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REVIEW: Organic Surge Face Wash


Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash - £5.19*

This organic rose scented lovely is the perfect addition to any skincare regime, it’s suitable for all skin types and does a brilliant job at cleansing the skin.

I have combination skin and this worked really well for me, it didn’t dry out the dry areas of my face and it didn’t make me break out in the oily zones. The scent is probably the only thing that will divide opinion on this product, it smells like rose, not too rosy though, I personally hate rose-scented things but I get on ok with this, you get used to the scent after a while.

The cleanser foams up a little when rubbed into the skin with wet hands, but not so much that it becomes unmanageable – the foaming actually aids the cleansing process, it seems to make the product go further and get into the nooks and crannies in your face. I like that the product has a pump, this means that you don’t waste any product by dispensing too much into your hands.

The Organic Surge face wash leaves the skin feeling balanced and nice and matte, after use your skin will feel really clean and smooth. It also does not irritate any blemishes that I happen to have, which I thought it might due to the heavy scent – I think that because the product is made from natural, organic ingredients it’s a whole lot gentler than the usual face washes. The only downside for me, personally, is that the product cannot be used on the eyes. I’m lazy and like to remove all of my make-up with one product and this does not do that, I even tried it on my eyes but it was Sting City.

For a face wash that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and that is made with natural, organic ingredients this does a fantastic job. AND it’s only a fiver! I doubt you could find anything similar that works as well for such a good price.

If you’d like to purchase the Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash here’s a link to the website: CLICKITY


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  2. I loved your review...I'm in need of a beauty product for my mixed complexion...I will definitely try this especially if it is really organic...Thanks...:)

  3. This does sound really good, I'm currently looking for a slightly nicer, more natural foaming cleanser - so this could be a good choice. Having looked at it on their website too, the ingredients it contains would be ideal for my skin :) so thank you for the review! xo


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