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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...





The Sunshine Underground – Commercial Breakdown

The Sunshine Underground always remind me of summer, I think this is probably because I saw them at a few festivals when I was 16/17/didn’t care about sleeping in a tent for 5 days… And I would like it to be summer now please, all this rain puts me in a rubbish mood!





The Undateables – Channel 4 

I spent the whole of last night watching the first three episodes of this programme and I was glued to the laptop, it is such a good TV programme. I don’t know whether it’s because I work with young people with learning difficulties/disabilities that makes it appeal to me or just that it’s an interesting topic but I think the documentary is very well made and doesn’t seem (to me) to be making a mockery of such people which is sometimes an issue.

Definitely worth a watch.



My favourite product of the week is a perfume this week, and not just any perfume. A perfume from the Disney Store! Yep, a perfume aimed at children/linen I think. But I adore it. It’s called Wonder and some of the teddies that the shop sell smell like it! It was this that made me fall in love with the scent – I almost bought Gracie a Thumper teddy just so that I could smell the scent of Wonder whenever I liked, until I found a little selection of fragrances on the till!

To me, the perfume smells like lemonade, it’s super sweet and childlike but I love it! The scent lingers on the skin for quite a while too. Although it is quite sticky when you first spray it on which is a little odd.

The Wonder perfume costs £14 available here

There are also other products in the range here




OLIVE AND FRANK is a unique jewellery website that houses a collection of pieces which are all handmade by independent jewellery designers worldwide. The team at OLIVE AND FRANK handpicks every single item and every designer featured on the site based on the visual appeal and quality/craftsmanship. There is definitely something for everyone on the site from dainty gold necklaces to multi-coloured friendship bracelets.

Check the website out here


I bought an iPad!

I’m not one for super extravagant purchases, to be honest I’d rather spend my money on lots of little things. But I have wanted an iPad for a long, long time and I had finally saved enough pennies to go and get one the other day. I just got the iPad 2 as it was cheaper and the only real difference was the retina display thingammy and that doesn’t bother me as I’ve had a cracked iPhone for almost a year anyway! But so far, I love it – it will be really useful for taking on train journeys I think as it’s much lighter than my laptop.

If you have any app recommendations let me know : )


Frivolity At It’s Finest – UK Lifestyle Blog


Ever since I met Elena at the #ZOMGBloggersBash back in January I think she’s had about 4,000 3? different blog changes and each time I’ve been captivated by her witty and informative writing style. Elena posts her outfits sometimes(not often enough…) her daily make-up, and general chit-chatty lifestyle type posts and I could quite easily read her blog from start to finish in one go as it’s so well written. In fact one day I did, when I found out that she had moved to a new blog without me noticing!

I’ve picked Elena’s blog this week as I think we all need to encourage her to keep going with it!

Check it out here.




  1. Oohhh Amyyyy, you lovely thing! I feel like a celebrity, thank you so much :)
    I LOVE the idea of perfume that smells like Disney teddies! I was the sort of teenager that was politely asked to leave the Disney Store in Northampton for jumping and snuggling into the giant pile of teddies ;D
    Brilliant post, as always xxx
    ps. I like to think my indecisiveness when it comes to making such big decisions like a blog name endearing ;)

  2. Jel of the ipad lady and wow disney perfume. I will have to have a sniff AMAZING x

  3. Ahhh I had completely forgotten about The Sunshine Underground until reading this! Definitely going have a little download sesh now to get me through work tomorrow. x

  4. I love these posts. I've been looking for some new tunes and The Sunshine Underground could be it. ;)

  5. Love these posts you do!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  6. ooooooh sunshine underground *goes off to you tube to listen to more* THANKS!!

  7. (I havent listened to them for at least 2 years I reckon..... so thanking you!)
    get drawsomething on the ipad and play me! laurenbrighton

  8. Wait, Disney do a perfume!? I am going to have to hunt this down. So cool! =]

    Love B xxxxx



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