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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



A bit late today, oops! But in my defence I’ve been away all weekend and only got back this afternoon so this was left to the last minute! Anyway, how are we all doing? I think I’m going to add a little ‘Hall of Fame’ for my blogs of the week over there ---> at some point so that I (and you) have a little list of some great blogs when we need something to read!
Nine Black Alps – Get Your Guns

Nine Black Alps are a band that I’ve seen live countless times, and listening to their music and this album in particular always reminds me of travelling off around the country to see them. One time I went to see them and I had just dyed my hair purple and I danced/moshed about and got all sweaty and it made my hair run so it looked like my sweat was purple. Gross/Amazing.
Neither! I don’t know if I’m just having some kind of memory lapse but I honestly cannot think of a time that I’ve actually sat down and watched TV or read anything this week! Except for blogs of course, I’m always reading them! Been super busy this week with lots of travelling and going out so not much time for sitting. Hopefully this section will be more exciting next week!
Avene Eau Thermale
Avene Eau Thermale for Sensitive Skin

This little beaut is one of my most favourite products ever, I had forgotten this though until I repurchased it last week. It is basically a can of water that you spritz over your face to refresh or set make-up. I really love the way that this makes my skin feel when I spray it on after cleansing as a toner type dealio, which is odd because it’s essentially just some water in a spray can. I also use this to set my make-up sometimes and to add a bit of life to my face if I’ve put a bit too much powder on. But the best use for this product is for hangovers. When you are hungover and spritz this on your face you feel so much better, especially if you’re in public/ travelling. I had the hangover from hell yesterday and this made me feel so much better!

You can buy Avene products in Boots


The cause of said hangover was a night out in Preston with my bestest friend Vicki, this is a monthly affair and is my favourite weekend of the month. I spent far too much money this weekend, on ridiculous amounts of sambuca. I honestly can’t remember much of the night except that people in Preston don’t mosh – so odd. If people have worked out how to mosh in the tiny place that I live in I’m sure they could have grasped it in Preston but no. I do remember feeling sick towards the end of the night and not getting any takeaway food or crisps from the shop (shocking!) and I remember going to be friends with the hotel toilet when we got back. Lovely. The next day I was nauseous from the go, I had some salt and vinegar sticks for breakfast that were promptly thrown up and spent the rest of the day running to bathrooms until I had to book another hotel and go and sleep off my hangover! I even surprise myself with my stupidness sometimes. I just could not face sitting on a train for three hours throwing up all the time lol.
We’ve all been there haven’t we?

I’ve long been a fan of Tatty Devine jewellery, it’s just so bright and quirky and you can spot it a mile off. I’ve made them my shop of the week this week as they are having a Super Sample Sale this bank holiday weekend online and in their Brick Lane store in London! There are some great bargains on the website at the moment and I wish I had enough pennies to be able to buy something!

Sophia’s blog is new to me but after she had left me some lovely comments on this blog I had to go and check hers out too, I was immediately drawn in by the name of the blog as I adore tattoos and am so jealous of anyone that’s decisive enough to get one! But when I started reading the blog last night I was hooked, I read every single post and would have commented on them all if the iPad had allowed it (and it wouldn’t have seemed a little bit stalkery!). Sophia posts a range of different things, make-up reviews and looks, hauls and day in the life style posts that are full of pictures of food. Everything you could want from a blog, and she’s easy on the eyes too (wish I could pull off nude lippies as well as she does!).

Check out Sophia’s blog here
And her twitter here

Hope you’ve all had an amazing week! I shall be back with a post tomorrow : )


  1. Sounds like you had a good night out, although your hangover must have been a killer!

    I too wanted to buy something from the Tatty Devine sale but have no money at the moment :-(

    1. I had a great night out and it wasn't so bad really apart from the throwing up lol! xx

  2. Awesome shout on Sophia's blog - I love reading her posts! :) I think if you replace 'boys' with 'anyone' in number 4, it pretty much sums up the night I had last night, haha! Glad you had a good time in Preston, I kept meaning to visit one of my friends there when he was at Uni, but unfortunately never got round to it :( x

    1. Ah you so should have! It's a pretty good night out - well we keep going back 2 years later! xx

  3. I'm looking for some new blogs to follow, (although my list of to read is insane) but I will have to go check out this lady x

  4. you have a very lovely blog!

  5. Oh man, your hangover sounds terrible!!!! I narrowly escaped a hangover last night. I made myself get up at 4am and drank what seemed to be a gallon of water. Hangover averted. But trust me, I've been there...

    Mabel Time

  6. Hate hate hate trains with a hangover. I swear every time I have a long journey I decide to get hideously drunk the night before... Such a poor plan! Hope you're feeling a whole lot better now :) xo

  7. Thank you so much for the lovely things you said about my blog :) It means so much! xo

  8. Love your weekly posts! I got that avene product in one of my beauty boxes but havn't even opened it yet, maybe I should eh?! Does it work well for setting makeup?

    joanne from jimmilou.com

    1. Thanks doll! And yes you should - It works ok, I haven't properly tested it out though! xx

  9. You defiantly had a great night by the sounds of it! I had to pull over the taxi on the way home it was the absinthe and motion that did it for me! Swear I couldn't move hardly my feet were in so much pain! I'm now a follower of Sophia's blog her posts are brilliant!

    1. Lol luckily the hotel was only round the corner and I think I ran to the bathroom as soon as we got back! xx


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