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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



six on sunday 15
It’s back! My laptop has somehow managed to fix itself enough to let me write blog posts again – win! There hasn’t been a Six on Sunday for ages and I’ve been thinking about my choices for a while, hopefully you’ll enjoy the things I’ve selected too.
One of my all time favourites, I am partial to a bit of rap/hip hop now and then (it wins me bonus points at work sometimes!) and the beat of this song is so catchy I’ve loved it ever since I first heard it. If you’ve not heard it before definitely give it a listen.
I’ve been reading this with my Year 9 English group and we’ve all been loving it, I’ve seen the film but the book is so much better, it’s much creepier and is completely different to the film. If you enjoyed the film I’d give the book a go too, it’s only short so won’t take you long to get through it.
If you’ve read The Woman in Black what did you think?
I bought this in Boots a couple of weeks ago as I have a slight lipbalm obsession and am always on the hunt for new ones, when I saw that this was cherry flavoured in the basket it went. When I got it home I realised that it was a part of the MedPlus range which restores and repairs lips while soothing them with a cooling menthol sensation. You can definitely taste the menthol but it has a nice fruity taste too, best of both worlds. It’s done wonders for my lips and I’ve been applying it daily before lipstick and it makes quite a nice base.
Have you tried any of the MedPlus lip balms?
Event| #ldnbloggermeet
Yesterday I popped down to London to go to the #ldnbloggermeet in Covent Garden, the lovely Emma had organised a picnic but due to the rain we met up in a bar instead. There were 9 of us altogether and it was really nice to meet some new people (and some people I'd met before) and have a chat over some lovely food and cocktails. If you’ve never been to a blogger meet before and there’s one near you, you should definitely go! Everyone is always lovely and you’ll definitely find some new blogs to read!
I was browsing Folksy for a gift for my mum a few weeks ago and came across this shop, it’s full of quirky handmade homewares that are decorated beautifully. I’m particularly in love with all the bunting, is it me or is everyone obsessed with bunting nowadays? Must be the jubilee. My favourite piece is the Alternative Fete Mug (pictured above) the designer says that it’s ‘a bit more gothy, a bit more alternative…when Chintz goes baaad…’ perfect for pirates, pumpkin kings or just those people that are tired of all the brightly coloured bunting.
Alternative Fete Mug - £17
I first met Daisy at the Christmas Blogger Meet in November last year and I also had the pleasure of meeting her again yesterday at the meet up. Daisy’s blog is one of those that you can go to and know that you’ll find something interesting to read on a variety of different topics. I love the way that Daisy writes too, it’s cosy and personable and envelopes you in the subject that you’re reading about, even things I’m not (or wasn’t) interested in! Daisy is also a wonderful photographer and her photos are always lovely, check out her photography blog here.
Also Daisy is the only person that I’ve ever met that also loves Matt Morgan, knows about Moomin World and Digger Land and is therefore uber-cool. (Did I just type ‘uber’? where are we, 2004?!)

How has your week been? Done anything fun?
I’ve got 2 more weeks of work left until the summer holidays and I’ve got an interview for a PGCE at the Institute of Education on the 20th July to look forward to/be terrified of.



  1. Glad you're back to blogging! Love this post! xo

  2. Yay, you're back!
    As soon as I saw the picture of the Dr Dre song I started singing it in my head :D xx

  3. I love love The Next Episode – Dr Dre feat. Snoop Dogg ! It was lovely meeting you again yesterday and thank you so much for the kind and uber cool (hi 2004 hiiii) words about my blog, this really made my day.

    Good luck with your interview.. here is some motivation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGTEyzF_JqI


  4. My boyfriends mom lent me The Women In Black before the film came out and I loved it.
    : ]

  5. thank you for mentioning #ldnbloggermeet in this post :)
    It was great to see you again!
    Roll on the next one!

    Em xx


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