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Wedding Wednesday: The Engagement Party

Engagement Tea Party – Saturday 19th September 2015 Last Saturday we held our engagement party at our house, we spent the day with around ...



Song| Graffiti – Maximo Park
I was browsing Twitter the other day and Louisa had tweeted some lyrics from this song, from that moment it’s been stuck in my head! I used to LOVE Maximo Park when I was in 6th form (6 years ago…) and haven’t listened to them for ages so thanks Louisa for reminding me of them. Paul Smith, yes please.
TV or BookMelissa and Joey
I recently subscribed to Netflix and I’ve been loving watching loads of trashy TV on there, I came across this programme whilst I was having that Melissa Joan Hart phase a couple of weeks ago. I’ve since watched every single episode of the 2 seasons that are on Netflix and I loved it, it’s so funny and Joey is hot! The programme follows Melissa (a city councillor) who has had to take in her niece and nephew and Joey who she hires as their nanny, the sexual tension between Melissa and Joey is what makes the programme though – you just have to keep watching to see if they get together!
Product – Elnett Hairspray
Before this week I don’t think I’d ever really tried Elnett hairspray – I know! But I’m not really a hairspray person, I normally just let my hair do what it wants but this week, oh no, I’ve been styling it. Yep. I’ve come over all girly and I’ve actually been curling it and brushing the curls out so they look all vintagey and I’ve been trying to do one of those 50s quiff type dealios – still not perfected it but I’ll get there in the end! The Elnett hairspray does it’s job brilliantly, it holds styles without being crispy and it’s really easy to brush out at the end of the day.
Event – Spending Time with Friends and Family
This week I’ve been lucky enough to go on lots of outings with my friends and family; it’s been so fun! On Tuesday I went to a farmers market with my nan, mum, sister, cousin and second cousin and it was a really lovely day out – even though the coach trip there was akin to a rollercoaster, not the best for 9am in the morning. I spent lots of time with my little cousin Lola, she’s so cute! We spent the journey home looking for cows and sheeps out of the window. I had the best time.
On Wednesday I went to the zoo with my friend Wahida, I posted about it on Thursday if you fancy a read. But it was so nice to spend the day with her as we don’t get to spend a whole day together very often, we work together so only see each other at break and lunch when we’re there!
And yesterday I went to London with a friend I haven’t seen for almost a year! We went down to Southbank and had a lovely day strolling around and seeing all the sights along the river. We ended the day at the Tate Modern and to be honest I only liked one of the exhibits – bit disappointing! I’ve been before and loved it, maybe I’ll go and check it out again at some point. We also went to Nandos for dinner, win.
Shop| Camden Market
When we went to the zoo on Wednesday, Wahida dragged me to Camden Market and I bought 2 rings which was surprising as I was moaning the whole time we were there (my feet were hurting from wandering round the zoo all day!) and I hadn’t really shopped there properly since I was about 17. I used to love going when I was younger and my new purchases might have rekindled my love.
Amy is a little star! She has such amazing fashion sense and I love the way that she writes her posts. She posts on a range of topics including fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Amy’s photography is stunning too, I love it when she posts about it. Wish I was half as good! This week I also fell in love with her YouTube channel, it’s amazing! You must go and subscribe now! I could listen to her chat away for hours (I did actually…) and I love her accent, her videos are always well put together and you can tell that she puts a lot of hard work into them.
P.S. I did a guest post on my Top 5 Albums (of all time) on Milly’s blog yesterday so please go and check it out and give Milly some love too!
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  1. Thank you for the mention, your guest post is awesome :) I love Camden, I haven't been in forever though! x

  2. AMY! Thank you so so much for mentioning me! Your blog is one of my faves so this is a hugggeee compliment! EEKKK <3

  3. I have some great gig memories seeing Maximo Park.

  4. Ahh I love Amy's blog and her Youtube vids! xo


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