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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...


SIX ON SUNDAY #12 (on a Monday!)


It’s back! Sorry for the two week absence but I was busy doing life, Six on Sunday is back with a bang this week though! I’ve had a while to think about my choices and think this week might be the best yet!


The Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats

I’m not a crazy cat lady, promise (This post might convince you otherwise). This song has always been one of my favourites, a perfect example of 80s rockabilly.


2 Broke Girls

I’ve become obsessed with this programme over the last week or so! It’s so funny and immature in places and just a nice light-hearted programme to spend half an hour watching.


Illamasqua Skin Base – Shade 2

This my friends, is the finest foundation that I have ever used. It was love at first application – the shade is perfect, the finish is lovely and the coverage is just right for me. Expect a more in-depth review at some point over the next few weeks!





The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I spent the whole of yesterday watching the Flotilla down the Thames and to be honest I’ve never been so interested in boats. I loved seeing Queenie’s face as she saw all the other boats and the displays along the Thames and I’ve never seen her smile so much!

The whole country seems to have gone jubilee mad; the streets are decorated in union flag bunting, the shops have got suitably patriotic window displays and M&S have launched a whole line of jubilee food! The two bank holidays are a bonus too – well not for those of us that work in school’s as it’s already half-term!

Hope you’re all enjoying yourselves!



Little Nell

A little jewellery shop this week, Little Nell is a shop packed with handmade and handpicked jewellery it’s owned by Penny who also has a blog (here) and it’s a little gem. Most of the pieces are exactly my taste and are similar to things you’d find in Topshop but for a fraction of the price. My personal favourites are the cat necklace and the dream catcher necklace.



Just Blog It All Instead…

Sheri’s blog is one I’ve really been loving lately, she posts a range of things from fashion, beauty and other general life posts. She also posts a weekly Instagram post which I always love as it gives an insight into other aspects of her life too! My favourite posts are her outfit posts, she has such a lovely girly style that is quite similar to mine and her outfits often inspire me when I’m picking out mine. Also she has the most beautiful hair! So pretty and curly – I swoon every time I see a photo of it!


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  1. I've been loving Two Broke Girls too, so funny!
    The Jubilee weekend has been great! I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow though :( x

  2. Awk thanks so much! Made my day to read this! :) I'm hoping to have a bunch of outfit posts from my holiday to share with everyone! I'm so sad I missed the jubilee celebrations but we had our own little party on the beach with union jack bunting and some bucksfizz! Was very fun! xxx

  3. Only just seen this! Thanks for featuring Little Nell :o)

    Penny x


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