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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



We’re off down memory lane again today (I live there most of the time actually!), to a time when getting up at 7am was a rarity, so much of a rarity that when it came to my weekly 9am Monday morning lecture there was no way that I was walking there. The journey to uni from my house involved many hills and busy roads that were just too much to handle being the hard-done-by student that I was, and so I often chose the taxi option.
Now,  you’d think that the taxi companies of Preston would like a bit of easy money (basically driving me around the corner for about a fiver) but whenever I phoned up they always seemed surprised at my request. This was even worse when we arrived at my uni building and I had to give them the money – those drivers always seemed annoyed by the little money that I owed – you’d think they’d appreciate the extra cash for such an easy job! and they nearly always made a comment about my laziness (which in hindsight was very, very true).
But when I was contacted by Get Taxi the first thought that entered my head was “I wish this service had existed when I was at uni!”, I would have been Get Taxi’s main customer. You see, with Get Taxi all of the work is done by a little iPhone/Android/Blackberry app. I bloody love technology. No talking to people on the phone = no one to judge a short journey.
Basically you just download the little app and you can use it to get a taxi where ever you are, it uses your phones GPS service to locate you and then sends the nearest taxi to where ever you are. You even get to see whereabouts the taxi is on the map that is a part of the app and it gives you a countdown in time and miles to when your taxi will arrive. When the taxi does arrive you get a message sent to you with the car registration number,car type & colour,the driver’s name, photo and their phone number so you know who you’re looking for. All taxi drivers are registered too, so the service is safe and secure to use.
A big positive for me is the fact that you can pay for your taxi by card! You can attach your card to your account when you download the app, which means you don’t actually need any cash to pay with when you get in the taxi; this is always a problem I face when taxi-ing about. Although you can also pay by cash if you like (This reminds me of the wonder that is Just-Eat – when that arrived in our lives at uni, our takeaway consumption quadrupled).
At the momento, Get Taxi is only available in London in the UK but I think there are plans to branch it out over the country soon enough. I’ve not tried the service yet but I plan to next time I’m in London, I’m always getting lost on the underground and sometimes it’s just as quick to get a taxi – I think this service could prove very useful in those circumstances!
Visit the Get Taxi website for more information here
Would you ever try out a service like this?
Do you use taxi’s often? Before I went to uni I hardly ever did!
*I was contacted by the company involved to mention this service, but I think it’s a jolly good one!


  1. Wow, I hope they bring this to Newcastle! I'll defiantly be using it.

  2. Most American taxis you can pay via your card, England needs to catch up! I could see its uses but I could imagine it still having problems when leaving a club and everyone trying to get home.

  3. Haha this made me laugh :)they shouldn't have called you lazy seen as though you were paying them your money!! Such a good idea, does it branch out of London at all? I live a couple of hours south of London? Would be a great app especially if travelling around the UK! :)

    I am now following you!


  4. Seems like a great app! We used to always ring taxi's for college nights out when it was raining. I mean we couldn't ruin our hair/tan etc. Over here in Oz you can pay by card which is great but the taxis are so unreliable, there are hundreds all under one company and they always take ages!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  5. This seems like a really great idea - although having it attached to a card would be a bad idea for me, as I often have to stop myself getting a taxi when I could really walk/can't afford to! x


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