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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


CLYNOL Colour + Care Collection

The Colour + Care collection is jam-packed with colour-friendly ingredients that work together to keep your coloured hair looking great. The main selling point of the collection for me is the fact that it claims to prolong your hair’s vibrancy for up to 30 hair washes – as you all know I dye my hair red and a big problem for me (and other red heads) is the fading. Normally after a few washes my hair takes a bit of an orangey tone that is not the most desirable so I’m looking forward to seeing whether the products in this range live up to the claim.
I received the Restore conditioner to review, this is a conditioner with a gentle formula that aims to protect colour treated hair. It contains Apricot Kernel Oil, Keratin and liquid jewel extract that nourish and strengthen each strand whilst smoothing and adding shine too. The conditioner also contains UV filters which are really important in defending the hair against environmental factors that tend to fade colour-treated hair.
I’ve tried the conditioner about four times since I received it and it’s been ok, nothing life-changing though. The positives are that you only need to use a tiny amount of product to condition your hair, it smells nice, it left hair shiny and manageable and the packaging is great for in-shower use – you can flip the lid open with one hand! The negatives are the price (£9.90 for 250ml) and if you’re a little heavy handed with applying and apply too much your hair will feel heavy and get greasy quickly once it’s dry. I haven’t seen any of the colour preservation yet either but I will continue to use the conditioner until it’s used up and report back – I’ve just dyed my hair too so should be able to notice a difference quite easily!
Overall, I’ve used plenty of conditioners in the past that were on a par with this one and cost much less. So I doubt that I would repurchase this one (unless of course the conditioner’s claim to retain colour vibrancy for up to 30 washes comes true – then I probably would repurchase).
You can purchase the conditioner from Clynol salons and online here, here or here.
Have you tried any Clynol products before?
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  1. Used to use some styling products from Clynol, nice brand xo

    1. Ooh I'll have to check out the styling products! X

  2. I still stand by Sunsilk as the best colour conditioner ive ever used! I dint even know if they still sell it though :(

    1. I used to use that, haven't seen it for ages!

  3. I love Clynol they have the most amazing hair care for styling! I think Hairtrade is the cheapest place you can get it at the moment.

  4. I love this brand, they do some seriously good hairspray.
    Great review, it'd be something I'd recommend to my Mum, she always dyes her hair!



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