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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



Can we just lol at that picture please. I found it whilst I was browsing Facey B the other day - I was incredibly drunk at my dad's 40th Birthday party and was clearly not loving being with this man (although he was actually a legend, he let us eat his leftover chinese in the street).

The picture isn't the reason for the post though, I just thought it looked bare up there without a picture.

I've broken my laptop, and I'm writing this on the iPad and it's not ideal so I probably won't be posting for a while. Ungood. I have loads of ideas though so when the laptop is back on form I will be back with a bang.

I will be attending the #ldnbloggermeet on the 7th July, organised by the lovely Emma who did such a good last time that it would be silly not to go along! If anyone else is going or thinking about going let me know as I'm going solo at the momento!

I'm also going to be in London loads over July so if anyone's around and fancies a chat do let me know, I'm still on Twitter all the time as I have that on le iPhone so tweet me!

Also if anyone has any new posts that they're particularly proud of, link them below and then people that fancy some light reading can go and check them out in my absence.

Hopefully I'll be back soon!

Amy x


  1. I do; and you're mentioned in it! http://scarletpout.blogspot.com :D

    Heehee. I love photos like this, weird drunk men are funny!....we got stopped by a fella last time we were out who was deaf and totally wasted, and kept trying to ballroom dance with me in the middle of the roundabout...that didn't end well, he fell and passed out and we had to call one of the bouncers over from the club across the road to come and help!!

    1. Yep! Definitely go check out Amii's new post!

      And that sounds well funny but tragic too! I hope I don't grow up to be a crazy drunken person, I have my fears though!


  2. Hope to see you back on here soon :) Great picture!

    Karys x

  3. Hope your laptop situation gets sorted sometime soon :) x

  4. I can't go :'( But I will be in London several times over summer too, maybe we could organise a meet up?

  5. haha that photo did make me laugh, I have many a photo of me pulling a funny face at random guys!! I hope your computer gets fixed soon x


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