definitely will give it a try! Gracie is super cute!!


    1. They're a great product and there are a few different shades available too, definitely worth a shot! x

  5. that song has been stuck in my head all week! how weird haha x

    1. Weird, you have excellent choice my dear! x

  6. Ohhh how cute is your sister! She looks all happy and excitable, aww :) And we used to do the same as you, listen to very inappropriate music before heading out to rock nights. Including Joe McElderry - Ambitions, we knew the dance moves. Coolest students ever! x

    1. Lol yep! We used to twirl about the living room to it (we also used to twirl around/foxtrot at the club!) xx

  7. Your little sister is adorable! xo

  8. Aww Gracie is gorgeous, I have a cousin the same age and your description sounds just like her too minus the tooth :D

  9. Yay, Elton John :D
    Arrrgh Grace is so gorgeous! xx

  10. I love that song far too much!

  11. I wonder if you can clarify exactly what's meant by an 'eyeshadow base' - is it like a primer or not? Because I've been seeing great reviews about the Colour Tattoos all over lots of blogs, and most of them say that they don't crease and stay put for hours and hours. But I bought the bronze shade and while it's nice, it creases quite quickly on my lids and I'm wondering if I should be using a primer with it as well?

    1. I use it as a kind of primer I guess, I don't wear primer underneath it but I do top it with eye shadow most days. I think it just depends how oily your eye lids are - you could try a primer underneath to see if it helps?


    2. Thank you for replying! I will definitely give it a go with a primer, hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks!

      PS how CUTE is your sister?! gorgeous!

  12. Your sister is so scrummy!! Awh :D Thanks for including me, babe! Means a lot xxx

  13. Awww your sister is completely adorable - such beautiful, big blue eyes!



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